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Reality Awareness | If things are falling away - let them
We are in our Waning Moon this week, a time of clearing out and letting go, but also a preparing of the soil, so the New Moon energy can sprout our ideas into FORM
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If things are falling away, let them…

If things are falling away, let them…

Super Moon, blue moon, eclipses, powerful galactic line ups – amazing incredible powerful, life transforming events OR is that just the new norm? 😉

Of course – they are powerful amazing and life transforming ESPECIALLY when honoured, revered and acknowledge for what they are.

Yet it is also about not being side swiped, energetically drained and more – they should make you come ALIVE!

And it IS the new normal… these sort of events now, are NORMAL.

There are many more powerful portals coming OR is it, that we are just becoming more conscious of them?

Of ourselves?

Of the infinite abilities we have that IS reflected ‘out there’? #ponderings

This week, is our Dark Moon phase, this is where we are leading to the New Moon (Saturday 17th March 11:11pm Brisbane AEST – how’s those times on Angel Numbers this week! Powerful Portal much??) 😉

So, this week, be mindful of the energies coming through – what isn’t in alignment with you and your life WILL be shipped out, whether you like it or not.

We are leading into our second Blue Moon for this year (two Full Moons in one month), which is on the 31st March, so this is a shifting month of energies, from clearing out what no longer serves – anything that you’ve been ‘holding onto’ or has been ‘hanging by a thread’ is now being shipped out and moved for you.

No longer can you hide. If you are a Lightworker, Healer, Psychic, Medium – you ARE being called to step up in your services (you’ve already been feeling this call haven’t you!?)

The New Earth is being birthed and those aware of it, can feel – and you can too, when you tap into it – the things ‘coming’ – it isn’t ‘bad’ – but big shifts are coming and they’ve already started.

You may currently have this insatiable drive to be organised, prepared and ‘let’s get this done’ vibe, super strongly.

And there is another aspect of you reading this – that you just want to lay around and are feeling very unmotivated, or you’ve been pulled away from your ‘normal everyday’ life for a time – trust it all.

There are big upgrades going on right now, if you’ve been resonating with what I am speaking of, you’re vibrationally and energetically in alignment and you’re totally on path.

So if anything comes ‘left field’ this week, in a clearing level or an opportunity level – trust it 100% you are being guided on your Life Purpose Path and the New Moon at the end of the week, Sunday, Monday next week, we will be feeling more ‘upswing’ energy – as we move through this week, this Dark Moon phase, trust if anything falls away, it isn’t what was in alignment anyway.

Clearing the slate – to allow the New Moon to birth in planting the seeds of what you do really want in your life (which is why stuff falls away anyway!)

It is always more painful if we have a deep attachment to it as well, so allow yourself to feel any emotions and be authentic with honouring how you feel – trusting the entire process at the same time.

Have things already started falling away for you?

Are you consciously creating what you do want too? Even when you don’t feel like it? It’s essential to be doing so – especially when the slate is being cleared – you want to be filling it, creating it the way you want, rather than life just ‘sweeping you’ into the next thing.

Consciously reclaim your power and refocus babe!

The key to not being wiped by energies other than you own, is to consciously create how you feel.

Your Awakening is inevitable. You may as well create it consciously babe!

Trust what falls away this week (or has already started too!) and consciously fill it with directing your life in powerful, conscious choice and thought ways.

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen

P.S. If you need help directing your life, ‘How do you do that??’ or if you do it and then back track and stop doing it and you know you should be doing it – my FREE Power My Life Mindset Affirmations and Audio Training will help you immediately and psst, it is only 4 minutes long – as long as you shower or brush your teeth right? #noexcuses 😉 Click here to gain instant access: https://realityawareness.lpages.co/power-my-life

I want you feeling good again! And, to allow yourself to have support in releasing that which no longer serves and is falling away xxx

P.P.S. Our Full Moon Ceremony – Live Online on the 31st March – another Blue Moon! Click here for all the details: http://realityawareness.com/full-moon-ceremony/

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