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Scroll down to see what message came through for you today on todays Tuesday Tarot, free Psychic Reading xx
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Scroll down to see what message came streaming through from the Ascended Masters today for you.

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Card #1: Purification – White Tara

This card comes to you – with a message you already have been getting the nudges about right? Detoxification? Detoxing your body, mind and spirit? I am getting the message that in the past 5 days especially, you have been getting this nudge right? Something has been going on in your life that you’ve come to a point where enough is enough. And even though this card is about physical detoxing usually, the message that came through loud and strongly as soon as I saw it for you is about a specific relationship in your life. Whether intimate or friendship, it feels like – it is time to go. You’ve been around them long enough and they have served you until now, but where you are going and where you are headed in your life, this card has come as a message that they are no longer in vibrational alignment anymore. Have you been feeling irritable, agitated and short fused? Are you ‘fused’ to them in some way? When we continue to place ourselves in situations and positions that are no longer healthy for us, ‘fusing’ becomes easier and becomes unhealthy and toxic. ‘Fusing’ is where energetic cords are attached between you and this person and energy is flowing back and forth between you both and at this stage, of this card message today for you – it is unhealthy energy right now. Yes, this can be changed and transmuted, yet sometimes that means removing yourself from the situation for a time to recalibrate and get back to yourself. This card has come to you, to tell you what you already know. It’s time to purify your life on all levels. Yes, maybe you need a physical detox – but if a relationship has come to mind reading this, know you are receiving accurate messages for yourself, not only from this card reading – but – you already knew this before you read this card didn’t you? Most of the time you don’t trust your intuition the most – is when you are being guided to do something deep down in your heart when it is something that is hard to do, or you don’t really want to do it, out of fear of letting the other person down, of hurting their feelings or more… the reality is, is that you 1. can’t control anyone’s reactions and 2. you need to do what is right for you and sometimes, if not most of the time, that will mean distancing yourself from certain people to get ahead in life. It may be forever and it may not be. I guess you need to ask yourself what is it costing you? And then, it comes into – do you believe you are worthy of having good things? Of – not settling? Of, listening to other people instead of yourself? Of – trying to please other people, when honey, you can never do that? You know the saying, you can’t make anyone happy but yourself. So, this card has come to you as confirmation of what you already know deep down inside. What action steps do you need to take to clear your energy, create stronger boundaries and create the life you really want? It feels like all the inner work you’ve been doing – the outer reality needs to catch up and sometimes that means leaving people behind. Remember – you are worthy – do you believe it? Feel it? Take action now babe, this is your life we are talking about xx Love xx If you are needing support, guidance and wanting MORE and are ready to DIVE DEEP into the action taking you’ve been missing in your life and truly stepping it up with group coaching and being surrounded by those that are reaching for their goals and staying completely aligned to their Life Purpose – the Life Purpose Mentorship is OPEN and there is only 1 week left to grab the incredible $27/month grandfathered price, which means if there is ever any price increases, as long as your membership is active, any price increases won’t affect you. With bi-weekly Life Purpose group coaching, Lightfilled Yoga and a whole heaps of bonuses too much to write just here, $27/month is only available for 1 more week. Click here to come and join the Life Purpose Tribe who are creating their Life Purpose AND their wildest dreams rapidly, every single day: http://realityawareness.com/life-purpose-mentorship/

Card #2: Take Charge of This Situation – Moses.

Enough whinging babe! Enough complaining! Enough tearing other people down because you are at the end of your tether and have had enough of ‘why everyone else but me?’. All well and good and YES all your feelings are VALID and you need to express them – definitely! BUT if you are not then taking action steps to change your situation once you have ‘got it out of your system’ – Moses, this card, has come to you to say – TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR SITUATION! You are not stuck, even though it feels like it right now! If you don’t know what to do to change your situation – start asking ‘how’. ‘How can I change this? How can I change this? How can I change this?’ Is your mantra, instead of thinking about how you can’t, ask how you can. Instead of complaining about what you don’t want – start focusing on what you do want. If you want a better shape body, but aren’t doing anything about changing it, then start doing something about changing it. Yes, awareness is the first step to healing and changing any situation, yet, a lack of self worth will be sitting under the surface if you are wondering why you feel so darn stuck all the time and can’t move forward. I am also getting the message too, to remember that it comes in waves – everything does. Everything cycles around. Even your emotions, your hormones, life cycles. It isn’t that ‘oh no this is happening again’ it is that – it is the ebbs and flows of life and this card is reminding you to ride the waves. The inflow and the outflow. I am also getting the message that part or most of the ‘stuck’ feeling is because you are not making a decision. Are you afraid of making the wrong decision? Of hurting someone’s feelings because of what decision you will make? This indecisiveness from your part, halting everything in your life and exasperating the feelings of stuck and then that turns into blame and inner resentment towards other people because you are not – wait for it – trusting YOURSELF and doing what is right for you! Other people do what is right for them – so why are you putting yourself last babe?? If you’ve been looking for a sign to just do the thing even though it might cause waves of change (just like the wave on this card!), then this is your sign – go for gold – do what is right for YOU and no one else. Yes it may be uncomfortable at the end of the day for a little while, but in 5, 10 years time, looking back – what decision do you wish you’d made right now? Choose that one babe. Listen, you already know what to do. Trust it. Love xxx If you are needing support to make the changes, trust yourself and stick to them, the Life Purpose Mentorship is OPEN now and is ONLY taking those that are ready to do the thing no matter what anyone says. This is a supportive and likeminded group who are ALL stepping up in their Life Purpose and being coached by me personally twice a week. I am seeking the Lightworkers, the Healers, the Life Coaches, the brilliant minded Souls who feel like they never fit in and know they are here for big things, but are not sure quite ‘what’ – the Life Purpose Mentorship is calling YOU. On the 21st March, 12 Divine Steps for Awakening Your Life Purpose is coming and is $297 – but FREE to those who are in the Life Purpose Mentorship. Ready to Awaken Your Life Purpose and get on path – now? Click here for all the details, this super low entry level price is only available for 1 more week: http://realityawareness.com/life-purpose-mentorship/

Card #3: Positive Change – Paravatti

Ah, feels like a lot of breathing out happening for you right now! Like a sigh of relief! It feels like there has indeed been lots of Positive Change and happy times for you recently and it feels like you are right on path! I am also getting the message, something about kindergarten and babies/toddlers – do you have a child that is in kindergarten? I am wondering what the message is here for you about this? Are they needing a bit more support from you from being at kindergarten? Perhaps it is their first year/weeks there with the start of the new school year and are needing extra attention from you? (hmmm, this article I wrote may help you too if yes? http://realityawareness.com/2017/03/15/the-concept-of-letting-my-child-do-what-she-wants-when-she-wants-seems-radically-outrageous/ ) If you don’t have a child in school, the kindergarten message I am getting – is that yes, things have been positive lately and lots of change – in a good way and it feels that you’ve stepped up to a new level – and the message here? That just like when a child enters a new phase of their life, it can be overwhelming – just like driving the car, like I always refer to. And right now for you, this is what is happening too. You’ve just reached a new level and phase in your life, but you are in kindergarten and still learning! I know you know you are always learning but I am getting the strong message for you to be gentle with yourself as you completely adjust to this new phase, this next level. If you get tired more and need to rest more – listen to that. If you need to hire staff, or start doing something more professionally – listen to that. What is it that you are needing to adjust to in your life? Just like if it is a child that is in kindergarten for the first time it is exciting and new, but also tiring as they adjust to a new schedule, a new phase, a new world. It does feel exciting for you, yet, this card comes as – remembering to adjust to the phases and be gentle with yourself, like you’d treat a child, with love and tender care. Excited for you beautiful one! Next level for you 🙂 Love xxx Are you wanting support in adjusting to the next level, the next phase and want all the tips, tools and tricks so that you don’t sabotage your success and back away from your dreams? The Life Purpose Mentorship is OPEN now and ridiculous entry level grandfathered price that ends in 1 week. Life Purpose Group Coaching and so, so much more to keep you focused, on track and around like minded individuals that are stepping it up in their lives too, so you are energetically staying aligned is all right here, with only 1 week left for this grandfathered price: http://realityawareness.com/life-purpose-mentorship/

Card #4: You Are Seeing This Situation Accurately – Horus

Ah! As soon as I saw this card for you, I just got the strong message to not doubt yourself! What have been knowing deep in your heart, but have been denying? You know you are right in your heart don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! As a highly sensitive soul, lightworker, sensitive person, empath, intuitive, psychic – whatever label you want to put on yourself, you are very clear in the intuition you are receiving babe – do not doubt yourself is the strong message I am getting in this card for you. If someone has had a big reaction, and telling you how wrong you are, or blaming you or telling you how bad you are and ‘its’ all you’ – all that is happening here, is being your intuitive, psychic self, you are picking up the unconscious stuff (as us sensitive souls do) and the person you are having issues with in this situation – doesn’t like that you know this stuff and is wondering how on earth you even know such when they never told you! Sometimes – THEY don’t even know what is going on – THEY are not even conscious of it themselves! #lifeofanempath 🤦‍♀️ Honey, Horus has come to you to let you know that you are correct and you are definitely seeing the situation very clearly – so just don’t doubt yourself at this time. The message I am getting here is just – be quiet. Not in a don’t stand up for yourself and take care of yourself way, but in a – there is no reasoning with an unconscious person, especially when you have tapped into their unconscious stuff without even meaning to (its just who you are), the best thing you can do right now, is listen. Yes, some of the things you hear may be very hurtful and which btw – you don’t need to tolerate either, you can remove yourself from the situation (did you pull 2 cards today!?) and not have that in your life anymore either. Which the other message now coming through for you – is are you clear on what you want and the direction you are going on life right now? It feels like these things are ‘falling apart’ because actually they are no longer in vibrational alignment anymore with where you have shifted to in your life. Yes, change is challenging – but change IS the only constant and by allowing this and ‘getting good at change’ – you will become a master of your reality. Remember, when something is removed from your life – it creates space for something new, and it also creates a vacuum and the Universe always fills a vacuum, so be sure to focus on what you do want and allow the change to lead you to where you really want to go. Trust babe. Follow the flow. Follow what feels GOOD and know that you have the choice to leave what doesn’t feel good anymore. Choose – the good feelings and TRUST them. Love xxx Are you ready to be supported to step into complete manifestation of your Life Purpose? To Awaken Your Dreams and make them reality? Ready to be coached by me in Awakening Your Life Purpose and be surrounded by those doing the same? The Life Purpose Mentorship is open now and only 1 more week before the first grandfathered price ends! Click here for all the details and gain instant access: http://realityawareness.com/life-purpose-mentorship/

Card #5: Clear and Shield Your Energy – El Morya

Ah, this card is pretty clear!! Clear and Shield Your Energy! I am getting the sense that you have absorbed some very, very dense negative energies and these are REALLY pulling at your energy levels right now. Where have you been recently? If you have been somewhere you don’t normally go, even in the past month and perhaps it has become a regular thing that you’ve started, I am getting the message that you’ve picked up on someone else’s energy (near or far) and you are carrying this energy in your field AND it is dragging you down. I am getting the message that once upon a time this energy was ‘okay’ for you, but honey, you’ve shifted, oh boy have you shifted and this is not in vibrational alignment anymore for you and so you are feeling more than every because of this. What comes to mind as you read this? I am getting the message you take immediate action to change this situation as it is really weighing on you quite strongly babe! Yes, clean your house, clean your car, clean your body, physically and energetically – and then don’t put yourself back in those environments! And if you need to – be VERY mindful of your energetic practises right now, because you are needing to, to keep yourself ‘clear’ on the energetic level to continue moving forward where you are going/heading. When we step up in vibration, we usually will be ‘tested’, almost like a sabotage to your path/purpose – do you REALLY want this? YES YOU DO! I know it! 😉 So, being super aware of your energy, physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and more and staying CLEAR is going to help guide you in moving forward on your path, instead of being sabotaged off it! Where are your self care levels? Where are your energetic practises? When was the last time you cleared your chakras? (Sounds cliche I know, but if you’re a sensitive soul this is imperative for you as often as you brush your teeth! Click here to download my free chakra clearing meditation if you don’t already have it – no excuses 😉 https://realityawareness.lpages.co/internal-compass ) I am also getting the message about physical self care and physical energy levels too, which yes, can be compounded by energetics which is what this card is saying, yet I am also getting the message about diet and more – so are you listening? Time to take action dear Lightworker – we need you at your highest energy capacity, like all the time. And yes, that is possible, when you put you first. So what action do you need to take now, to recalibrate your energy – where do you need to say no to? Love xxx If you are wanting to stay super clear, on track and in daily alignment with Awakening Your Life Purpose, the Life Purpose Mentorship is OPEN NOW – with Psychic Development, Divinely Guided Life Purpose Business Strategies, Lightfilled Yoga, Life Purpose Group Coaching and so much more I am seeking the Lightworkers, the Empath’s, the Sensitive Souls, the Psychic’s, the Healers who are being called by their inner Soul to step up but you don’t know ‘how’ or ‘where’ The Life Purpose Mentorship is OPEN NOW – but only 1 week left to grab the $27/mth grandfathered for LIFE price, click here now for all the details and to gain instant access: http://realityawareness.com/life-purpose-mentorship/

Card #6: Crystals – Epona

Whilst this card, is clearly about Crystals, whenever this card comes up, I also see it is a message for you to get grounded, grounded in your body, through exercise, movement and more. Yet, this card’s message today I am getting the sense is definitely directly about Crystals themselves! Is there a crystal message that has been calling you? Have you been called to the Liquid Crystals? (I can recommend a practitioner to dispense the Crystals you need PM me if so). Is there a Crystal Energy that comes to mind as you read this? I am getting the sense to ‘listen carefully’ – I am also getting the message for you that Nature is speaking to you – are you listening? Perhaps you have been picking up Earth Vibrations and are getting the sense you need to move house, or the land around you is changing in some way shape or form. Perhaps not physically – but you feel something going on with the energy? This message is for you to trust it with your whole heart. Don’t listen to the messages of what other people are saying – just listen to what you can feel in your heart. Even if you are wondering what on Earth or how that could even be possible, then you need to pay attention to your intuition over anything else. Take action accordingly – not out of fear, but out of deep trust of what you are being guided to do in your life. It may mean moving house, or moving your house furniture around, but I am also getting the sense, this has been niggling you for a little bit now? Just ‘been in your thoughts’ and wondering what to do with that. Tune into it, ask it, listen. And ask the Crystal that has come to mind too – or the crystals around you – tune in – what one is speaking to you? What is it’s message to you? All crystals hold different vibrational frequencies and hold different healing properties – which one is speaking to you? I am also getting the message to tune into the Earth around you, get grounded, go within, align your Heart frequency with it and breathe it in. Listen. Trust. You are very supported by the Spirit Realm – you just have to listen and trust it. Love xxx If you want to increase your Psychic Skills, develop your intuition and Awaken Your Life Purpose to do what you were born to do on this Earth, the Life Purpose Mentorship is OPEN NOW and I am ONLY calling those Souls that are LISTENING and can HEAR the call of their inner self nudging them, awaiting them to tune in and listen and make their dreams bigger than their bullshit! Why? Because I am ONLY working with the ones taking 100% responsibility for their life and that means Awakening their Life Purpose in a BIG way. If you Soul is resonating with a resounding YES – then get in now to gain instant access and be grandfathered in at this ridiculous low price which goes up next week! Click here now for all the details and to gain instant access: http://realityawareness.com/life-purpose-mentorship/

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