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Reality Awareness | February Psychic Tarot Forecast is here
Here is your Free Monthly Psychic Tarot Forecast for February 2018. The theme for February is - You've Got This xxx
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February Tarot Forecast Is Here

February Tarot Forecast Is Here

The February Psychic Tarot Forecast has arrived!

Ah, that feels better out of that Full Moon 3 day window doesn’t it!?

That was an intense 3 Super Moons in a row, starting at the beginning of December, plus the Christmas and New Year intensities and now school has gone back and everyone is getting back into their routines – the collective is sighing an exhale of relief!

You may be feeling excited that the worst is now behind you.

You may feel like there is more ahead to do, of course, but the big stuff feels out of the way almost and now you can make positive plans to move forward.

Is that how you are feeling?

This month, the Mermaids and Dolphins, by Doreen Virtue were calling forth messages for you.

The overall theme/vibe for February is “You’ve got this, Let’s do this”

You’ve shifted to a new level, and anything you do – you may feel scared, or not worthy – but with the Overlying Card for the Month being ‘Worthiness’ it is increasing your self confidence, your self worth, your heart centred love for yourself and watch yourself shine as a result.

Anything that comes up is just showing you, where your blocks are to your worthiness. Your abundance. Your Love. Your Desires.

Learn to react to ‘stuff coming up’ as, ‘Oooh, something else to clear and shift so I can be free to be me!’

When you learn to love it, it shifts quicker. It only becomes a drama when you beat up on it, make it ‘bad’ or hate on it and ‘how bad your life is’ or ‘how there is something wrong with you’ – because honey, there isn’t.

You are a deserving worthy being who is a powerful manifestor and you are worthy of your desires – SIMPLY BECAUSE YOU EXIST.

Love to you beautiful Soul, would love to hear how you are feeling – comment below and let me know?

Welcome to Hannah’s Tarot Forecast for February 2018 “Let’s do this”

Week 1 – Mother Healing. “As your feelings toward your mother heal, your desires manifest more rapidly and accurately.”

I feel like this first week, is a softening – an opening. Have you been consciously working on healing your past relationships babe? Doing the inner work?

If you have been, you will be feeling more at peace. You will be ‘following threads of unease’ and doing something about them.

I feel like you deeply know that when you can feel something ‘out of alignment’ or ‘niggling’ at you – you tend to do the work and follow that up.

THIS is how you heal, raise your vibration and let your desires INto your life.

It feels like you have been doing this recently and this card for the first week of February, I feel is a ‘let go’ a ‘breath out’ if you may and as it says, ‘as your feelings towards your mother heal, your desires manifest more rapidly’.

When you relax, so does your vibration – the push stops and you let IN the things you are working towards.

If you haven’t been feeling this way, I ask you what level is your Self Care at? Mother Healing is about receiving, yes, it is the inflow, the feminine, the softness, the allowing, the acceptance – yet it is also about Mothering yourself.

As beautiful heart beings we are, we give to others all the time. Yet, remembering to give to ourselves comes with re-training to do so for most people. So – where do you need care, gentleness, love and warmth this week? Where do you need to change your schedule, so you are nurturing and loving yourself?

This first week of February is all about this. Reassessing your schedule, so that when you look over the month of February, what needs to change and where do you need to add in more regular self care?

This loving and mothering YOU, not other people, is your primary focus to set your tone for February and be able to receive the desires you are asking for.

It starts with you, and being comfortable receiving also starts with how much you are comfortable with giving to yourself.

Time to reassess your week and your month schedule – time to let in love – by loving YOU babe xx


Week 2 – Protection. “You, your loved ones, and your possessions are safe and protected by Heaven!”

I am really getting the message that ‘everything you do right now, turns to gold’ – you are in a high manifesting energy right now babe! That you are focused, clear and strong.

And this message of Protection this week, is coming to you, to let you know that everything you are doing is correct and right FOR YOU.

Even if other people are telling you otherwise, or are in your head telling you such, don’t listen to it.

You know deep in your heart what is right for you, trust it and move forward. You are being protected by your Spiritual Helpers, guides, angels and more – trust this.

I am getting the message too, where do you need to take action in your life to put boundaries in your life? Is there something that is a bit ‘lacking’ or ‘lagging’ – is it a discipline that you need to put place for a bit to make your boundaries around your time and energy stronger?

When you put yourself first (that Mother Healing 😉 ) you are able to protect your time and energy and give priority to your priorities! This makes you stronger within yourself and ‘can cope’ and ‘can manage’ any situation life throws at you, because you have that internal discipline, that internal structure to ‘fall back onto’ and feel stronger ‘facing the world’ because you have this.

I am getting the message, this week, you are learning to love yourself more – and protect that which is important to you.

What structures do you need to put in place that will support you babe? Do that this week. xx


Week 3 – Father Healing. “Your personal power increases as you give any father related issues to Heaven.”

I am getting the strong message that this third week of February, will be about putting strong boundaries in place! It doesn’t feel ‘bad’, but it also doesn’t feel super easy either. You may need to say no, where it is hardest to say no, you may be tempted by issues of your past resurfacing and coming to the surface, but all in all, it is a ‘strong’ week.

It feels like, even though a tricky situation, it is also a space of feeling more empowered and being able to put those boundaries in place easier than you have done before, even though your uncomfortable feelings will rise of putting that boundary in place.

This week feels like ‘I know it is for the best, but going to feel my feelings about it too’.

TRUST and FOCUS is a big word coming up for this week.

Stay laser focused on your desires this week and know that the strong boundaries you are putting in place are protecting your desires and your Life Purpose FOCUS.

Anything that comes up against these boundaries are simply that – a distraction to your Life Purpose – yes?

So stay your course and use your boundaries – which is your Inner Father, protecting you – to stay your course.

The Divine Masculine can be represented by the walls in house, protecting and creating space for the creative magic (Divine Feminine) to fill the space.

Where do you need to say no this week, so you can say yes to you and your life? TRUST IT. You’ve got this xx


Week 4 – Synchronicity. “Your prayers and questions are being answered by Synchronistic events. Notice them in order to increase their flow.”

The thing about Synchronicity is that yes, life works in magical ways and is amazing.

Yet, the strong message I am getting here for you this week is – you CREATE your synchronicities!

The boundaries you put in place that ie, allow time for journalling, meditating, spending time visualising your desires and creating your reality – is what makes you aware of these that are occurring in your everyday reality.

If you wake up and get on facebook and then go about your day, you are letting life ‘take you for a ride’ and ‘letting life pass you by’.

Yet, if you are consciously making time in your day to ‘block out the world’ – even just for an hour and create your reality ie write your reality in through journalling or whatever methods work for you, then this not only ‘creates’ it – but you STEP INTO FLOW and ALIGNMENT of your Life Purpose.

And these Synchronicities? You become aware of them – and you use them as your guide.

To show you, you are on the right path, to show you, you are in alignment, to show you are strong, resilient and powerful beyond measure.

To show you, you are indeed creating your reality and that you are WORTHY of this.

I feel that by the end of February, you will have shifted into another level of your personal power and those strong boundaries are what stop you from sabotaging the manifestation of not only your Life Purpose – but of your dream life aka Life Purpose 😉

Follow those callings of your heart, even if they don’t make logical sense, because your Life Purpose, doesn’t make logical sense in a world that is built on logic!

This Synchronistic card this week, is showing you how in alignment and on path you are – trust these signs that come to you – even when they don’t make logical sense 😉 but feel right – trust it!

I am also getting the message for you to write these synchronistic events down, even in point form in your journal, because they are going to enable to you to ‘decode’ the messages that are coming to you, that are showing you your next steps on your Life Purpose. Keep this notebook/journal close to you, there is going to be some powerful messages coming to you in this last week of February.


Overlying Card for the Month of February 2018: Worthiness. “Know that you deserve to receive good in all ways.”

This is the month for stepping up your life in all ways, improvements, mindset, getting comfortable saying no, saying yes to you and knowing that you CAN do it, you CAN have it, you CAN create whatever you want and desire.

I am really getting the message that because you know this stuff, and you’ve been stepping it up more and more to create the life you deep down know in your heart is YOURS, that whatever apparent ‘blocks’ or ‘drama’ or ‘sabotage’ or basically whatever distracts you from doing the work you know you need to get done this month – your distraction, your sabotage – if you ‘fall to this’ are ‘weak in your boundaries’ or are not able to say no so you can work on your Life Purpose work – what it really is?

Is just a wound coming up for clearing.

A wound that is your lack of self worth.

That you are worthy of having what you really want.

You may know this, say it in your mind, journal about it, claim it, own it, desire it and do all the work to make it happen.

But under all this – if you find yourself easily distracted and sabotaging your progress – your self worth wound under the surface is lurking and this Worthiness Card as the overlying message for February for you – is showing you your golden key that you know you can move into to create this lavish abundance and luxury lifestyle for yourself.

You DO deserve it – so know that when you are feeling easily distracted, ask yourself, what am I scared of?

What am I holding onto from my past that is holding me back?

What am I afraid will happen when I get the thing?

And listen to what self talk comes up.

And then work through/with that.

Be silent, and in your silence is loud action – if you will only stop to listen.

You have the answers.

You’ve got this.

Let’s do this.

Love, Hannah xx


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