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Reality Awareness | Why didn’t ‘The Secret’ work for most people?
Intuitive Healer for Celebrities, helping you to awaken your inherent spiritual and psychic gifts to contribute to birthing the New Earth.
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Why didn’t ‘The Secret’ work for most people?

Why didn’t ‘The Secret’ work for most people?

Why didn’t ‘The Secret’ work for most people?

Simply because the Conscious Mind is 10% and the Subconscious Mind is 90% (well, there about’s).

There comes a point in your spiritual awakening and conscious growth, where things turn from bliss into pure pain and heartache.

Some may say the world is against them…

Or ‘the Universe is testing me’….

What it is actually?

Is that you are growing your conscious awareness, and as you do this – you are bringing more to light in the subconscious.

And what is being held in the ‘dark’ under the water of that tip of the iceberg (that 10% conscious), is you are becoming more conscious of yourself.

And in that, you are shining the light of your conscious mind of that 90% that is ‘in the dark’ or ‘under the water’ the bits that you can’t see.

So when you feel like you’ve been going along great and amazing and them BAM something turns up in your reality, or ‘someone does something to you’ what is actually happening is that you are starting to shift that massive iceberg underneath the water line by all you current conscious awareness and personal development work you are and have been doing, and this – that happens in your reality – is just the next thing you are ready to shift so to speak.

So, you’ve been doing great work and strict in your disciplined routines etc and then you feel challenged or ‘thrown’ because of what happened.

You will:

  • either forget about your routines for a bit (because of what it’s just brought up)
  • stay triggered and blame ‘them’ for what they did to you and the situation and bitch about it to everyone you come into contact with
  • or realise that you’ve just created enough safety in your spiritual development for the next chunk of the iceberg to come to the surface

If you realise that this is what is happening, make sure you reach out to a mentor or likeminded friend (hence the Trust Your Intuition and Calling In Your Soulmate #tribe 😉 ) for support, for that hand up, to keep you on track and moving through the heavy stuff that has just come up to the surface… We’ve been there. We get it. No, you’re not crazy. We see you.

Because when that chunk of iceberg rises to the surface and the sun hits it? It melts away and becomes water… and flows again 😉

Your intuition becomes clearer, you’re not clogged up with emotions of the past.

What is tiring, draining and keeps your vibration low? Is trying to hold that iceberg under the water so it doesn’t melt away. You may like to ask yourself what attachment to pain do you have if this sounds like you? And/or, you feel shameful or embarrassed, or just simply don’t have the support and resources to know what to do when that does surface and ‘the Universe tests you’ by ‘throwing situations in your face.’


This is true for your spiritual growth.

We all know that once you are ‘awake’ you can’t go back to sleep, even as much as you might try. (very painful to try btw).

Hence the importance of finding those living the lifestyle you want and listening to THEM.

Find your truth filter and tune it into what YOUR TRUTH is.

It won’t be the same as everyone’s and that’s fine.

EVERYONE has their own dial.

What is important here, is finding YOUR DIAL. And fine tuning it accordingly.

So, if things have been going along smoothly and them BAM something happens and you are like ‘wait, what?!’ – take it as your signal, that you’ve just come to another level in your conscious growth and you are ready to shift the next space.

Take note of ‘who you are listening to’ and find those that can help you.

Trust YOU.

Love, Hannah

P.S. Keep an eye out next week for the opening of Calling In Your Soulmate – if you really want to shift your subconscious and call in and/or transform your relationship to the highest level vibration yet, this is for you xxx

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