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Reality Awareness | Time doesn’t heal all wounds, doing the work does
Intuitive Healer for Celebrities, helping you to awaken your inherent spiritual and psychic gifts to contribute to birthing the New Earth.
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Time doesn’t heal all wounds, doing the work does

Time doesn’t heal all wounds, doing the work does

Time doesn’t heal all wounds, doing the work does.

If you get triggered by ‘doing the work’ take a look at that.

What does ‘work’ mean to you?

No, I am not suggesting you are broken and need fixing.

Far from it. If that is what ‘do the work because something is wrong with you’ – then there is ‘wrongness’ thread you need to clear within yourself, because honey, you’ve never done and can never do anything wrong. You’ve always done what is right for you because at the time, it felt right and you need to trust that. Any ‘wrongness’ is just projected opinions from other people and it only becomes ‘real’ when you take on what they say, instead of tuning into what is right for you and realising they are just sharing their perspective of things.

However, I am saying that you pick up so much psychic debris, beliefs and ego wounds that weigh you down like psychic bricks. You will be consistently triggered by everyone’s ‘stuff’ if you have threads within you to clear, but if you are not conscious of them, then you will be triggered and play the trigger ‘game’ until you become conscious of your ‘stuff’.

The clearer you become, the quicker it is to pick up what is your energy and what is someone else’s energy.

The clearer you become, the easier it is to decipher the constant messages that are coming to you and from you and why you are attracting certain situations over and over again.

The more you take care of yourself on all levels, the better you get at pulling yourself out of your ‘stuff’, knowing how to support yourself and taking action on that.

You may fall into victim mode and start saying, ‘Why is this happening to me?’

Yet, when you understand that everything happens to make you become more conscious of yourself and your reality, and look at life this way, life starts to become increasingly, well. I am not going to lie! Sometimes, most of the time when we start to wake up – it is soooo painful and you wish you could go back to sleep sometimes!

Yet, when you keep turning up and keep moving forward, then you start to feel the magic, you have moments of infinite bliss and then seem to fall into the abyss of what the actual fuck?!?

Don’t worry, I know, I’ve been there! (can’t wait to finish writing my upcoming book, The Handbook for Ancient Blooded Healers where I share soo much of my story for you)

Yet, when you keep doing it, keep turning up and keep moving through your stuff with conscious awareness, tools and support then you can clear that psychic debris and heal those wounds that are making you stay stuck and attracting the same patterns.

Think about it. Time moves on. You start to feel better.

Yet, then something happens and when you look closely, you will see it has similar if not same threads. It is the same pattern that has been going on for ages, until you dive deep into the core of where it started in the first place.

Until you go ‘there’, it will stay there and your reality will be very similar.

Most people don’t like change.

That’s okay.

But if you’re reading this, you’re not most people are you?

Time won’t heal those deep core wounds babe. You’ll just get better at concealing them, until something triggers you again and you’ll wonder why you’ve ended up in the same place again.

Doing the deep inner work heals those core wounds.

And with the right tools, the more you do it, the quicker and more efficient at it you become. Plus, the more you do it, the less frequently you have to do it too. Or, moreso, that it becomes second nature to a point you don’t even realise you are doing it. It becomes who you are. #transformerinaction #lightworker

Are you willing to go there beautiful one?

Are you ready to dive super deep and actually dive to the core of your pattern so you can shift your entire reality?

Know that if you are in a painful place right now, that you are shifting to the next level. And to do so, the old stuff can’t come with you. If you look at your future self, what sort of person are they? What do they act like, be like, speak like?

Be that person – now.

Love, Hannah xx

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