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Reality Awareness | To let it in, you must let it go.
The deepest self love you've ever felt. And thus, what you attract into your life.
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Can do woman… but she chooses to not do it alone…

Can do woman… but she chooses to not do it alone…

Can do woman… but she chooses to not do it alone…

Because, it was never about them anyway.

I felt deeply warm in my heart when my dear friend said in response to my dog climbing the tree that was unclimbable on my recent road trip, ‘Can do attitude, just like her owner, love it!’

Sorting out my home on many levels, shows me how much change is on my doorstep. I feel like I am preparing for something…. I have been wondering where I am moving to and have a fair idea of that right now…

The deepest shifts have occurred in my life in the past 6 weeks, than ever before in my entire life. I could say it is a number of things and I am sure it is all of them combined, yet at the same time, I am deeply aware of the cosmic shift into the next dimension – has just opened, landed. We have ascended into the next dimension with a considerable change in how we feel on the inside – but the outside is different too.

Reality has shifted.

Reality has changed.

Here, but not here, but here at the same time…

The portals of time have changed…

The awareness of reality has changed…

It cannot be described, but I will give it a go.

~ Not feeling like you are ‘here’ but you are grounded as anything

~ Your intuitive/psychic senses are more ignited, ON, and super sensitive and crystal clear than ever before

~ You are shifting from one reality to another, yet, the transition has almost been complete, it isn’t in mind anymore, it is here, now and deeply surreal all at the same time

~ Relationships are completely disintegrated or deeply transformed

~ Relationships that are still ‘hanging on’ are being seen for what they are, more than ever before and you are choosing to not even engage anymore

~ You are VERY clear on your next steps, you are focused, clear, aware, and taking massive action – 2018 is YOUR year and NOTHING will get in the way of your clarity of direction, purpose and manifestation of what you know you have to do – you cannot, not do it – your Life Purpose has kicked into gear in a whole new dimension, reality and #itstime

Deeply aware that I am alone, but I am actually never alone….

Self Love has increased tenfold with the reality of relationships energetically leaving my field and life, freeing me beyond measure. The ones still hanging about, are being seen on another level and the choice to not engage #strong

Anyone that pulls me away from my path, I see it a mile off and not even willing to go there…

I had this strong urged that was nudged on by having to do it as well, to weed my gardens and sort the outside of the home out.

I had let it go.

I had let it go for well over 2 years.

I made a choice.

I made a choice to focus.

Focus beyond measure.

I wrote 9 books in 10 months.

And then I have begun turning them into online courses and more. I am 18 months into my 5 year plan. (well I know what the 10 year plan is but the first part, is the 5 year break down).

To do this, to stay so focused, to GET IT DONE, I had to choose.

I had to choose to let the garden go. (If you know me I had beautiful vegetable gardens at one point, yet with how much time and energy went into them – I chose differently).

I had to choose to let my house be messy.

I had to choose to let rent not be paid for several weeks and pay my business expenses instead.

I had to accept help from my Dad to pay my rent for several weeks.

I had to choose to go without buying new clothes.

I had to choose to sleep on a crappy mattress.

I had to choose WHERE I WANT TO GO.

And I had to choose what I want to sacrifice to GET WHERE I WANT TO GO.

I had to choose to block everyone’s opinions out.

I had to choose to feel the pain of being cast off from the yoga community.

I had to choose to put my resources into my business instead of into my ‘normal’ life.

Gah. What is normal anyway?!

They say, go to University, sacrifice however many years and do the work and come out with your degree and get your good job. Do most people with university degrees get the job they are trained in? Okay, maybe they do?! Yet, no other person get’s what I have been sacrificing for the past 2.5 years, other than entrepreneurs…

I have learnt to let go explaining myself to those who don’t get it.

I have learnt that people only understand to their level of perception.

I have learnt that everyone has ‘stuff’ (emotions/triggers)

I have learnt, that when put on the spot, people who disapprove of you, can’t even figure out why.

Yet, I know why.

I am following my dreams.

No. Wait.


Your dreams are with you for a reason, they are in your psyche for a reason, they are with your SOUL and your HEART’S LONGING for a reason…

Do you trust it?

No. Wait.

Do you have the COURAGE to trust what your HEART LONGING is calling you to do?

Or you do shy away, because you are afraid of saying NO to someone and upsetting them?

Do you know why you do that?

Because you are afraid of rejection.

And I get it.

Rejection is hard, is soooo hurtful, is death to your Soul, AND Ego – to your EVERYTHING…

And it cuts you DEEP….

Yet, what those deep cuts create?


And what those Scars do?

They create new life.

And they set you in a direction that people only WISH they could have the courage to do.

I have learnt that those that project their shit at you, are deeply hurt and rejected by you in some way, shape or form.

I have learnt that those that are ranting AT you, also feel safe enough to get their shit out.

Yet, I have also learnt – that those that do this?

Also have a HUGE Life Purpose – and they are so devestatedly (is that even a word?!) disheartened, upset, sad and deeply distraught, that they don’t have the courage to follow their own intuition and heart’s longings to truly create the life they dream about.

Because they know deep in their heart they are born for more, that they have this thing inside them that is BUSTING to come out, but they are soooo damn scared of being rejected by not only those closest to them, but society itself.

It is only the select few who have come back and risen again.

Who are doing it anyway and making it happen no matter what.

Who are saying, fuck what they think and do it anyway.

Who don’t know how to do it, but they start and they realise they are shown the next step and this excites them and they keep going.

The first step is ALWAYS the hardest… but once you start jogging, that run becomes easier and easier, the more you do it.


Because you are creating new neuropathways.

Your new destination, your new journey becomes NORMAL….

And this?

Hello next dimension.

Feeling here, but not here at the same time.

Feeling the actual cosmic energy surrounding you.

Not needing to meditate to receive the answers you need because your psychic awareness is so damn NORMAL that when you do go into meditation the insights are beyond words…

That this reality?

You’ve shifted…

I’ve shifted…

There is no separation – but it is on a whole new level that is just so surreal – It has made me been thinking/feeling soooo much – do ‘they’ even see me anymore?

Like, you know when you are looking for something and you can’t find it but then you look again and it was there all along or someone comes along and points it out to you?

Or like, how the Mayan’s just totally disappeared?


That when you are in a new reality/dimension and have shifted to the next level – those ‘old’ vibration – don’t even see you anymore.

Or they feel you moving on/away/further and grasp at straws to try and have you come back.

But you see it.

And you love them.

But you don’t go there.

Because you’re here.

And focused.

And shifting even thought you’ve already shifted.





Never to go back to again.

Because you’ve been doing the work.

You’ve sacrificed.

You’ve copped it from EVERYONE and still gone forth in the way your heart is calling you.

And THIS is the ONLY reason why they rip you.

THIS is the ONLY reason you cannot not do what you do.

Because it IS you.

It is your SOUL.







For the first time ever, like never before.

The threads are clear, the realm doorways have opened and you have walked on through.

And here, you are.

With so much LOVE.

To just do the thing.

Because, it was never about them anyway.

Love, Hannah xxxx

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