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Do you know what is soooo incredible about these cards today?! If you look at them – the Balance is up the top in the middle (ISIS) and then either side on the bottom row – is the Mother/Feminine Card and the Father/Masculine Card – what are the chances of that!??! Much Balance and Awakening of BOTH Divine Energies being balanced on the planet right now? PRETTY MUCH!!

It IS what is happening with the ‘waves of light’ being in fluctuated into the planet right now, it is why the government systems are collapsing, stock market’s plummeting more than ever before, corruption coming to the surface, truth surfacing about sexuality and so much more to come.

People are Awakening to the TRUTH and the old systems of outdated and outmoded imbalance of power on the planet are completely crumbling.

It is you and me that are the Divine Lightworkers taking our place in our Divine Leadership roles to gentle guide people through this Mass Awakening and let people know it is OKAY!

The middle card on the bottom is the Nurture Card – as I always say, when all else fails – 3 days minimum of Extreme Self Care. Things always shift and change and as I said in last nights livestream AND yesterday’s blog it IS the new normal of change being rapid and ‘normal now’ so learning how to care for ourselves through ANY change AND hold a higher vibration of light in our physical body, because that is what coming into 5D consciousness IS (Heart Consciousness). This middle card on the bottom row AND directly above it in the top row IS:

When the Divine Feminine is acknowledge and tended to

When the Divine Masculine is acknowledge and tended to

When we EXTREME SELF CARE (middle card) in the delicate balance of them BOTH – BALANCE is achieved Divine Balance, Sacred Manifestation happens INSTANTLY.

5D Consicousness baby!

This is INTERNAL work – yet, so many of us have been doing it – through the Law Of Attraction – it MUST come into physical reality – and THAT is what is happening ‘out there’ in the world.

The old systems are collapsing ie truth surfacing, corruption coming to light, structures that are very unbalanced in power, financial disturbances and government systems failing, just as they have inside us especially this past 3 years, mass awakening has already happened – this is the reflection.

This is how our reality works…

It always has….

We are returning to…. equality… and love… in all areas of our lives and the reflection is matching the external reality. If yours isn’t ‘there’ yet, read on through your card to see what it is showing you, your next step today xx

I’ve never read a ‘before the cards’ reading before! That came through soooo strongly! Love xxx

Scroll down to find what number jumped out at you today babe! This was a powerful download today! Love xx

Card #1: Moses. Take Charge of this Situation.

I am getting the strong message beaming through this card for you: ‘You’ve had enough of your current situation and now it’s time to do something about it!’ You’ve literally had enough! Done! Enough of this present situation already!!! Have you been getting the strong message to change something? I am getting the sense though, that there is a tonne of frustration inside you – you damn well know all this you need to change things already but HOW?! It feels like you are a breaking point, at a loss and like wtf is ACTUALLY going on here?! HUGS!!!!!! I KNOW this point – I have been there so many times and for a long time and then I did something about it. You know what they say, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results? Until I did something differently EVERY SINGLE DAY – nothing changed for me either! But I was frustrated and angry most of the time and fell down on the kitchen floor crying more times than I can remember. Did you get my Free Audio Mindset Affirmations and Free Training (https://realityawareness.lpages.co/power-my-life/  ) that I created along with it, to help you understand how to use it? Most of the time, people say this manifestation stuff doesn’t work, give up hope and go back to the rat wheel (nothing against rats, I totally love them! AND it is rare that a rat runs on a wheel! Anyway, getting sidetracked!) It is about understanding the how and why you do things along the manifestation path and journey that shifts you to AND being supported in the process 1. so you don’t give up! and 2. no one said this was going to be easy! But worth it? Oh yes babe! You know this, I don’t need to tell you this but it feels like you are at breaking point. So, Moses has come to you today, to remind you of your POWER and that you CAN take charge of this situation! What are you doing differently everyday? And, how long have you been doing it? Because the other factor here is, how old are you? And how many years is that of living a particular way, thinking a particular way and more? So, if you’ve only been doing this manifestation stuff for a few weeks, even a couple of months and you are STILL not seeing results – honey, rest assured, you ARE! Remember, when a mother is giving birth, she ALWAYS wants to give up right at the end, then the gift is born. Take charge of your life in ways that you can – and stick with it! This is an overnight thing (although miracles happen, because it is only our beliefs stopping us!) and – when you are looking at changing your life, keep your 5 and 10 year goal/ideal life in mind – and don’t stop – until you get what you want. The only ones that are successful are because they 1. didn’t listen to everyone else telling them it won’t work and 2. they did not stop for what they knew in their Heart was possible. So, which one are you choosing today? To give up? Or KEEP GOING? What do you need to do differently – EVERY SINGLE DAY? And make it normal? Love xxx The 12 Divine Steps to Awakening Your Life Purpose starts in 1 week! To have hold your hand, group coaching and Divine Guidely steps in a supportive environment, understanding and compassionately supporting your situation is what the 12 Divine Steps to Awakening Your Life Purpose is all about! Free to members in the Life Purpose Mentorship, but you can join the 12 Divine Steps to Awakening Your Life Purpose here, because this is the gift of the Awakening – to have a guide and clarity as you Awaken of each step, rather than it feel like everything is just falling apart and you have absolutely no control of the situation at all, click here for all the details, your Purpose is calling you: http://realityawareness.com/12-divine-steps-to-awakening-your-life-purpose/

Card #2: ISIS. Balance Career and Home Life.

Isis, the Egyptian Goddess is the epitome of the Divine Feminine, and with this card for you today, I ask you, have you been striving and pushing and more pushing and more striving? Yes there is a flow of when you need to step up and get things done, yet, this card has come to you today with the strong message of – something is out of balance. When was the last time you actually STOPPED with Divine Intention to RECEIVE? If you are working hard towards something, but don’t give it space to come IN, then you block the flow of what you are trying to receive. This doesn’t mean you have to take a week off and sit around do nothing, maybe you do need to do that ;), but the message I am getting here is, do you take time for yourself EVERYDAY? Are you conscious when you shower and wash yourself, with gentle adoring nurturing love, like a mother does with her new born baby? Or are you hurriedly moving through your day, one thing to the next because you feel so overwhelmed with how much you have to do? This is the Balance that I am receiving for you today. Do you plan out your next day before you go to bed? Or are you finding it hard to go to sleep at night because you are so wired and stressed out about ‘how’ to do it all and fit it all in? Are you in a space of, ‘when this happens I can’ – honey, that day will NEVER come. It is about creating it NOW. What are you wanting? What space are you craving? And how can you make time for that now, today? Do you stop in the morning, even after you drop the kids off, to just enjoy your coffee – what is 5 minutes to just do that? 5 minutes of you time can make ALL the difference in a hectic day and there is a golden key to this 5 minutes – consciously choose it ie, ‘I have a full schedule today, and this, is part of my schedule. As I sit here, I absorb this present moment, knowing that everything will still be there waiting when I come out of this 5 minutes, I now choose to stop and let myself receive energy into me right now. I do so well at giving to everyone else, it is time to give to me, this refills me so I can keep going with my full schedule, that I know deep down is shifting my life where I want to go, one breath at a time.’ And exhale deeply. Inhale deeply and let it come into you – this – SPACE. The more you focus on space, the more you will have of it. Life will always move fast – if you let it take you. When you consciously choose to have this, just 5 minutes (because you have that when you have a coffee 😉 ) and choose your thoughts around similar of what I have shared, starts to create the reality you are moving towards – but NOW. Space, freedom, choice of how you spend your time. If you don’t start creating mini spaces of time for it to come IN, then how will it ever? Space. Breath. Breathe. Inhaling deeply…. and exhaling slowly…. you’ve got this. Love xxx Want to know how ‘they’ get it all done and seem to be living a slow paced life with so much freedom you are deep down envious?! And wonder how on earth they do it when you’ve been trying and trying and trying?? In the Life Purpose Mentorship – all these are shared and more!! PLUS the 12 Divine Steps to Awakening Your Life Purpose is about to start in there and is free to members of the Life Purpose Mentorship. Click here and scroll down to the bottom of the page, to see what topics we’ve already covered that you have access too and there is no lock in time frame of how long or short you want to stay in the Life Purpose Mentorship, all the details here babe: http://realityawareness.com/life-purpose-mentorship/

Card #3: Teacher. Mahachohan Ragoczy.

Hehe, I feel like – I don’t need to tell you what you already know! 😉 This card is a confirmation for you! You know you are a spiritual teacher, you have people randomly tell you things they’ve never ever told a soul before and they tell you that at the end of their conversation with you! You have a energy and aura to you that people are naturally attracted to, look up to, admire and you usually trigger people quite often because you are exactly that – a Teacher! Whether spiritual or not, (well everything is spiritual, but that’s another blog post on its own!), you are a leader and it if you are not actively assuming this position and role, claiming it and using your gift in this way, then this card has come to you, to confirm what you already know and to take action steps to make this your everyday reality. There are some people who hate technology and rant about it, but they will get on it everyday to see what is happening in the world and connect with people! It is the way we are moving through/towards and just think where we will be in another 20 years with it! The online world is an awesome way to create that time and freedom to do so, when you know how. Maybe you are not called to be turning up online – and you need to TRUST that, yet the message here, the particular message I am receiving for you, if you have pulled this card for yourself today, is that it is time for you to step up, up your game and take action – every single day. You’ve been doing this for a while now, bits and pieces here for you when you get to it, yet, with the mass shifts and awakenings on the planet in the past 8 months especially and then this is ONLY getting faster – YOU dear Lightworker are NEEDED in the world asap! Now is not the time to be piss farting around anymore (?! – not sure where that came from lol) – now is the time to step it up. But you already know this don’t you!? You’ve been getting the messages, now is just the time to actually move it to the next level. So, what is your next level? Are you clear about that and what you need to do? It is time. Go do it, now. Love xxx Wanting help with your next step? You’re next level? On getting clear on what you actually do in the world, how to market that and take it from your part time on the side gig to your everyday reality and life that you completely love and adore? 12 Divine Steps to Awakening Your Life Purpose commences next week, with step by step, to get super clear, focused and your steps Divinely guided – unique to you of course – because your Life Purpose – is the only one on the planet and it is about uncovering your unique gift, how to market that and more. How to BE it, rather than something you have to ‘do’, click here for all the details babe, we start next week! http://realityawareness.com/12-divine-steps-to-awakening-your-life-purpose/

Card #4: Mother, Wife, Sister, Daughter. Lady Nada.

Mmmm, there are lots of messages coming through for this card, but the first one that came so strongly through immediately as I read this card, was, if you are reading this and you have a Wife (maybe you are wanting a Wife?), she is needing your attention right now. Something is going on, that she isn’t happy or, sharing about right now and this needs your attention! No need, to prod and poke, just attention, just your adoration for who she is – do you remember you feel this way about her? The message I am getting for you is, that through busy lives and especially mum life if she is one, takes a lot of energy and there usually isn’t much left for her own self, let alone anything else at the end of the day. Yet, your adoration and affection fills a deeply nourishing space with her – AND it is the connection between you both, no matter what is going on in your life, that ‘holds you together’ so to speak, you are a team, that is what you have chosen and are in right now. So, how can you show more affection, offer support, help or more, by giving her your present attention? Men tend to want to fix things, but when a Man can truly be in his power, is holding space to listen without the innate drive to fix it, listening fixes in itself. There isn’t anything you need to ‘do’, and this can be tricky if it is new to you, yet, when someone expresses something – it shifts the energy and flow and then they receive the answers they need in themselves. Space holding is a powerful way to bring connection in ANY relationship, whether with your children, Wife, Mother, Sister, Daughter – so whom is it that needs attention, as I know more than just Men is reading this right now. Who needs space held for them? Maybe it is you? Do you know how to hold space for yourself? I did a youtube on ‘How to hold space without being triggered a while ago, if you need more understanding on this, you can watch this short video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jg3OXCj0lNY&t=335s ) What care do you need to offer yourself today, or the people around you? Where do you need to be present right now? Love xxx If you’re feeling lost, or like life is the same thing over and over, but underneath you know there is more, but the life you are currently ‘in’ isn’t what you thought you’d end up in. There is more, and you don’t have to make radical changes to make it so! If you’re already questioning it, feeling it, and know deep down something more is coming, or ‘here’ but ‘where’ is it? The 12 Divine Steps to Awakening Your Life Purpose is all about that! When you know in your heart there is more, it is inevitable that it comes out and about. There is a divine timing, yes, but there is also a choice to choose to make it happen. 12 Divine Steps to Awakening Your Life Purpose, gives you the Divine guidance ability to uncover YOUR unique Life Purpose because the truth is, that everyone IS unique and everyone has individual gifts and talents and it is about supporting you in Awakening yours, click here for all the details, we start next week: http://realityawareness.com/12-divine-steps-to-awakening-your-life-purpose/

Card #5: Nurture Yourself. Mother Mary.

This is very self explanatory for you isn’t it! Yet, there is two messages here today, the strong direct message pouring through here right now for you though, if you’ve pulled this card today – this is about protecting your space right now – in a sense that – you need to nurture yourself right now – and things will be pulling at you left right and centre and making you more angry, agitated, upset and more, because you just want a time out and back off world right now and that isn’t happening – yet, the message for you here? Is you need to create this right now. It is time to pull in the Masculine strong protective NO and protect this time and space for yourself to recover and replenish right now. It feels like you have been through something MASSIVE lately and you need to honour the repair, replenish and revuentatiohn time. If you are on a timeline/deadline the message I am getting for you, is to dedicate 1 hour minimum of time before your deadline to just stop, as the sense I am getting is the pushing and striving to figure it out, make a decision and more, is really draining your resources on all levels right now. I always say, if you are trying to figure out something and are confused two things 1. take 3 days of extreme self care away from the situation to make a decision and 2. is that confusion ONLY comes in when your head is trying to overtake your heart. So, without your mind jumping in again – what does your Heart say? And then it is TRUSTING your Heart, over anything else that comes along to stop you. The other message I am getting with this card is – indeed you have been taking care of yourself lately and even if you’re not at the level you want right now, you have definitely stepped up in this self care business and you are really noticing the positive effects of being able to give to yourself in this way and this card comes as confirmation that you are on the right track and things are shifting positively for you. Keep doing what you are doing! As you know, the more you focus, the more you create that which you focus on. You’re doing amazing babe, you’ve got this. Love xxx Are you ready to take your life to the next level? You know you are here for big things and you truly understand the Law of Attraction are using it, but are ready for MORE and to completely 100% align, Awaken and step into your Life Purpose, to be the leader and way bearer that you are, but in a more impactful, resourceful and direct way? 12 Divine Steps to Awakening Your Life Purpose has arrived babe! We start next week, and the Leaders are being called, this is next level service of the Divine and what you are born for: http://realityawareness.com/12-divine-steps-to-awakening-your-life-purpose/

Card # 6: Father, Husband, Brother, Son. Osiris.

Mmmm, this card feels deeply positive, supportive and a deep confirmation of where you are at in your life right now babe! Celebrating this with you! It feels like you’ve stepped up in many ways recently and are noticing VERY big results with the shifts, changes and structures you’ve implemented in your life. The other strong message I am getting here is, is there a structure you are needing to put in place? It feels like this has been strong in your mind of late, yet, I am getting the strong message that this support/thing you’ve been thinking about – it will restructure your life won’t it? Yet, this is what you’ve been wanting yes? And this card is conformation of YES go ahead with your plans, they will be deeply successful and your Divine Intuition, is strong, clear, aligned, focused and TRUE so, don’t fear right now, stay clear, strong, focused and TRUST every message that comes through because you are VERy switched on in your intuition and are receiving credible ideas, guidance and brilliant life changing things that are bringing to you the life you’ve been desiring for quite some time! I am getting the sense that you’ve had some big internal shifts and aha moments lately and especially in this past 3 months and you are truly moving forward in incredible ways, that you’ve not experienced before – but you’ve deep down known all along – that this is how it is meant to be! It isn’t amazing anymore – because it just IS – you feel like you ‘fit’ here, you’ve done the work, made the changes, and are seeing incredible results – and this message here, still strong – this other thing/structure you’ve had in your mind – do this and do it fast, like within the next week, it is time honey – you know this, you feel it and are blooming with this! Yew! Celebrating with you! The other message here, is your Father, or Husband – who is needing your support right now? I am getting the sense that this also needs attention in your life – how can you support your Husband or Father right now? Is there something that needs to be said? Or time spent together? Or? You already know what you need to do, I am getting the message – so do this too. Love xxx Ready to shift your next level again? You feel already that these next steps are DONE, because you’re already ‘there’ aren’t you? 12 Divine Steps to Awakening Your Life Purpose shows you your very own unique gifts, talents and more and how your Life Purpose is who you ARE and how you can bring that to the world in the most powerful way that shifts your life fast, authentically and return to that deep wholeness and sense of self that beams through every aspect of your work, you were born for this: http://realityawareness.com/12-divine-steps-to-awakening-your-life-purpose/

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