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Reality Awareness | Trust & Open-mindedness – the magical ingredients for success
Intuitive Healer for Celebrities, helping you to awaken your inherent spiritual and psychic gifts to contribute to birthing the New Earth.
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Trust & Open-mindedness – the magical ingredients for success

Trust & Open-mindedness – the magical ingredients for success

Trust & Open-mindedness – the magical ingredients for Success.

First of all – you need to define what Success means to you.

But then you need to be mindful that your idea of Success is not limited by a closed mind..

Open-mindedness ensures that all possibilities are open and flowing to you.

Take money for an example.

Alot of people get stuck, or are limited in their lives, because they are only conscious of one money stream.

‘Yes, because I have a job Hannah and that is how I earn money.’ – okay then! So be it!

‘Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t you are right.’ – Famous quote by Henry Ford.

If you only think you have one stream of income, then you will.

But when you can open your mind, even when you can’t see ANY possibilities whatsoever for it to change, then you also start to open the flows of income to you.

Some amazing mantras and affirmations, that when you journal over and over, that then become ingrained ways in the membranes and brain neuro-pathways:

  • I am open and receptive to all avenues of income
  • Even though I can’t see how it can happen, I am open to other ways I yet don’t know about
  • I consistently am in awe and gratitude with how money just shows up in unexpected ways
  • I find myself giggling at the humour of the Universe showing me these amazing ways of how to receive income
  • I wake up and new money is in my account every single day
  • I open my mind to possibilities of earning money in ways I never thought possible
  • I am grateful for the Universe showing me all these incredible ideas that I make happen that set up consistent flows of income
  • I am so grateful, thankyou Universe for allowing me to receive money in expected and unexpected ways
  • Wow, more money has turned up in my account! Thank you Universe
  • I am consistently finding new ways to earn income
  • I open my mind and my heart to earn money in creative and magical ways
  • My heart is consistently open and full of joy with how much money I am now creating
  • The Universe shows me every single day how I can help more and more people to stand in their power and create massive positive in the world
  • Thank you for opening my mind and keeping it open Universe, so I can receive what you are trying to bring me
  • I am worthy of receiving – anything I desire
  • I ask, and I receive, every single time
  • I am open and receptive to every idea, opportunity and avenue of receiving
  • Opportunities just land in my lap – every single day
  • I am always in alignment
  • I ask and then I follow my intuition, no matter how crazy it sounds to my logic mind
  • I listen to my intuition
  • I am open to receiving my intuition loud and clearly, so I may receive what I am desiring
  • My vibration is always high and I am vibrating at the same vibration of joy, love and compassion
  • And so it is.
  • Thank you.

Whether you are manifesting money, health, a lover or career, open-mindedness is the key to letting IN the thing you are asking for.

If you are manifesting a lover and consistently on dating sites and obsessed with scrolling profiles in the hope to find the partner of your dreams, you will be sooo glued into this one avenue, that you miss the amazing person who is making conversation and dropping hints at the coffee shop every morning.

The Universe is ALWAYS bringing you what you desire.

Whether you are open to RECEIVE it, is the question you need to be asking yourself.

Not if it is ‘working’.

But if you are OPEN enough to LET IT IN.

So are you?

Asking is always the first step, but then being OPEN to ALL different avenues – even the ones you can’t even conceive right now – is the KEY to letting it IN.

How do you walk forward into a new space, not knowing ‘how’ something is going to turn up?

How to – ask for something you can’t even conceive ‘how’ right now? Or even have an open mind to open to more possibilities for you and your life than you thought possible before.

How do you do that?

Whenever you ask ANY question – you ALWAYS receive an answer.

So, when you get an amazing idea and then you ask, ‘Well, that is amazing, but how do I make this happen?’ You then listen, because you will receive the intuition on your next step ‘how’.

You don’t know how, but the Universe will show you.

It is the same as knowing deep down, you are born for more, that SOMETHING big is for you. People around you think you are crazy and conitnue to roll their eyes at you. Sadly, some disown you too.

It can get disheartening when that happens for sure (trust me I know! I share ALOT about this in my upcoming book, The Handbook for Ancient Blooded Healers), yet, your crazy arse dreams are with you for a reason.

Know that this is true.

Trust in it.

And keep asking for the next step.

Anything is possible – just open your mind enough to let the Universe show you how.

Consistent manifestation practises, like journalling (or whatever works for you), and personal development of your intuitive capabilities are essential for bringing you into intense alignment with your Life Purpose.


Do you?

You can ask for that trust to be increased too 🙂

Create, a magic day.

Love, Hannah. xxx

P.S. Trusting yourself? Clear on the messages you receive when you even ask a question – or ask the next step how? Trust Your Intuition, is my online course, with over 100 training videos that allow you to stop dragging your feet through mud and to be able to distinguish between what is intuition, what is someone else’s voice in your head, what is shadow, what is ego, what is inner child and more. You will stop looking to everyone else for answers, and start TRUSTING yourself. It is the ONLY way, you are going to make your dreams reality. Stop listening to everyone else, and start trusting yourself, without needing their approval. Doors close on the 29th November and you will never see Trust Your Intuition at this price again after this round: https://realityawareness.lpages.co/trustyourintuition/


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