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Reality Awareness | The price you pay for not following your dreams
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The price you pay for not following your dreams

The price you pay for not following your dreams

The price you pay for not following your dreams.

You might think that playing it small is okay.

‘Oh, I don’t want to upset anyone.’ You tell yourself.

‘Oh I don’t want to earn more than my parents.’ Your subconscious holds you at.

Or you start to move forward and then someone says something or they give you an ultimatum (if you keep doing that or talking about it or that way I’ll leave you).

You might be:

  • Afraid that you will lose people you love or need admiration/approval from if you follow your dreams (that happens anyway, read my blog here if you are afraid of this)
  • Not taking action, because you don’t know how or where to start
  • Feel that you aren’t good enough as you see other’s doing way better than you
  • You think your skills aren’t as good as ‘them’ yet and you need more training (hogwash 😉 )
  • Have tried and it didn’t work (how long did you stick at it? A few days, a few months? Honey, it takes years of dedication to bring your gifts into the world. You going to continue giving up on yourself?)
  • ‘They’ told you it won’t work
  • You constantly hear your parents or someone else’s voice in your head saying it won’t work, that’s not possible. (psst, I’ve said it before, will say it again, don’t take advice from someone who hasn’t done what you’re trying to accomplish in your life. Hang around people that get it and believe in you, even when they don’t see how it can happen)

All these things?

And I am sure I could write a book load of ‘The reason you don’t follow your dreams’ – yet under all the ‘reasons’

Are just a big cover up, are, like a bandaid if you will.

Or a cushion to fall onto.

So you don’t have to be the powerful being you are inside, that you came into this Earth, knowing and believing it was possible, because ITS WHO YOU ARE.

It hides you, this, not following your dreams stuff.

Yet, the price you pay, for not following your dreams aka – trusting your intuition – because your intuition is what leads you to your Life Purpose, which your dreams are a guiding path to your Life Purpose and the fulfilment of your Life Purpose is a by-product of trusting and following your intuition.

Following ones dreams, isn’t for everyone. I get it. That is why majority of the world is still asleep. And for a reason.

But if you are awake, this isn’t a time to be idle.

You are awake for a reason.

Now you have a responsibility to fill.

To own your power and follow your dreams.

Because if you are ‘awake’ you have some sort of big dream inside you.. even if you don’t know the ‘what exactly’ it is there, you feel it.

Because you are one of the chosen ones, or should I say, you chose on some level, to come down to Earth at this time and help it shift back to Love.

And following your dreams and making them reality are just words we put to our Life Purpose, our Destiny for our Human mind to try and understand and remember.

Yet, reclaiming and owning your power – to remember that the truth is there is no fear, it is only unconsciousness and when we make it conscious – it turns into us reclaiming our power – every single day.

Haven’t you seen that saying flying around, ‘Do something that scares you everyday.’?

If you are awake and look at me and see my crazy ass dreams of wanting Super Yachts (I LOVE THEM and btw I don’t know ‘why’ I want one or see it in my reality, I just LOVE them and think they are amazing – and remember that thing of following your heart, even when it doesn’t make logical sense? 😉 ), and think, ‘Well I don’t want that or care for that.’ You are missing the point.

It is about finding YOUR dreams.

Because if you are thinking that about MY dreams, then you are still stuck in looking outside yourself and listening to those outside of you that are telling you it’s not possible. That is because when you had big dreams as a child an adult in your vicinity said, ‘No you can’t’ you are still carrying that around subconsciously. Dig deeper. What is it that YOU want?

If there was nothing stopping you, if you had no responsibilities – what would you be doing?

Maybe you just want a big property so you can live off the land. So…. are you taking steps to make that happen?

You don’t know how – I get it. Yet – that isn’t your job to know how. You just have to turn up and take the next step, which could be opening a savings account called, dream property and start putting money into it.

Then, in a few weeks time, your intuition, guides you to a shop you rarely go to and then you ‘randomly’ start talking to a person who is going overseas to work for a year and needs their property cared for.

Do you really trust in your vision?

Do you really trust in your hearts desire?

Because when you do, the above scenario happens. #normal #standard

Synchronicities occur all the time like this when you trust your intuition and the next step.


Because you trust your heart, you trust yourself, you don’t let anyone else tell you it’s not possible – because if it lives in your heart, mind, body and soul – this is your road map, your lighthouse, leading you to your Life Purpose.

You don’t need to know how. That is the Universe’s job.

Just take the next step.

The price you pay for not following your dreams is that you end up sick, bitter and resentful. Why? Because:

  1. You are off path and your compass needs recalibrating (it’s never too late, download my Recalibrating Your Internal Compass Meditation for free here: https://realityawareness.lpages.co/internal-compass/ )
  2. You see all these entrepreneurs doing it ‘easy’ and wish you had the courage to follow your dreams way back when (because you were way ahead of your time and closed your intuition and ‘powers’ down, because everyone thought you were crazy – again, it’s not too late)

You do know it is not too late?

To open your Heart

To let the love IN that is ever present in the right now of the gentle breeze of the wind on your face or the rays of sunlight warming your skin. If you are scared to let in the love, or even open your Heart, because you don’t want to get hurt, you can read my article on the Rose Bush Analogy to help you here: http://realityawareness.com/2017/08/04/the-rose-bush-analogy/

The price you pay for not following your dreams is great beautiful Soul.

The good news is, its never to late, and your Soul is and has always been waiting there for you to return to it.

With great excitement upon your return I may add. (psst, this is the joy you feel when you take the next step – your Soul! Because you ARE that, joy, peace, love)

Remember, it won’t always be easy… remember the learning to drive a car analogy. It was so overwhelming to drive a car at the start. Yet, now you do it without even thinking about it. Upgrading your dreams, is just learning to drive a new car, then it becomes normal.

What is your new normal?

Are you ready?

Remember, if you are seeing it in your reality, it is because it is possible for you too.

Today is a new day. Embrace it. Your dreams are calling.

Love, Hannah. xxx

“You don’t need to know how, just take the next step.” – Martin Luther King Jr

P.S. If you are wanting to shift that deep core wounding that is blocking you from truly trusting your intuition and keeps pulling you back into the fear of rejection and hurting other people, Trust Your Intuition is where it is at beautiful Soul. To truly awaken your Life Purpose, you must trust yourself above all else. Trust Your Intuition closes on 29th November and when it reopens mid next year, it will not be at this low price. Over 100 videos all guided by me, over 60 audio meditations also guided by me, to help you truly trust yourself and fulfil your destiny, lifetime access which means all upgrades that come with it over that time, click here before the doors close beautiful one: https://realityawareness.lpages.co/trustyourintuition/

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