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Reality Awareness | #metoo Healing the effects of abuse and trauma, reclaiming our divine sexual power
#metoo Healing the effects of abuse and trauma, reclaiming our divine sexual power - time to reclaim who you truly are babe - it's your time to shine xx
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The wrath and power comes from Authenticity not from bandaids…

The wrath and power comes from Authenticity not from bandaids…

My fury rages deep within and the wrath of Her power sheds forth in more than what will ever be felt by most in Her full glory when I hear someone say this to me:

“Calm down” “Listen to yourself” “Take a breath” – Seriously?

Positivity is a bandaid… the wrath of Her FULL POWER comes from AUTHENTICALLY FEELING ALL THAT  IS…

Without blame…

Without judgement…

Spirituality, new age bullshit – we are past that now…

It’s not ‘new’ anymore….

The Divine POWER comes from reclaiming ALL of YOU…

The #metoo campaign has just brought to the forefront of everyone’s awareness how fucked up today’s society IS

And sooooo many people are uncomfortable in the reality of the lies, deception and more that is coming to light.

And you know what honey?

This aint going to stop!

More and more will be shown….

So many people had a shit 2017 and way before that….

2018? The bullshit detectors are ON…

The bad vibe detectors are ON….

The not in alignment detectors are ON….

And anything that is not in alignment with who you really are is being SHED beyond measure…

The #metoo campaign brought back a POWER that has been buried, abused, hidden, made taboo…

When in actual fact – it is where the Divine POWER is held and stored – in the BASE CHAKRA…

Base Chakra – sexuality, finances/money, physical world, security, safety and TRUST…

And how much of these areas when you think about it is society completely and utterly deluded to beyond measure?

When you tap into your Vagina, your Penis, when you honour the POWER that comes from sexually bonding with someone and what that creates? Is LOVE

And sooo much of this has been destroyed, made to be bad, taboo and society is sooo delusioned about soo many things… but this?

This is the biggest part and this #metoo campaign has brought to the surface:

~ buried wounds that are not being able to be hidden anymore

~ sexual abuse, sexual trauma and the detrimental effects

~ domestic violence, rape and family ‘behind closed doors’ is being let out

Anything that has been swept away, hidden and buried… cannot be any longer…

The new age spiritual bullshit of being positive is GONE babe…

The next level?


Do you know where that stems from???


THIS is next level…

THIS is what the planet is shifting into…

That means

~ No separation from you or anyone else… what is out there is in you 100%

~ Full responsibility of your reality… means taking back your power, means no blame, no hate, no pointing the finger, no holding onto hurts and past that causes physical disease in the body YET this ALSO means – 100% feeling of ALL these feelings AUTHENTICALLY and CONSCIOUSLY without blame… but allowing these feelings to flow through you with no attachment to the story that is trying to hold them in you #authenticpower in your WHOLE body, yes that means your pussy and cock power that is IN your body and FEELS everything

~ if you are having a reaction to this – why are you still reading and following me?

~ if you totally resonate give me a #hellyes in the comments

~ it means that when you fully come into your power – your wrath, your glory, your depths of darkness plummets take you soooooo deep and far into it, it goes so deep it turns back into the light and THIS is the power that comes from knowing your WHOLE self – but FEELING IT AUTHENTICALLY – EVERY aspect of YOU – your darkness, your fear, your wrath, your hurt, your blame, your disgust, your ‘shoulds’ – your down right PAIN… and when you do this?

HELLO AWAKENED SPIRITUALITY – the waking up from the waking up…

Goodbye old spirituality bullshit of being positive…

Being positive is a by product of FEELING AUTHENTICALLY – why?

Because your SOUL/HIGHER SELF is watching it ALL… and your SOUL is connected to the divine truth that you ARE and can never be ANYTHING less that ALL THAT IS…

That includes the sexual abuse, the rape – the rapists, the murderers, the abusers, the victims – the WHOLE story – IS YOU!

Now we have awakened to the #metoo campaign… it is time to own your part in it…

What did go wrong to the men that did the abusing?

What part of you in your life has said yes to something (sexual or not), when you really meant no? This is crossing your own boundaries with lack of self worth that put you in that position – are you going to own that or are you going to have a reaction and tell me I am delusional and can’t believe I am writing this? But you’re still reading of course 😉 Cause you can’t get enough of the TRUTH when you know it is what your SOUL is craving even though your human self is fighting it with EVERY aspect of your being right now…

The moment you take FULL responsibility for EVERYTHING you see in your reality – on the news, in the media, in your street, in your LIFE – THAT is the moment the world will change…

The moment you realise that you are a rapist, a murderer and more and can OWN the darkest parts of humanity as your OWN separation to ALL THAT IS – is the moment the world will change…

The moment you can deeply come into the HUMBLEDNESS space of realising that your own judgement of what is ‘wrong’ in the world is when you reclaim your power is when you come into SELF WORTH and THAT is the moment… your life changes…

Which… changes the world….

There is NO separation….

And still pissed off I am writing this? Honey… why are you still reading then? Maybe you want to read this article I wrote on why you are so scared of the government and what ‘THEY’ are doing: http://realityawareness.com/2017/11/17/the-truth-about-why-you-are-so-angry-frustrated-and-ultimately-scared-of-what-the-government-is-doing/

Or watch this to realise why you shouldn’t be scared of the chemicals they are ladling our food with to try and subdue US: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sYoS6xP-jwM&t=94s

But if you are still reading this and resonating with EVERY word I am saying and screaming FUCK YES – and that deep FUCK YES from that Divine place of pussy and cock intertwining from screaming YES to what that creates is LOVE – then you honey, have just a big a purpose as I and are reading this for a reason…

Where do you need to say enough is enough to today?

Where do you need to honour your sacred self through divine self care ritual honouring your physical body as ONE with the Divine – the sexual amazingness that your POWER is WITHIN and holds you soooo strong in your power beyond any other place in your body?

Where do you need to heal the trauma and abuse that has risen to the surface for you from either the #metoo campaign or more? Whatever form of abuse that has risen up to DEAL with – has at this time for a reason….

~ Not knowing where you belong

~ Feeling lost

~ Wondering where you will move to

~ Wondering what your next move is

~ Curious but frustrated ‘how’ you can do what you know in your heart you WANT to do

~ Threads of family ties and friends that are no longer in alignment have been severed and you didn’t even know were lingering sooo much for you and #facepalm actually now makes sooo much sense in moving to the #nextlevel (“You can love them, doesn’t mean you have to like them.” – Lois Rowley)

~ Total destruction of structures that are (you now see) outdated and didn’t know were actually tying you down so much energetically

~ Smashing to smithereens any sort of ‘up on a pedestal’ you may have been holding since childhood or before

~ Coming into deep awareness of pattern breaking of needing approval from people you didn’t even know you were actually subconsciously wanting/needing their approval in the first place

THIS my love… is YOU coming into your power… disentangling yourself from the energies that are holding you back, down and now FREEING YOU TO YOUR NEXT LEVEL

The deepest, divinest awareness and consciousness that stems from this Base Chakra KNOWINGNESS that YOU are here for big things and everything that is not in alignment has just shed. The dregs that have been tying and hanging around GONE. The bits/threads you didn’t know were hanging on – GONE. Severed.


Into that deep orgasmic bliss that comes with the pain of letting go, of the authentic feeling to the depths of your Soul – for not only your pain in your life – but US, WE the HEALERS OF THIS EARTH


FEELING the depths of the pain and


When you feel your pain – you are feeling it for others too.. this is what Healers do… Feel the Earth’s pain, other people’s pain and when done with complete consciousness, frees not only you – but them…

Instead of hurt, blame and pain… there is compassion and depth of feeling that heals, shifts and moves…


THIS is what FREES you…

THIS is your POWER…

And honey, if you are going FUCK yes this is EXACTLY what I’ve been feeling – then honey – big things are just around the corner… YOU have stepped up and the depths and darkness and PAIN is soooooooo deep that it bursts into the light….

The friction and wrath, divine passion, fury, feeling of estaticness that pushes you to your edges…. THIS honey


into that unadulterated BLISS


Because THIS is what awaits you when you FEEL CONSCIOUSLY. When you FEEL ALL AUTHENTICALLY – you experience ALL of LIFE…

And you return to the wholeness and balance you ARE…

And that, my love.. is what the world is returning too….

And you are just a tiny part of that whole… what is within is without…

Your glory, your wrath, your divine fury…. is your BEING… let it be FREE….

Let it be FELT…

This? This is just surface stuff….. with my depth of awakening to next level and what I’ve shifted INto the depth of clarity and more? I have received the guidance to share even MORE authentically in my free support group – Reality Awareness Support Group – The Place Where You Become Aware Of Your Reality – is where I will be going DEEP and consciously sharing the depths of realisations, reality through real life experiences, trauma healing, pain transformation, finding gifts and BLOOMING them into your real self – the message is clear for me to do this! So if you want the depths and return to light that you are in the realness that is even MORE than posts like this one you are reading – you’ll want to get into my free support group now, the first #keepingitfuckingreal blog about the truth and more explanations and depths of reality will be posted within the next 48 hours (I can feel it screaming to be birthed and let out in all Her wrath and glory) PLUS this is a safe space that You can come and share your reality experiences, your realisations and more to #findyourtribe and your #home with people who 100% get it. Completely and closely monitored for safety, security and LOVE of safe sharing anyone who is not in alignment or has the willingness to own their own shit and reactions, will be booted out of the group (I still love you 😉 ) Click here to join my free support group now: https://www.facebook.com/groups/realityawareness1111/

Deep changes have occurred from my road trip… this is just the start… keep watching, reading, growing and share if you feel it will help someone or wake them the fuck up.

With Love, of course,

Hannah xx

P.S. If you want a 1:1 arse kicking divine healing for any sort of trauma, abuse or just sick of yourself repeating the same patterns, don’t know why things are happening to you, or just want to understand the craziness you are feeling that is going on in your life, my 1:1 Consultations are OPEN. Send me a message to get your arse kicked into gear (with love of course 😉 ) with these exclusive 1:1 private mentoring consultations, send me a message now.

P.P.S. What timing of the #metoo campaign to bring so much sexual healing to the surface… the divine masculine and divine feminine in balance is what is required – but have you that within you? Sexuality is a module that we go deep into in Calling In Your Soulmate and early bird is now open, only 3 weeks left to grab your early bird seat: https://realityawareness.lpages.co/sacred-manifestation

P.P.S. If you haven’t got your FREE Tarot Forecast for January, you’ll want to read this: https://realityawareness.lpages.co/free-monthly-tarot-forecast

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