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Reality Awareness | Do you wonder when the next ‘bad’ thing is going to happen?
Intuitive Healer for Celebrities, helping you to awaken your inherent spiritual and psychic gifts to contribute to birthing the New Earth.
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Do you wonder when the next ‘bad’ thing is going to happen?

Do you wonder when the next ‘bad’ thing is going to happen?

Do you wonder when the next ‘bad’ thing is going to happen?

You know, things are going amazing – but wait on – this can’t be this good, something has got to happen.

Honey – JUST STOP!! Stop thinking that way!

I have seen alot of people recently moving into an awesome flow and awesome ‘good’ space in their lives – and then creating the past – because they don’t expect this good space to last.

Honey, shit will always happen yes.

But when you are awaiting the ‘bad thing to happen’? That’s you with your belief system, most likely generational carry over into your belief system.

  1. It’s not actually yours (you’re believing a learned reality – when you tap into ‘truth’ nothing is good or bad and there is an abundance if you choose to see it and create it)
  2. You think that is the way it is always has been so that is the way it will be (you create your own reality)


If you are ‘aware’ you know this is truth – that you create your reality… it is just you probably experience alot more of what you don’t want than what you do want, so ‘question or not believe it’ so to speak. Remember the iceberg…http://realityawareness.com/2017/12/06/why-didnt-the-secret-work-for-most-people/

The key is getting soooo clear in yourself that you become super conscious of your thoughts and then CONSCIOUSLY choose what you want to think.

‘Okay, well, I have this belief that something bad is going to happen – that ‘it’s too good to be true’ and now I am aware of that, actually – if I truly believe in the truth’s and abundance of the Universe, there is no ‘wrong’ and everything is working out for my highest good all the time” – Changing your beliefs… you have the power to do this 🙂

If you have been consciously working on mindset for sometime and you start feeling the manifestations of what you’ve been working to create for some time – honey – acknowledge this!

Yes, it is a transition…

Yes, some people may leave your life..

Yes, you may be a bit shocked at the people who have left your life and you ‘thought you had this already’… (yes it is okay to feel sad and honour YOUR HEARTS AUTHENTIC FEELINGS – and then realise the Universe has something way better in stall for you)

Yes, you may wonder if you have made the right choices… Of course you made the right choice, if it was supposed to be another way, it would’ve. Put your energy into creating what you want, instead of (still) ruminating about the past.

The past is done, you can’t change it.

But you can learn from it, stop focusing on it and consciously choose what you want to create all the time.

It may feel like you are moving two steps back and one step forward – take it as a reassessing – of a BECOMING MORE CONSCIOUS OF YOURSELF, so that you can consciously create your reality, instead of letting it just ‘flow on by’.

Just because you have a ‘bad’ day or a ‘low energy’ day, doesn’t mean that all your hard work is undone.


Far from it.

Again, the iceberg.

You are just ready to shift to the next level BECAUSE you have been doing the work.

Mindset work comes first, then the physical must catch up.

The inflow and the outflow.

The in breath and the out breath.

The day and the night.

You are human and you are part of the Earth.

You have cycle and rhythms.

When you honour these, hone into them and ride them – you claim your power.

You tap into truth.

You align with your destiny.

Dropping into the Heart, aligning with truth and knowing that whatever beliefs you are holding, is what you are creating.

Sometimes it is hard and mucky…

And then it is bliss (and you can eat it! Like the chocolate I made in this youtube – did you watch this one? 😉 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sYoS6xP-jwM&t=94s )

So if you are having a ‘low’ day or things seem like they have just gone backwards – know they haven’t.

Know you’re just shifting to the next level and the stuff is coming out so you can physically increase your vibration and attract from the highest possible outcome.

Stay grounded.

Stay centred.

If you are confused, step back.

Return to your Heart.

Awaken your highest destiny.

If you can conceive it and you are having those thoughts – they are there for a reason xx Trust them xx

Love, Hannah xx

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