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Reality Awareness | When you are connected to your intuition and you trust it, there is no reason for fear…
Intuitive Healer for Celebrities, helping you to awaken your inherent spiritual and psychic gifts to contribute to birthing the New Earth.
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When you are connected to your intuition and you trust it, there is no reason for fear…

When you are connected to your intuition and you trust it, there is no reason for fear…

When you are connected to your intuition and you trust it, there is no reason for fear. Fear just doesn’t really enter your field anymore.

Just like the wild animals that flee the scene long before the natural disaster hits, their internal radar is always connected, always switched on, just how they know how to fly south or north for the winter, just how they know what foods or berries to eat or not eat, they are intuitively connected, in tune and aligned – always.

When you are connected to your Intuition in this same intrinsic way, actually, let me rephrase that, you are always connected to your Intuition, it just depends on whether you LISTEN to it, TRUST it and ACT on it are the golden keys yes?

Just like the animals, when you are conscious of your connection and you trust it, you act on it.

You follow what you are called to do.

You act on your crazy ideas.

You have a relationship with your intuition that allows you to trust it and this enables your self-confidence to grow and bloom, because you trust yourself.

You don’t get barged over by other people’s energy all the time.

You feel stronger and more alive in yourself.

And most of all, you live in a state of peace, because you don’t buy into the fear the media spreads.

Maybe you step into, ‘Oh, what if I am in this place and this happens or this happens.’ – maybe you will be.

But ultimately, you will know, deep in your heart, if you are here for a massive reason, purpose even if you are not entirely sure what that looks like and you trust deeply where you are meant to be and when. You don’t live in fear. You live in trust.

You live in faith.

Because ultimately, nothing can harm you. No ones energy can affect you. Ultimately.

Yes, it may take practise. But practise you can.

No matter how much the government is trying to crack down.

No matter how many rampages people seem to be on.

No matter what natural disasters go on.

Of course there may be initial pangs of sadness or more.

But again, those muscles you’ve been training and using, pull you back to the truth quicker and quicker every time.

That nothing can harm you and you are deeply connected to your Intuition and being guided to fulfil your Life Purpose, which, if you follow me, means that you are here to create big change in the world and you feel it in your bones, even though you don’t know how.

That you are safe and protected every moment in every day, because you are listening, listening deep within.

But most of all?

You TRUST beyond measure.

That whatever happens, you are here to serve a purpose, in whatever way that looks like.

That everything is happening around you and to you and you are able to see straight to the truth and listen within.

And by zooming in on the truth of the situation, you are able to raise not only your vibration, but everyone and everything around you too.

What do you focus on most of the time?

Do you TRUST your Intuition?

Do you ACT on it?

Are you listening?

Love, Hannah xxx

P.S. Trust Your Intuition doors are closing on the 29th November and you won’t see it available at this price again babe. If you resonate with being able to zoom into the truth and hold a higher vibration, but lack the trust within yourself to act on it and help yourself, your life and those around, then it is time babe: https://realityawareness.lpages.co/trustyourintuition/

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