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Reality Awareness | Rejection - how to handle it best
Rejection babe - is the best thing that could ever happen to you... here's why xx
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Get Comfortable with Rejection

Get Comfortable with Rejection

Get Comfortable with Rejection!

Because it’s Gift?

Pure, unadulterated ALIGNMENT baby!!


Rejected by your romantic lover… who are now your ex….

Rejected by a group of, who you thought were ‘friends’….

Rejected by family…

Rejected by people who rip you to shreds – simply because they don’t understand…

Rejected by people who won’t come into your business….

Rejected (kicked out of facebook groups), because you triggered somebody in there…..

Rejected because people unsubscribe from your list….

Honey – truth is?

You don’t want them!!!


Because, if you really dig deep – like really deep and key point – HONESTLY?

If you were 100% honest with yourself – were they really aligned with you in the first place?


When you take an honest look, they probably weren’t and on some level you were compromising!

Compromising that… it was okay that they were still coming out of a marriage and were still untangling themselves from that…

Compromising that… they didn’t completely accept your work and your life direction…

Maybe on the surface they did – but deep down? You felt something was off… and you didn’t listen.

And the hardest part? When you feel most hurt, most rejected, most attached, most heart broken – is when you compromised your own values/beliefs systems, life direction and what you REALLY WANT = and the hardest part is in facing THIS!

It isn’t about them…

But about YOU.

And what you believe you are worthy of having.

Most of the time, it is because you are not clear in yourself about what you want – and believing you are worthy of having what you really want.

This whole – focus on what you want, not what you don’t want?

Is key, yes – yet, when you compromise your own values and think ‘oh it’s okay they are like that, or that’s okay they are still in that space’ = NO – actually it isn’t!!!

Especially when you feel it deep down, but ignore that call anyway! THAT is when you fall down so hard and think ‘why am I in THIS space AGAIN!’ **facepalm

When something is just a teeny tiny bit off – but you go forth anyway, you are not only taking yourself out of complete pure unadulterated alignment – but this is where they attachments come in…

Instead of pure grace….

Instead of pure love…

Instead of pure trust….

The very things we want most right?

Why do you get sidetracked on something that isn’t 100% in alignment?

Deep down – do you believe you are worth it?

Deep down – do you believe what you want exists?

Or is it because you ‘don’t know how it is possible’ that you brush it aside and settle?

When you settle – you set yourself up for hurt, pain, torture and ‘why am I in this space AGAIN?! I thought I learnt last time!’

“You don’t need to see the whole staircase, you just need to take the first step.”


Involves TRUST.

Complete TRUST.

And when you step into ALIGNMENT – meaning, no compromising ANY of your values or what is important to you!!


Get used to rejection baby!

Because the more you do, the more you come into alignment with your PURE BEING.





And then… you realise, you didn’t need them anyway…


Because in PURE ALIGNMENT – everything you ever wanted is completely just THERE…

It just shows up.

Yes, you do the work.

The work – all that is required – is FOCUS.

Focus on what you WANT.



On the weekend, you may have seen I went to the festival Earth Frequency. And whilst it was good to be there, I also didn’t want to be there. I didn’t even want to go, but I had committed to doing a talk there. Even 2 weeks before hand, I hadn’t received any confirmation that I was speaking and so was almost about to cancel going. Then my name went up on videos, websites and more. Doh! Now I have to go. And I did. And I attracted every resource I needed to go. That wasn’t the issue. And I made the best of what I had there with the experience. Yet, what I learnt?

Is how far I’ve come.

How far I’ve grown.


I used to LOVE those festivals – LIVE for them even.

But to go there? Whilst I didn’t see as much as I thought, I heard stories, and I didn’t like what I heard… I felt like crying.

Crying for humanity. People off their faces for a week straight and getting more messier as the weekend went on…. I even overheard some conversations. I used to be one of those people!

What it made me realise?

Is how far I’ve come. Yeah, I just said that. But ultimately? I want to be around people who are making HUGE impact in the world – MASSIVELY.

Not just, let’s meditate every day.

But HUGE impact, like impacting billions of people that will shift the globe.

Spending a weekend with people that can’t even hold a sentence together – fuck I cry for you, because you are me and I used to be you…. but I have work to do and the calling is sooooo strong….

It was after day 1 of being there, and being ghosted by men who aren’t allowed to talk to me anymore because their partners are threatened by me, that I realised my focus… and I shifted…. I went to sleep that first night commanding/intending/aligning – that I ONLY be surrounded and talk to people who are 100% aligned with my vision and my purpose… and it worked.

I found my incredible graphic designer, that for YEARS I had been asking the Universe to please send me a graphic designer for the images that I see in my mind for Lightfilled Yoga and more to translate that into 3D so I can show people what I am talking about and that came effortlessly – through Adaya wanting her face painted as a Wolf.

Adaya has been obsessed by Wolves lately and Wolf Totem? Shedding consciousness that no longer serves… 💥

I then found myself having deep in depth conversations with Avalon Darnesh and her calling to open the Divine Mother Temple (which opens tomorrow, PM me if this calls to you) and how we feel the spiderweb effect of those next level awakenings happening and the people we are attracting into our fields who are stepping up to the calling.

I then found myself wanting to just sit still and I did for about 4 hours straight…. and it was sooo good. At our tent. I didn’t move.

By the end of the festival (actually we left early!), I had met another conscious and totally aligned vision soul who went as deep psychically as me very quickly and I was grateful to have him turn up at our camp spot right next door! I woke up Saturday morning (the night after I set the intention falling asleep!) to find the last vacant space near our camp filled with his van with number plate 44. #angelnumber I was being shown that the Universe had heard my call/alignment/intention/command to ONLY be surrounded by those who are completely in alignment with my vision and Life Purpose. And BOOM. It was heard and ANSWERED immediately.

I was excited to come back home – to work!

My work is my life, my life is my work and whilst I did grid work and Heal The Land work out there (#standard it seems on these road trips now!) I am excited about what I am building about the clarity of my Life Purpose and what I am here to do, serve and create here for you!

The rejection thing?

💥 Being ghosted by old crew – reminded me who I need/want to hang around, where my focus lays and the type of integrity people I want/need/require in my life.

💥 Hearing stories of people totally off their faces (and seeing some of it) – reminded me of what my Life Purpose is – to create the New Earth and create lives where people don’t need to escape from (imagine everyone being happy to leave a festival early to go back to work like me! #lifepurposerules )

💥 My ex turning up again in various ways, but with no real reason than to ‘check what I am doing’ to after he broke up with me 3 months ago – showing me again, what I REALLY want in relationship and my life partner

💥 Being removed from GIFTED facebook group this morning with no explanation to why, whilst had it’s sting at first – I felt excited! ALIGNMENT baby!

I’m listening Universe!!

This past week has shown me more alignment than I’ve ever experienced before!

I have been looking at my calendar and asking the question – what else can I let go of? What else isn’t in complete alignment with my vision, my Life’s Purpose?

And the more I get rid of? Or that the Universe does for me?

The more lighter I feel!

The more excitement I feel!

The more ALIVE I become!

The more ENERGY I have!!

100% alignment baby!!

Where are you feeling rejected right now? By whom? Check in – your values – HONESTLY – was it in TOTAL alignment and integrity with who you are and what you want in life? And if you answer honestly no (and forget the ‘oh but such and such’ – that’s a compromise honey!) – get excited!

The Universe just recalibrated for you!

Yes, important to acknowledge grief/sadness – because that is a part of ANY CHANGE – doesn’t matter if it is good or bad change, change triggers the grief cycle and the more you acknowledge it the faster you move through it and support yourself to having energy, joy, aliveness and HAPPY YOU again! (read my article here on the grief cycle if you haven’t yet – http://realityawareness.com/2017/06/21/the-most-common-question-i-get-asked/ )

Rejection – rejecting from what isn’t in complete alignment with you! NOT a vibrational match honey…

But, if you are attached to it and have all these ‘buts’ coming up in your speaking and sentences, then you need to look at your worthiness and values and 1. get clear on them and 2. increase the bar baby!

Because the life you really want? Doesn’t include that crap does it? No. Didn’t think so.


Train yourself to LOVE rejection – it is keeping you on path!

It is keeping you in alignment with your values.

BELIEVE that you are worthy of having what you really want.

And if it seems like you are getting rejected left, right and centre right now, know that you’ve probably just shifted up a notch in your vibration and things are shifting in your reality to match your new vibration.

Support it by celebrating it and ONLY FOLLOWING THAT FEELS GOOD.

Question is – do you TRUST it?

That joy  – that feel good?

Because what doesn’t feel good? Don’t give it one more moment of your attention! Your Energy! It isn’t where you are supposed to be!

Life is supposed to be blissful – remember?


But do you?

Love, Hannah xxx

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