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Reality Awareness | Empath dilemmas and how to heal them
Intuitive Healer for Celebrities, helping you to awaken your inherent spiritual and psychic gifts to contribute to birthing the New Earth.
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Empath dilemmas and how to heal them

Empath dilemmas and how to heal them

Empath dilemmas and how to heal them.

Do you resonate with being an empath?

It’s a powerful portal day today, being the 11th/11th – what would you like to anchor in today? Here are some check in points to help you get back on top of your game, especially if you are sensitive to energies.

There are several things you can do to make sure you are conscious of your energy so that you don’t have days where you are wiped with tiredness and need 4 days to recover from outings with people, places or things.

1. Checking in with how much you are actually DOING. Being a single mother, I know that you kind of don’t really have a choice – you just got to keep going! This in itself is draining. Me? Who’s that? 😉 Yet, you can learn to be mindful of your energy, by how much ‘output’ you are ‘doing’ – both output and doing are masculine qualities. Input, is the feminine receptive part, and it is important to take note on how much ‘input’ you have. Especially if you are wanting to RECEIVE!

Input can look like:

  • saying no to demands on your time and energy
  • saying no to a catch up you really don’t feel like doing (or anything for that matter, if it isn’t in your heart and and big YES, then this will drain you by itself)
  • staying home for a day and not going out of the home (especially if you are a busy bee socialiser)
  • taking a bath
  • getting more sleep
  • turning electronic devices off overnight or it could be watching a movie or reading a book
  • getting out in nature and consciously absorbing that into your being
  • tending to your home & garden (cleaning up a part that annoys you – what part, if someone would come into your home, would you not want them to see the most? Go do that now – it shifts energy)
  • meditation, yoga, self care

2. Noticing how busy you have been and being gentle about that. Sometimes we get annoyed at ourselves because we have so much to get done, but get tired at times and frustrated because of how much you have to still do. Totally get it. Most entrepreneurs are like this. OWN IT! It is a good thing. Yet, what I am saying here, is be mindful of it – yes, I have just had a massive 5 days out of home, running around, doing this doing that, being at this place, tending to that person – so then you look at the upcoming days, and see when you can have an input day. That way, it allows your inflow and outflow of your energy and your chakra’s to rebalance themselves and keep the energy flow active, rather than one pouring out and the other blocked and stagnating. Then, work on tuning into that on a DAILY basis, what have you been ‘giving’ today, so then you can tune into how you can give to you today, which is your ‘input’ or ‘inflow’ = which by the way, is also your receiving and if you are not manifesting what you want – this inflow is blocked and you need to consciously tune into what you need to do to give to yourself, so your inflow opens and lets you LET IN, what you are asking for – on all levels – including the energy to continue to do what you need to get done!

3. Be mindful of who are you hanging around. Yes! Love everyone. Yet, be mindful if the people you are hanging around MOST OF THE TIME, are negative or positive speeched people, because this is a huge energy factor – what are you focusing on, talking about, whinging about, creating and moving forward towards most of the time? Where attention goes, energy flows.

4. Check in with your physical health. Yes, it all starts with our thoughts. Yet, we are living in a physical body and we need to care for it. If you are constantly stressed out and burnout and get wiped with tiredness, then your adrenals and kidneys may be under the pump and burnout – hence you being burnt out – very common for single parents! Personally, I have found amazing benefits of taking He Show Wu and Ashwagandha for supporting my adrenals and kidneys. I feel like a complete different person and has given me my energy back on a physical level and for this I am forever grateful.

Ashwaghanda: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5JBR4_ZwoCM He Shou Wu: https://www.honeycolony.com/article/he-shou-wu/

5. Check in with your complete diet. The ‘whole’ picture. Everyone wants a quick fix. But it isn’t as simple as that. It has taken you say 30 odd years to get to this point, your repair isn’t going to happen overnight. So, be mindful of your long term goals and think of them, before you choose to put that donut in your mouth that will feed your body the sugar you are trying to avoid. It gets easier, the first part is always the hardest. Remember the learning to drive a car analogy. It was so overwhelming and hard in the beginning, and now you drive your car, without even consciously thinking about it.

6. Be okay with whatever emotions you are feeling. Fighting the way you are feeling – fighting is draining! What shifts emotions – is consciously feeling them. Not detaching from them, not attaching to them, but allowing them to flow through you like the breeze past your face, or the current of a river. They are constantly moving, trying to stop them is like trying to stop the river from flowing. Eventually the river calms down, somewhere along the point of it, so allow it to flow.

7. Discipline yourself to your self care practises. There are certain things you know you need to do every day that keep you on path, on track and in flow. For me, it is enough sleep, enough sunlight, journalling, particular supplements (and this changes), conscious food practises, exercise, and connecting with you through blog and livestreams. Find what YOUR self care remedies are – remember – it is about finding YOUR INflow… because YOU are important too.

8. Believe that you are worthy enough to be alive, to have good things, to RECEIVE love, money, and whatever else you are trying to create. THIS is important. You have to tap into that space that just because you are alive you are worthy – not anything you need to ‘get’ or ‘do’ – but just because you exist you are worthy. If you don’t beleive this none of the above will work anyway.

Where do you need to start to be more mindful of your energy awareness of your life today?

Love, Hannah xxx

P.S. If you would like to become acutely aware of your energy, the threads, where they go, how to stop being affected by people, how to find your purpose, which way to go, what is your next step, trusting what is right for you, how do you even take care of yourself, how to avoid burnout, how to feel your emotions constantly, how to increase and fine tune your psychic awareness so you can step up to the next level in your life – this is all (and more!) in Trust Your Intuition. PLUS attuning yourself to the Moon Cycles and how to hear the messages from your Animal Spirit guides and so much more. Doors close on the 29th of November beautiful: https://realityawareness.lpages.co/trustyourintuition/

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