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Reality Awareness | My 10 Top Tips for Staying on Top of Your Game
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My 10 Top Tips for Staying on Top of Your Game

My 10 Top Tips for Staying on Top of Your Game

My 10 Top Tips for Staying on Top of Your Game and creating the life you dream of.

  1. Create your night routine. Whether that is something little or big, have a ritual that you tend to. Be mindful of your energy at night time and create a non-negotiable list that you do. For example, checking and planning your day ahead, that way you can sleep easier knowing your disciplined tasks for the next day. Write 10 things you are grateful for down in your journal. Read a page of a book before bed, preferably hard copy, so your eyes are adjusting to sleep, not staring at a bright screen. Meditation before bed, or as you are falling asleep is ideal. Find your routine that works for you before bed.
  2. Exercise every single day. It isn’t that you have to do a huge 2 hour gym session every day, no, this isn’t what I am talking about, but have your toolkit of exercise options in your ‘bag’ so you can do SOMETHING every single day. Your body is designed to MOVE, not to be still everyday. It could be a nature walk, a walk around the block with the dogs, a run around the block, a gym session, yoga, boxing class or something else that gets you moving. Preferably to get your heart rate up every day to get the toxins moving and OUT of your system. Sweating everyday through exercise is GOOD. This also moves ENERGY through your body, and this enables ENERGY to move through your LIFE.
  3. Get Sunlight everyday. Even for 5 minutes. Yes, you need to be mindful of your body type and what YOU need, yet, sunlight kills mould and bacteria and the healthiest people on the planet, get alot of direct sunlight on their skin.
  4. Get the sleep requirements YOUR body needs. Yes there may be times you can not get the sleep you need, like if you are a mum nursing a new born or nursing your business. Yet, sleep is the best healer of any disease (along with sunlight), so if you are unwell or lacking energy, get sunlight on your skin today. Make it like meditation and multi-task 😉
  5. Supplements. The key is to finding the supplements that are best for YOUR particular body type and requirements. Be creative, there are ways to get your supplements if you know what you are needing and require – there is always a way for YOU. Do you trust this?
  6. Conscious Creating Journal. You are the creator of your reality, but when you are being pulled in 50 million directions, it can be challenging to hear what your intuition and heart is saying to you. You will be pulled in everyone else’s direction instead of your own and end up feeling depressed and resentful. This doesn’t mean you can’t be there for someone, but it does mean that you are more conscious of what is their stuff and what is yours. Commit to 15 minutes a day and watch not only your life change, but your energy levels rise. (psst, in Trust Your Intuition, one of the bonuses is Simple Intuitive Journal Magic for all the starting steps to discipline yourself to journal every single day: https://realityawareness.lpages.co/trustyourintuition/)
  7. Don’t get pulled into drama. Which is easy to do if you don’t have something like this 10 top awarenesses solidified in your life. When you have a solid disciplined care routine for yourself and your life, you stay on top of your game, manifest your dreams INto reality and literally don’t have time for drama.
  8. Eat healthy food. Not only does eating healthy physically fuel your body in ways that are better for your vehicle to run better, if not at full capacity. Let alone your mental shift, because you know you are eating healthfully, so it is one less stress on your mind and body – you know you are taking care of yourself, so you don’t have the weight of guilt going on too. You feel lighter mentally, emotionally, energetically and physically when you eat healthy.
  9. Schedule in playtime. We can be good and working and getting stuff done. Yet, if you don’t schedule in play time or chill time, it may not happen. This doesn’t have to happen every day, but look over your week, or your month – when do you catch up with friends for a chat? When do you nourish yourself with play time or chill time? This keeps your balance in your Sacral Chakra, where you are nourished and where your JOY comes from. If you don’t play, this will become stagnant, dull and low energy. Yes – you CAN play everyday too 😉 Find your play and do it 🙂
  10. Remove ‘can’t’ from your vocabulary. If you are not sure what the next step is, or you don’t know how to do something, then don’t say you can’t and give up. Start asking, ‘How can I get this done? How can I do this?’ and trust what intuition you get about the next step. It might seem illogical and doesn’t make sense – but trust your intuition that it is guiding you to the fastest way possible. Do you trust?

No matter if you’re single, have a partner, run a household on your own, have a family of 10, run a business or more, you can always make time for these 10 important life fueling tasks for YOU. Why?

Honey, you’ve got 10 fingers on your hands, and when you can give back to yourself 10 things (ie, the energy from your 10 things, fuelling and feeding your body and your life, because they are on your hands), you can continue to turn up and give to others in your full capacity. Your hands are powerful, energetically and symbolically.

You’ve got an entire day every single day to fill yourself up with these 10 things.

That way, you can stay on top of your game and make manifest your dreams into reality.

What is your top 10 babe?

Love, Hannah

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