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Reality Awareness | The best way to protect your energy
The best way to protect your energy is - for your Soul to be 100% connected to your human self.
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The most powerful way to protect your energy

The most powerful way to protect your energy

The most powerful way to protect your energy IS:


Might sound strange right?

“But I am grounded in my body Hannah.” – Are you?

Maybe you have been doing alot of work to ground yourself, protect your energy and more and this is great! Keep doing that!

Yet, the core part – being IN your body – is your SOUL being completely housed in your body. All the way down, connected to your Base Chakra and your toes. Your Soul, completely housed in your body.

If you have or experience:

~ low energy
~ physical illness in your body consistently
~ feel ‘not yourself’
~ engage in behaviours that you are know ‘aren’t good’ but you do it anyway, even though you don’t want to!

When you’re not 100% present in your body, these things happen (and more)

Your SOUL is what fuels your Human self yes? When you die, your Soul Consciousness leaves your physical body and your physical body decomposes back into the Earth. So when you are ALIVE – it is important for your Soul to be fully housed in your WHOLE body, so you can function at optimum capacity!

To be IN your body completely, would be covering all these areas:

~ You CHOOSE your thoughts and do so consciously
~ You see all perspectives and you see the truth of the situation
~ You hear what is going on behind someone’s words
~ You speak authentically
~ You feel authentically all your feelings in your Heart
~ You don’t blame others for your situation, you do something about it (solution focused)
~ You look after your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health
~ You are clear about your finances, your sexuality and sensuality, your home/work life and how safe you feel in the world.

These that I’ve just gone through?

Are just 1 aspect of being clear of your reality.

You see, most people aren’t grounded in their body, because involves waking up!

And guess what? The world IS waking up – and very rapidly at that right now and about even quicker very shortly.

So if you follow my work and ‘get it’ – you are one of the way bearers and you are a leader and the masses WILL be turning to you, so get ready, be prepared, be clear in what you offer, set yourself up and more. I’m getting sidetracked…

This, being in your body thing – these aspects I just mentioned, are just one aspect of each of the Chakras. Each Chakra has a different consciousness, all on it’s own and allowing yourself to explore these, wakes you up – in a supportive way!

You are more ‘held’ you have a ‘guide’ if you may (you know, like having a baby, no one really has written a manual FOR YOU, to raise your child!). Yet, when you can follow the Chakras, it gives you a guide to supportively wake up.

Most people aren’t in their body, because it is painful to be in your body!

When you have a loving guide and a supportive understanding, it is a more gentle way to wake up.

It is learning how to detach from the pain – not in an avoidance way, but in an observer way. Just like meditation teaches you to become the observer of your thoughts – when your Soul is housed in your body, you become the observer to your feelings and very, very deeply and acutely aware of everything around you.

Are you over the rollercoaster of ups and downs? Want that long lasting Joy that doesn’t disappear?

When we are grounded, your Soul, fully housed in your body, you don’t get attached to things to ‘make you happy’ – because that limitless, deep unending joy, stems from the CONNECTION of your SOUL IN YOUR BODY.

Your Soul and your HUMAN self are connected and your SOUL is what fuels and fills your Human self up.

Yet, this connection, is where the repairs need to come in.

It isn’t that it is broken – far from it.

All it simply is – is your unconsciousness of the connection.

The connection is always there, always has been – yet, when you ‘wake up’ it is the consciousness coming back into awareness.

And sometimes, it is uncomfortable to see what the truth is about a situation.

And you do either of 2 things – face it – or return to unconsciousness and block it out again.

The latter, is when you disconnect and disassociate from your body again.

So how do you change this?

Creativity outlets are the best thing for healing.

Creativity includes, but not limited to:

~ drawing
~ painting
~ cooking
~ gardening
~ visual arts
~ digital arts
~ clay work
~ writing
~ decorating

There are many ways to be creative. Yet, when you do these things on a regular basis, it automatically shifts your brain chemistry and helps to balance you PLUS get’s the stagnant emotions out of your body.

Yes, to move and exercise are important for grounding, yet for actually releasing the pain, creative outlets are a good start.

To go deeper, a body based therapist, who knows how to work the depths of your consciousness is awesome to get into your body and shift out the trauma.

To start, to shift, to move – your thoughts are your first port of call.

Do you ever feel drained for no particular reason?

Do you feel like ‘you’re not yourself today?’

The best form of protection is BEING IN YOUR BODY.

So things that make you leave your body as well ie getting drunk, drug taking and more – help numb the pain – perhaps, but it is because we are generally not grounded in that process.

The thing that was a huge draw card to me stopping my huge bend on drug taking when I was 17-21, was that I learnt – if I am not in my body – who is? Was enough for me to want me to be in my body! (I am doing a livestream coming up on the 23rd March, specifically on my story of my Spiritual Awakening and what got me off drugs and ‘how’ and more 🙂 So, you might want to write that date in your diary!)  I will speak more on ‘just having a drink’ too, and how you can still have a drink without fear of being over taken by a Soul or otherwise.

Entities, demons and Souls that haven’t passed over can ‘over take you’ and hence, ‘not feeling yourself’ when you are not in your body.

The best form of protection then, is to not just be grounded in your body – but for your Soul to be 100% connected to your Human self.

Working with the Chakras, coming down from the top, is a sure fire guide to connected your Soul, your Spiritual body, with your Human self – with consciousness!

Remember, you are always connected – it is just your conscious awareness of your connection.

If you feel scared from reading this, don’t! Take a big exhale….. you’ve got this!

You wouldn’t be reading this, if you didn’t have a conscious awareness of yourself and how you can be more grounded in your body today.

What then, comes to mind to help yourself be more in your body as you read this? Breathe in deeply…. and exhale slowly…. 2 more… inhale deeply…. and exhale slowly…. inhale deeply….. and exhale slowly….

What do you need to do today, to support yourself with your emotions, owning your reality, taking care of yourself and being in your body?

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen

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