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Reality Awareness | Dream Interpretation – do you know how to do it?
Intuitive Healer for Celebrities, helping you to awaken your inherent spiritual and psychic gifts to contribute to birthing the New Earth.
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Dream Interpretation – do you know how to do it?

Dream Interpretation – do you know how to do it?

Dream Interpretation – do you know how to do it?

It is alot like trusting your intuition – trusting the messages you receive – and it is the same thing – building a muscle.

In the start you may receive alot of weird crazy ass dreams that make absolutely no sense what so ever to you.

Yet, with practise, like when listening to your intuition, you can begin to decipher them.

Dreams are deeply connected to your Third Eye, your Clairvoyance, where you ‘see’ messages. And this doesn’t only mean in the Spirit world.

You can see messages, by repetitive signs in the physical world. For example, before I became a yoga teacher, when I lived and worked in the heart of Brisbane City, I would see yoga flyers glued to almost every traffic light post that I walked up to, they would literally jump out at me, well maybe not quite, but I would definitely see them – it was like I couldn’t see anything else! That was alot of walking around the city and catching buses at the time! That was alot of traffic light signs! ‘Okay, okay, I get the message, I will go to a yoga class.’ I said back to Spirit.

There are many ways you can receive intuition through your Clairvoyance, your Third Eye, a few are:

  • Car number plates
  • Repetitive number sequences ie 1111, 2222, 4444 and so on. Or it could be the same 839 over and over again in different places
  • You just happen to turn on the television or computer, or phone and see a particular course or message that is said in different places but the same message
  • Nature – animals turning up ‘randomly’ on your path, making themselves known
  • Seeing gold coins in random places, feathers just randomly turning up on your lap

Yes, there is the obvious ‘inside’ Third Eye messages you receive from your Clairvoyance too:

  • Seeing Spirits – Angels, Animals, Loved ones who have passed over
  • Seeing them in your minds eye, or in the physical world as a ‘ghost’
  • Seeing sparkles of light in front of you or flash out of the corner of your eye
  • Seeing through patterns and dynamics of threads of any situation
  • Seeing the past, present and future, plain as day

With Dreams, you can have people from your life in your dreams, you can be casually talking to them, or working on something else with them. I frequently have visits from people coming to me and having counselling sessions  in my dreams with them.

I will have people message me and tell me I was in their dreams too.

When you are clear and you frequently exercise your spiritual muscles, you understand even the most complex messages very easily. Or a little bounce of talk of a trusted like minded friend makes it very clear if you are stuck.

Do I do Dream Interpretation in my Psychic Reading Consultations? Absolutely.

Writing dreams down is a good place to start, to remember your dreams and to start to interpret your dreams.

If you are just starting with dream interpretation, usually in the start, you are processing shadow aspects and integrating on aspects of your psyche.

When you develop your senses more, you receive clearer interpretations and the more you integrate in your day to day life, the less you will be doing in your sleep.

You know, when you can’t sleep at night? There is good reason for it – your body is trying to tell you important information.

The Traditional Chinese Medicine Clock (TCM), shows that every 2 hours activates a different organ in your body and if you are not sleeping at night, you want to check what time that is and then see what organ is trying to speak to you.

For example between 1am-3am is Liver. If you are constantly waking up at 2:22am (note the numbers if it is every night!), your Liver is trying to get you a message. Liver represents anger in the TCM and it is also in alignment with your Solar Plexus. If something is out of whack in your life and making you feel resentful or you are in a relationship/situation that you know you need to leave, or a dead end job that is robbing your joy and happiness, then you will be waking up at between these hours. Anger also represents crossing your value systems, worthiness and boundaries. If you are crossing your own values or boundaries or someone else is – you will be feeling angry most of the time because your values are out of alignment.

If you are not dreaming, you can ask to remember your dreams clearly and be able to understand the messages before you go to sleep, then you will build that muscle of remembering and interpreting. Remember, your brain, body, mind and spirit can be ‘trained’ to do anything. What are you training yourself to do?

Next time you are not sure what your dream means – ask your intuition for more information, and then be mindful of what you start thinking about, seeing, hearing and feeling over the coming days.

When you ask, you always receive.

Love, Hannah xxx

P.S. Yes! In Trust Your Intuition ALL of this is in here! I go into great detail of ‘how’ you can clear your Third Eye, heal the different parts of this spiritual organ so it is functioning correctly, exercises that become part of your daily lifestyle habit you don’t even know you are doing them, to train your Third Eye Muscles, dream interpretation and so much more is in Trust Your Intuition. Send me a message if you have any questions about it. Doors close on the 29th November, with over 100 training videos, over 60 audio meditations, you will never see Trust Your Intuition at this low price again: https://realityawareness.lpages.co/trustyourintuition/



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