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Reality Awareness | Routine is a Soul Killer, but do not confuse routine with discipline
Intuitive Healer for Celebrities, helping you to awaken your inherent spiritual and psychic gifts to contribute to birthing the New Earth.
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Routine is a Soul Killer, but do not confuse routine with discipline

Routine is a Soul Killer, but do not confuse routine with discipline

Routine is a Soul Killer, but do not confuse routine with discipline. What do you do when your routines and rituals get taken away?

Yes, our Soul thrives on routine, but it also thrives on going with the flow. Now, flow can be confused by some people who do not understand it – as wishy washy, woo woo and lazy. Yet, it is quite the opposite.

When I was training Yoga teachers and when I teach my Lightfilled Yoga classes, I make a very strong point to encourage people to find their own flow instead of following my instruction the entire time and to change their Asana Flow up, don’t do the same routine every single time you are on your mat.

Some people hate this, especially if it is the first time they have attended my class. They are like, ‘What? What do you mean?’ And usually pull a strange face and look at other students for reassurance. Yet, they usually learn to love it. It is empowering to them.

Society gets so caught up with following every one else, looking outside of themselves and constantly seeking the next step to take, from what they are telling you to do. When you don’t have this constant someone telling you what to do – it makes you look within, it makes you TRUST within yourself to find your way.

Routine might be easy for some. And constant routine, literally kills your Soul. You become rigid, bored easily and lose your way, let alone stop trusting yourself, your life and become ‘numb’.

‘Routine? What routine?’ Some of you might say.

When I teach my online courses, I always say to give yourself the entire day. For example, if you need to do a specific meditation or meditation at all, and you set strict guidelines to do it at 6am every morning. That is great! Yet, most of you reading this have probably 1 or more children, family to tend to and more. 6am meditation EVERY morning? Oh, that sounds like bliss.

Yet, to avoid disappointment and disheartening yourself, I always recommend to commit to doing it at some point during the day. As long as you do it at some point in the day – you won’t have those heavy feelings – you will feel empowered and happy – because you did it.

And this?

This is how you stay connected to FLOW.


Not routine.

Don’t confuse the two.

For example, say you have a family to tend to, care for, or other responsibilities. You plan to meditate at 6am every morning. Then, one day, someone throws that out for you, a child wet’s the bed, or someone needs something from you out of the norm. You need to tend to that. You don’t get to meditate at 6am. The day goes on and you leave it because 6am didn’t happen because an outside circumstance threw you off course.

Yet, when you can let go of routine ie the meditation at 6am every morning and say instead – I will meditate every day at some point during the day – if your morning doesn’t go as planned, then you can still find that time SOMEWHERE in the day, to get your meditation done.

Now, if you live alone, don’t have family or other responsibilities to tend to – then yes, 6am every morning may work well for you. Great! However I challenge you to step outside your normal routine. Mix it up. Just like your yoga practise, don’t do the same one every single day. Why? Because doing new routines, makes your brain neuropathways grow in different directions, flooding not only your mind, but your Heart with new experiences and ideas and it keeps you alive, young and full of energy. PLUS makes you more resilient to change and outside influences affecting you.

The same goes for anything you need to get done in a day. You might – you should – have your essentials.

Self care – enough sleep, healthy food, exercise, showering, meditation, yoga, journalling,

Business essentials – client calls, blogging, livestreaming, behind the scenes, whatever YOUR daily essentials are in a day.

Family essentials – spending quality time with those you love and whatever else is important and essential to YOUR family life.

When you plan in strict times and they don’t go to plan you will either not do them because the ‘scheduled time’ passed and you will feel low about it.

Yet, when you know what your daily essentials are and you TRUST that you get them done when you need to, then you will ‘feel’ when it is alive for each one to flow into the next.

This way, you stay connected to the FLOW and THAT is how you get everything done. Like the river flows around the rock, you flow with it, rather than trying to swim upstream with your strict scheduled to do list.

Yes, you may have some sort of strict routine of flow that you tend to daily, yet, don’t get disheartened when 1 thing get’s thrown off. TRUST you have enough time in the day and it WILL become alive for you to do it – because you know this is an essential thing you need to do before you sleep tonight.

Now, the other thing here, is that FLOW doesn’t mean you wait for energy to do the thing, or you wait for the aliveness to be there.

No. You create the flow as well as align to it.

When you have your essentials to do – if you have no energy that day – to get your energy back – do the thing. Just do SOMETHING. Do 1 thing of it. Because THAT is how you step back into FLOW. And then the next thing will come to you and there you are, back in that flowing river.

What do you do when your rituals that keep you connected to flow, get taken away from you? 

Now, hats off to someone who get’s ALL their rituals done in one day PLUS live our hectic modern day world. Yet, if you have your flow routine down pact, you will get it all done. Just remember, that feeling when you go to bed, knowing you have done your SOUL essentials.

What happens when you get your ritual/routine taken away from you?

You FLOW to your next self care ritual. That is what.

In your tool kit, you should have a variety of things that fill you up.

Exercise, meditation, nature walks, yoga, deep breathing, present moment awareness, journalling.

So that when something ‘throws’ you, know that:

  1. You have become comfortable in a ROUTINE and the Universe is waking you up to this and
  2. You have many other tools that enable you to feel connected to your Heart and able to turn up each day with your SOUL essentials.

Rituals keep us grounded on the Earth plane, grounded in our body, and enable us to stay connected to our Intuition.

What Rituals do you have in your tool kit?

Are you in a routine that needs shaking up right now? Or has been shaken up recently? Have you drawn on your other resources to support you to stay connected and strong and IN FLOW? Or have you fallen?

The gift in knowing your rituals and resources in your tool kit, is that you are not affected by things that throw you off your routine, you don’t get affected by the weather, people’s energy and more. When there is an emergency or disaster, you are able to turn up and stay connected, without your routines that you don’t know who you are or what to do without them. Which, with the coming Earth changes, is high priority to know how to take care of you, so you can be the Healer you are to those who need you most and where your Life Purpose is calling you right now.

You have purpose and flow – no matter where you are, no matter what is going on around you.

You are strong, grounded and empowered.

Love, Hannah

P.S. Samhain (Halloween) is the official Celtic celebration of end of harvest season and the start of the cold in the northern Hemisphere. In the Southern Hemisphere we are moving into the warmer months. I have been called by my Soul Guides, to hold an official Samhain Ceremony on the 31st October at 8pm Brisbane AEST. This will be a powerful ceremony calling in the generations of the past, to enhance and activate your Life Purpose gifts, bringing the wisdom of not only the elders of the past generations, but we will be clearing out the unhelpful beliefs of generational lines PLUS taking a Past Life Journey to reclaim the parts of your Soul that you left behind to powerfully enhance and activate your Soul’s wisdom to step into your Soul’s calling with deep empowerment and confidence this life time you are living now. Bringing all the pieces into NOW. This will be aired live online in a private group and also be held in person at my home at the same time. If you would like details to attend this powerful activation of your Soul’s Life Purpose gifts, please private message me for details and to book in. Limited places available.

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