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Reality Awareness | Is guilt stopping you from receiving what you want?
Guilt is a heavy emotion, let me show you how to shift it so you can manifest the life you really want.
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Is guilt stopping you from receiving what you want?

Is guilt stopping you from receiving what you want?

Is guilt stopping you from letting it in?

From getting what you want in life?

From receiving what you want?

Are you stopping that new love from coming into your life, because you feel guilty of something that happened in your past relationship?

Are you stopping letting in that money, because you feel guilty you are taking away from someone else’s life?

Are you not letting yourself LET IT IN – whether money, love, your new life, your new home or something else – because you have a pile of guilt sitting there?

Guilty that you didn’t make more effort…

Guilty that you didn’t say the thing back then…

Guilty that you didn’t step up back then in the way you know now…

Guilty that you still haven’t done the thing you know you should’ve done yesterday and the day before ie exercise or writing that book…

This guilt not only weighs you down like a tonne of bricks energetically that stops you from letting IN what you are asking for most – it also repels from you, what you are wanting most…

The fastest way to release guilt?

Apologise to yourself for holding onto guilt in the first place…

Because – guilt comes in from a perception that what you did in the past was wrong…

Yet honey, there is no right or wrong… there just ‘is’…

Our perception is the only thing that will make right right and wrong wrong. Nothing outside of your perception and other peoples perceptions makes right right and wrong wrong – yes?

Maybe you feel bad/guilty because you didn’t do the thing in the past…

Do you know the fastest way to stop feeling guilty?

Go and do something differently NOW about it – ie you feel guilty for not exercising yesterday, so instead of exercising today, you go and eat more food to cover up those uncomfortable feelings of not 1. doing the thing you said you would do (betrayal anyone?!) and 2. looking after yourself ie, loving yourself (not feeling loved by someone in your life and blaming them for their behaviour because they are not loving you ‘the way you deserve’?) – can you see by holding onto guilt breeds way for heavier feelings that weigh you down, sink you into the darkness and unconsciousness?

Can you see how loving your feelings – ie, realising that you were never wrong in the first place – because 1. you cannot make a wrong choice (remember there is no right or wrong), because you were doing what FELT RIGHT to YOUR HEART in that moment in time, can shift you forward rather than weighing you down, making you feel worse about yourself more than is necessary and actually give you energy to make a new future?

Alot of people get stuck and depressed for this very reason – they feel guilty and then pile guilt on top of more guilt – feeling guilty for feeling guilty! Gah!

So – where in your life do you need to release yourself?

What is weighing you down right now?

What decisions have you put off that you need to action?

Leaving that job?

Making exercise priority today?

Forgiving yourself from your past? ie – knowing that you were doing the best you could at that moment in time, have a cry about it and take your lessons into the future – ie – won’t do that again now will you?

You do better when you know better… and until you know better, you simply are not aware of it – so release yourself babe…

The past isn’t where you want to dwell now is it?

Release yourself, forgive yourself, free yourself…

Open those wings, release those tears, and allow yourself to fly free…

The epitome of releasing your past aka let it go that so many struggle to do – is simply that.

If you need it broken down for you get out a pen and paper and write down – 10 places in my life that I feel guilty about – and let your stream of consciousness flow through your pen without thinking about it and read it later, not whilst you are doing it….

And then break each of those 10 things down – what is actually going on here? How am I hurting myself by holding onto this? Was it really ANYONE’s fault when I know the truth is that there is no wrong or right, only what everyone was doing IN THAT MOMENT that felt right for them and doing the best they knew how in that moment INCLUDING myself? Where do I need to say sorry to myself for holding onto guilt of thinking I am bad person and I have done something wrong, when ultimately if I look at it from my Higher Self’s perspective, I know there is no wrong or right, there just is?

And then as you start to answer these for your 10 areas, (if you have other areas of your life, by all means do them too), start to erase the words, or colour them in or cross them out…

And write down, 10 things for each of those 10 areas of your life – write down 10 things you learnt from that experience.

And once you have done that – feel in your heart what it feels like when you read over/think about/feel into that area of your life.

Has there been any change?

If yes – YAY!!!

If no – where do you need to cry and grieve about the situation? (You can read more about the importance of grief and ‘letting it go’ here: http://realityawareness.com/2017/06/21/the-most-common-question-i-get-asked/ )

Let your wings open, your heart be free and your life transform into the most amazing experience you have ever had – without the weight of guilt in your sphere making you act from this place (guilt), instead of pure, unadulterated LOVE.

Keeping It Real,

Love, Hannah xxx
The Life Purpose Queen

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