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Reality Awareness | March Psychic Forecast
March Psychic Tarot Forecast is here! Learn how to use the energy of March to your advantage xx
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March Psychic Tarot Forecast is here!

March Psychic Tarot Forecast is here!

The March Psychic Tarot Forecast has arrived!!

There is a strong overlying theme this month – don’t let the ‘space’ of nothingness fool you babe!

You’ve worked hard to get to this point, take it as a breathing out if you may, a space of the tide going out – only to come back in again.

Ride the wave, be in this space – there is nothing to do and everything to do at the same time.

Reality is shifting as we know it – time is transforming and moving as we know it – nothing feels the same, things feel ‘old’ or like they don’t ‘fit’ anymore.

Trust these changes – you’ve just ascended to the next level vibration.

This ‘space’ where everything is ‘out of time’ and transformed just by thinking so – trust your power, it is needed right now. Stay focused. xx

Welcome to Hannah’s Tarot Forecast for March. “Stay Focused”

Week 1 – Page of Water. Intuitive, Sensitive, Artistic, Friendly. “A new person enters your life. A relationship begins a new phase. Heightened Psychic Abilities.” Full Moon 10:41am Friday 2nd March Brisbane AEST

I’m curious, has someone entered your life recently? A new person – who is that? I feel they are a important part of your Life Purpose. There is something there worth exploring – taking to the next level – are you ready? I am also getting the message too, that there is old feelings surfacing for you, old emotions, the Water card is symbolic of emotions, but I am sensing some heavy weight of old emotions burdening your heart and these need releasing this week.

I am also sensing an increase in your Psychic Abilities and I am hearing the message for you of – don’t doubt yourself! At all! The messages you are receiving are true, valid and very, very on point.

You can feel something can’t you? Something is coming – in your own personal life and change in the system, in the planet – in LIFE.

It feels for you, that you have shifted out old stuff – what was going on 3 months ago? It feels like something ‘let go’ of your life and you no longer need that anymore and any dregs from that time are surfacing now – the final let go is happening now.

What needs to be said?

What needs to be cut?

What final actions need to be taken?

This new relationship, could be with yourself – new boundaries, new self worth, new – you. You’re ready to rise in this aren’t you? So be mindful this week, if anything surfaces that is similar/same from around 3 months ago – reassess it and dig deep, what needs to be said and done here? It’s time – you’re ready and you’re also very free – to CHOOSE what you really want. So will you?

It is also Full Moon tomorrow (Friday AEST) – so this heightened, everything? Know our dear Moon Goddess is shining Her light on what you need to see, the reality is being shown to you – can you see it? Or are you still being blind sighted? I am getting the message of owning your part, but remembering your values, what is important to you and staying true to these, or you will go around the circles again and you’re tired of that right? Stay true to you – you’ve got this, let it go and TRUST that what you really want – is well on it’s way. A little longer… increase your faith. And – stay FOCUSED.

Are you coming to the Full Moon Ceremony Live Online? http://realityawareness.com/full-moon-ceremony/


Week 2 – The Lovers. Archangel Raphael. “Intimate Relationships. Carefully weigh your decisions. Good Health.”

Very interesting isn’t it! It feels almost like you are being tested – in your resolve of your values, boundaries and what is important to you! Honour this. Whatever is coming up for you from your old past and around 3 months ago, is dragging into this week – you are being shown what is holding you back.

This card is upside down and suggests a block here. And I am sensing – that you’ve been asking, if there is something or demanding, commanding and working on the next level you – you are being shown right now what is holding you back. Did you ask, recently, to release anything that is no longer in alignment with you?

This past stuff? THIS Is what is not in alignment anymore – but you already knew this didn’t you?

If you are finding it hard to let go of this stuff, the question you need to be asking yourself is – do you feel worthy of having the thing you REALLY want? Instead of settling for ‘what is’….

You do deserve to have what you really want – do you believe this within yourself?

If you are already in a relationship, some old patterns may surface this week too and the key is here to not buy into them. They will ‘take hold’ when you step into it, rather than just holding space for what is going on and taking your self care to the extreme during this week. (You can watch my livestream here on holding space for without being triggered on youtube here for more information: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jg3OXCj0lNY&t=335s )

I am also getting the message of ‘don’t throw the baby out with the bath water’ – which is that space of holding space for someone without being triggered, or even if you are triggered, know that there is a reason or rhyme to this. Yet, action isn’t what it is about this week, it is about just being present with what is. More will be shown to you, but right now, just observe, don’t act.

Remember to be clear on what you value, want and stay true to this. Extreme self care this week. The rest will become clear on it’s own.


Week 3 – Two of Earth. “Too much going on at once. The need to make a decision. Consider a more playful approach.” New Moon 17th March 11:11pm Brisbane AEST

Hmmm, have you taken on more than you can do? Have you said yes when you meant no? Are you trying to do it all and not ask for help?

There is a block here, this card is also upside down.

And the message I am getting here is it is almost like everything just ‘stops’. Everything. You. Life. I am getting the strong message – TRUST IT.

There is huge upgrades going on, on the planet right now, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually – the entire place is getting upgraded. Inside your body, mind and spirit and also the physical reality we currently ‘see/live in’.

Yet, this is all changing.

This ‘too much going on a once’ this week, how can you release things from your schedule? What can be postponed? What can be cancelled for good?

And, what self care can you book in, instead? It may be that you cancel your early morning or late night appointment so you can get more sleep. It may be that you focus on eating the correct foods you know you need to, to support your body this week.

I am also getting the message – this all work and no play? Not on! Remember – when you spending time doing what you LOVE and have FUN – this fuels the other areas of your life – you come into other things with fun, love and happiness – because you are full and have tended to these aspects of you.

I am also getting the message this week to be mindful of the Moon Cycles and your own cycle that is connected to that too. It is here this week, we move into the Dark Moon/New Moon energy – going ‘in’ allow ‘in’ and ‘quiet’ time, so if you feel sleepier, trust it and how can you arrange your schedule so you are able to have more sleep? This is the perfect time to let things go, shed what no longer is working – so what is happening this week that is being brought to your attention? Filling up your schedule with too many things to do and not enough play? Let’s rework that, so you can have more fun regularly and let that fuel your life.

How do you feel about having fun? What do you do these days that is fun? For you? What does fun mean to you? Can you choose fun and joy in your everyday activities? If not, what comes to mind when you think about fun? Can you take steps to create this? It feels that this is the primary message this week – create fun – if you don’t make it happen, it won’t.

How can you say no, so you can say yes to you this week? Where can you change your schedule to do what is important for you? And say yes to fun?


Week 4 – King of Air. Brilliant, Impartial, Professional, Diplomatic. “Speak your mind with confidence. Seek out professional advice. Balance mental and emotional considerations.”

I am feeling that the ‘let go’ of excess activities last week, enables you to feel more confidence as you move forward in your life. This week, it is almost like you have a renowned sense of confidence and enthusiasm for who are you are, what you do and what you know you are here to do on this Earth.

I am also getting the message you need to speak your truth to someone or to a group or situation that is going on in your life. Whatever was going on last week, it feels like you have the awareness, clarity and strength to ‘have the talk’ and get it off your chest. It feels like a let go, yet, I am also getting the message it won’t be as bad as what you are preparing yourself for. It feels like it is a big relief for both parties and I am getting the strong message that this ‘talk/speaking your truth’ will free up your energy, so you are not worrying about it anymore and be able to ‘let in the new’ in an energetic way.

I am also getting the message that for this week, there will be some big adjustments, there is something towards the end of this 4th week, that will take alot of time and dedicated focus/energy, but it will be well worth it.

I am sensing an increase in income, in people in your life, in awareness, in spiritual growth – it just feels like alot of positive ‘space’ has been created this month and then towards the end of the month, great rewards are flowing in.

Keep balanced is the message I am getting – keep taking care of yourself so you can keep the physical body strong and alive so you can hold the higher vibration of light that is influencing our lives right now. This is the Ascension and what we have all been working towards. Taking care of the ‘home’ that your Soul is housed in, allows you to continue to allow your Soul to BE in your body – and this is how you do your important work in the world. Keep yourself trusting your heart and don’t let your mind run away with fear. TRUST YOUR HEART.


Overlying Card for the Month of March 2018: Seven of Earth. “Seeds well planted. A temporary pause in action. Unnecessary worry.”

The truth is, that it was always happening!

And that temporary pause, actually wasn’t even a pause, even though it felt like it for you!

This, the mighty Oak tree – the strong message overlying for March? Is you’ve had your seeds well planted ages ago and right now, those roots are firmly in the ground, they aren’t going anywhere! You’ve only been getting stronger and thicker (tree trunk) and deeper (roots in the ground) as this time has gone on, so don’t let any ‘let down’ get you down, because it was never an issue anyway.

And when it feels like it again, just remember the Oak tree, and keep looking up to where the leaves are sprouting and growing towards the Sun (your goals), and stay focused on these, (not on the dog pissing on your trunk 😉 So to speak!)

Meaning – nothing can knock you. You are very clear in what you know you need to do, where you are going and what you need to do for your Life Purpose and to contribute to the Awakening of Humanity. So remember this. You are the mighty tree with amazingly solid foundational roots. Trust them.

This is also the change of seasons around the world, so allow your energies to be reset into shifting ‘climate zones’ and follow your natural flows of energy.

Key factor – TRUST.

Love, Hannah xxx
The Life Purpose Queen


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