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Reality Awareness | Don’t let your distractions be your destruction
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Don’t let your distractions be your destruction

Don’t let your distractions be your destruction

Don’t let your distractions be your destruction.

How many times have you gone down a path, followed something because it felt good at the time – yet, it pulled you away from following what was REALLY in your heart, and it ended up being a complete destruction of a part of your life?

It ended like an explosion of utter destruction that affected EVERY area of your life?

You started off really well. Then slowly, you started to put things aside that you know you shouldn’t put aside. And you did this more and more.

What these are – are distractions.

To what you know you really should be doing.

Is there something you put off yesterday and said you were going to do it ‘another day’ – or ‘tomorrow’ – well, guess what babe? It’s tomorrow – NOW!

So, you going to do that thing now?

Even though what is, what I call your ‘distraction’ – is only that – if you put this as priority over the thing you really need to be doing.

The thing you really need to be doing?

Keeps you on track, on path, keeps you connected to your Heart and Soul’s calling and your Internal Compass stays aligned to your Life Purpose path.

You know, the one that makes you happy? That isn’t always the easy path – but it is the worth it path.

When you follow the distractions, they always end in destruction. Don’t let them distract you to a point of destruction.

Stay connected to your Life Purpose work.

Stay connected to your life.

Stay connected to your self-care.

Stay connected to your rituals.

Stay connected to your friends and family.

Stay connected to YOU.

Your Internal Compass is loud when you stay connected to it.

It will never fail you.

If those ‘distractions’ are truly the ‘right’ distractions – they won’t be that. They won’t be a distraction. If they are meant to be, they will still be there when you do YOU first.

Meaning, you will be able to stay connected to your LIFE and they will support you, rather than destruct you and your life.

Take a deep breath. Now, mentally scan over every area of your life.

Health. Home. Family. Finances. Fun. Life Purpose Work.

What needs tending to today?

The first thing that comes to mind – do that.

You want to keep your spider web threads clear, aware and strong. When you do these check overs, you are able to stay connected to your LOUD Internal Compass – which is your inner guide to awakening and living your Life Purpose in its entirety.

What rituals do you have that can be strengthened? Do you have a checklist before you go to bed? For example, writing 10 things you are grateful for, writing 10 things you are pre-grateful for (ie that is coming, that you bring into your life, by already having the FEELING of gratitude for), by checking your diary and planning/discipling your day ahead, meditate for 10 minutes/make love (for longer than 10 minutes one would assume! 😉 ), reading minimum a page in an inspirational/motivating book, preferably hard copy, so your eyes can get a rest from screen time and go to sleep with high vibrational energy.

What rituals do you need to strengthen – or return to – to keep your distractions at bay and connected to your path?

You feel it when you are an inch off path… are you listening to that?

Distractions lead to destructions if you don’t listen to the distractions in the first place. Meaning – you distractions are showing you what is really important to you.

So don’t be hard on yourself if destruction has come to you right now.

Just re-build babe, and learn from it. Because this? Destruction? Is just strengthening your Internal Compass. Fine tuning if you may. You won’t let the distractions be bigger than your Life Purpose path. You won’t ignore that tiny inch off your path, that tiny bit of ‘off’ feeling. You will stay connected to your path.

Forgive yourself.

And thank yourself – for showing yourself what is really important to you. How do you find that out? Check in with what you are angry about – what did the destruction make you angry about most? What did it pull you away from most that you regret? THIS is what is important to you. So now, you will be stronger with THIS. And not let anything come between you and it again. By doing this – your love for self will go through the roof. And thus, great love enters your life. Just. Like. That.

Love, Hannah

P.S. If you find that the distractions are so loud and always seem to end up in destruction, Trust Your Intuition will see that you don’t let that happen anymore! When you completely trust yourself, this won’t occur – for that teeny tiny ‘off’ feeling? You trust it, no matter how good that distracting thing seems and looks on the outside babe… doors close on the 29th November, join us here beautiful one, isn’t it time to receive what you deserve? https://tinyurl.com/yd8aob2b

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