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1:1 Divine Mentoring is OPEN – limited spaces are left if your Soul is calling then listen – is 2018 your year to truly do this? Send me a message to see if you qualify before these fill beautiful, this ain’t for the faint hearted. Divine arse kicking with me holding your hand of course 😉 xx

Scroll down to see what message streamed through from Archangel Raphael for you today:

Card #1: Ask Your Body For A Message. “Dear Body, please help me hear your messages. Archangel Raphael, please guide me in honouring and respecting my bodies needs.”

Mmmm, I am deeply hearing a reassessing of your self care needs as top priority in this situation right now for you. When you read this card and message what is the first message that comes to mind about your body? Maybe it is more exercise, healthy eating plan, more sleep, or a trauma is calling it’s attention that your body is screaming out to be heard. If you have physical symptoms going on in your body – what is the metaphysical understanding of that physical illness? Have you looked into this sort of healing? I am getting the strong message for you that it is time. Yes, I do 1:1 metaphysical healing consultations. Getting right into the core is what is calling you right now beautiful one. I am also getting the message that ‘if you are denying you have a problem’ with something this is your red flag to look within – or seek help without. The more you brown nose other people, the more your Soul is calling you to wake up babe! What is it that shits you about someone? Honey DING own it in your own life babe… whatever we are saying about someone else is what we feel about our own life and the pain and blame we project onto them is your hurt talking… it isn’t the truth, but feelings are valid, but it doesn’t mean they are ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ they just need voice and then let them be, let them flow… I am getting the message here around your body, if you have an illness that you are healing – what does that part of your body want to say? If you have looked at the metaphysical reason and when you read/learn that – what memory comes to mind? The other aspect is placing your left hand on your body part and asking it – what message do you want to share with me? Listen carefully, then lovingly respond and put your right hand on it and imagine a colour of light streaming from your hand to your body part and I am getting the message if you do this – be very mindful of your dreams in the next 3-4 nights as this will heed very valuable healing for you. What aspect of your body is speaking to you? Are you listening? Love xx Are you ready to take your Divine self to reach new heights? Shift those physical barriers that are limiting you – perhaps you put weight back on when you lose it, perhaps you sabotage yourself when you are just about there? 1:1 Divine Mentoring is OPEN, if you are taking your life to the next level and are ready to break through these barriers once and for all, send me a private message now for all the details. xx

Card #2: Sunlight. “Dear Archangel Raphael, please help me enjoy the benefits of sunshine in safe and healthy ways.”

Mmmm, two messages to this card… and whilst this card is about absorbing the magic healing properties of the sunlight and maybe you do need more outdoor time right now to reset your energy field I am also getting the message that this is about taking your power back. Are you feeling stuck somewhere? At a loss of something? Don’t see a way out? Wondering how or when it will ever change? If yes, where in your life are you pointing blame? Who is it that comes to mind of when you think of how you got into this situation in the first place? How much are you blaming them for this situation at hand babe? I am getting the sense that whatever is going on in your life, there is something out of balance. Your Solar Plexus is where your power centre is – your LIGHT resides here. You are either in victim mode, or better than less than mode (judging other people’s lives) or you are empowered. Empowered comes from a point of equality. Nothing is better than or less than – it just is. And this leads into the second part of the message of this card that I am getting the message you truly have taken back your power at this time. You are sorting out your life, you are moving onwards and upwards and even though you haven’t quite got there – you can feel it in your bones and this that is going on right now? Is a huge clearing that is shifting you vibrationally to the next level. So if you have pulled this card today, your message is clear – if you are in the space of wtf is actually going on? You are soooo close – keep going babe, you’ve got this and the Universe has your back. Love xxx If you are wanting to get through this time with high vibrational overview that totally shifts out the gunk so you can be clear, fresh, alert and ready to tackle the world, my 1:1 Mentoring is open and waiting for you. It’s your time are you claiming it? Ready for the divine arse kicking that shifts your life in exponential ways? Send me a personal message to book yours now, this is exclusive and only for the select few. Send me a message to see if you qualify at this level. xx

Card #3: Use Your Natural Healing Abilities. “Dear Archangel Raphael, thank you for clearly guiding and encouraging and supporting my healing work.”

As soon as I turned this card for you I got the message that you’ve forgotten that you can heal this situation yourself! You’ve forgotten a part of you that is powerful beyond measure and can shift any situation with your internal healing work FIRST, then the outer shifts. Did you pick two cards today? As I am getting the message around your self care as a starting point and that because things have been soooo fast paced and full on lately, you’ve forgotten yourself and thus your point of power. What self care do you know is ESSENTIAL for your well-being that you’ve let slide? This is your number 1 healing priority. I am also getting the message for you, that when you do this for yourself you are going to receive a divine download in the next 3-5 days that is going to take your life a direction you didn’t see coming, but is welcomed and is like – of course this makes sense! So trust yourself and what messages come through for yourself, as you remembering your power and your divine magic self is the epitome of healing for yourself right now – the rest is a by-product and hugely transformative times for you. So what is it that you need to get back to doing – like now? Love xxx Magic happens when we take action. Yes we need to visualise but if you aren’t doing the work inside and out it ain’t going to happen babe! If you are stuck and need a divine arse kicking to do the work inside and out that WORKS my 1:1 Divine Mentoring is open and waiting for you – is 2018 your year, or are you still visualising it? Send me a message to book in now to get your Soul into divine alignment now xx

Card #4: Massage. “Dear Archangel Raphael, please help me know that I deserve to receive massages and other self-care treatments.”

Did you pull two cards today? I know I said that in another card – the getting in your body stuff is strong today! Wondering too – are you feeling fear about a situation? Not feeling good enough? Not loved enough, feeling like your true love will never come, and starting to step into feeling crazy – is it me? Honey – this is your sign – NO IT ISN’T YOU! And you know what else? If you can dream it, imagine it, feel it in your bones and have some inkling that it is possible for you – no – if you feel it in your heart and soul then THIS is all the confirmation you need. This is YOUR time and YOUR Soul is guiding you, calling you and feeling you. It is giving you signs that what you feel in your Heart exists – because you do! If you are not feeling it right now, in a sense of starting to think you are crazy because you’ve been wanting to experience it for so long and haven’t YET I might add, I am getting the message for you – what constant message do you continually receive that you’ve been ignoring because you don’t know ‘how’? I am getting the strong message for yourself to start taking steps in those messages you’ve been getting and the more you do things, the more you will receive more information on ‘how’. Remember, you don’t need to know how you just need to take the first step. It could be as simple as booking a massage and not knowing how you will afford it but walking in full faith and then something comes in you weren’t expecting. Do you trust yourself enough, do you trust your SOUL enough to know that it knows how even if you can’t consciously see where you are heading, but know it is right? Do you need to increase your faith? Maybe the massage is a sign for you to increase your faith in little steps… to then manifest the bigger things… like your client increase, or moving house or attracting the relationship you really want. What steps do you need to action to make forward movement now, even though you can’t see how it is possible? Love xx My 1:1 Divine Mentoring is OPEN and waiting for YOU to truly align with your Soul’s purpose in 2018. Faith increase? The divine downloads that are waiting for you to tap into are sitting there – are you ready to break them open and dive in babe? Send me a personal message to book your 1:1 Divine Mentoring, limited places left babe xx

Card #5: Avoid Allergens. “Dear Archangel Raphael, please assist me in identifying and avoiding allergens that may be toxic to my health and happiness. Help me to only crave healthful foods and beverages.”

Indulge over the holidays? Eat foods you don’t usually? Feel crap from it? Clean out time babe! This is your reminder of your divine sensitivity to ALL things… and how much you stepped into honouring your sensitivities and truly shifted gears towards the end of last year – and you felt amazing right? BOOM – time to clean out and get back to this and I am feeling that you have just started to do so right? You’ve just stepped back into flow and this includes this. I am also getting the message if you have pulled this card, you have shifted to a new level – in your awareness, in your personal development, in your spiritual journey, in your awakening, in your whatever label you want to put on it and you have just lost ALOT of relationships recently right? Threads you thought were there are not anymore and have been completely severed. Yet, this is your next level awakening and hold on tight babe, in the next 7-14 days your life is going to grow dramatically – the physical manifestation of all that you have been working towards is going to come flooding in, in ways that you didn’t see the possibilities of before, but what you have just stepped up and into? Is exactly this babe. Hold the faith – it is right here for you. Let the old and ‘allergens’ fall away, they are no longer needed in your vibration, it is safe for you to step up and into your power and those that are not in alignment, were never there to start with ultimately were they? They were just reflections of the cloak to your brilliance. Remember this honey. Remember. Love. xx If you are needing a hand up, needing me to hold your hand every moment of the day with the deepest support and care you’ve ever had, my 1:1 Divine Mentoring is OPEN for exactly this. Deep clarity, reclaiming your power, owning your worth and receiving the money, love and abundance you are creating in your life is here for you right now – are you ready to claim it? Send me a message to book in as limited places left xx

Card #6: Jesus The Divine Healer. “Dear Jesus, thank you for your Divine Healing Power and presence.”

Whenever Jesus turns up for me, it is always about increasing your faith and holding faith… there was another card today that spoken about increasing your faith that it IS happening and I am wondering if you are needing a boost of faith and confidence in yourself? Has something recently knocked your self confidence? Something you thought was a certain way and just come in left field and totally wiped it? This is the clearing that has been happening for most if not all lightworkers, healers and more. A total shift to next level, to new gears, to new heights but mostly? To the next realm, the next dimension. It has just literally ‘landed’ ‘awakened’ and when someone is ‘birthed’ they are a little bit lost, confused and wondering what is next, so if this is you, breathe deeper, you’ve got this, you’ve just shifted dimensions and it will feel like nothing fits for a while, everything seems old and just meh. No drive, motivation or nothing feels like it once was. Be okay, you have just been born again lol how’s the humour through the divine that just came out! And Jesus is right here telling you to keep the faith, increase it, find your tribe and find those that get you, be with them, talk with them and know that you are completely aligning to your Life Purpose and the shifts that come with that are huge, not for the faint hearted and you’re doing it. You’ve got this babe, you’ve so got it. Call upon Jesus for a personal message for yourself and listen. Call upon him to increase your faith and show you the next step. Love xx My 1:1 Divine Mentoring is OPEN right now and with limited places left, your Soul calling is not to be denied any longer babe, send me a message to book in to completely step into your power and shine that sparkling radiance in all that you do xx

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