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Reality Awareness | Reminder: You’ve never done anything wrong!!
Intuitive Healer for Celebrities, helping you to awaken your inherent spiritual and psychic gifts to contribute to birthing the New Earth.
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Reminder: You’ve never done anything wrong!!

Reminder: You’ve never done anything wrong!!

Reminder: You have never done anything wrong!! 💥 #truthbomb

Shake off that guilt right now this instant! Literally shake your body and shake it off!

How can making a choice for what is right in your heart IN THAT MOMENT be a wrong choice?

1. In whose mind exactly is it wrong? (Someone that isn’t you)

2. Wrongness is judgement and judgment comes from the belief system that there is good and bad, right and wrong, separation and mind/ego – not Heart Consciousness and Unity.

Honey, you’ve never done anything wrong and can never do anything wrong.

Because all you’ve ever done, is made choices that were right for you.

It’s not like you said, “Oh, this is the wrong choice, I’m going to choose this one.”

Is it now?

No, you just made a choice that was RIGHT IN THAT MOMENT.

Sure, you may look back and think, “Oh, if I had chosen this instead, this outcome may have happened instead of this one.”

Yet, if you stay here, staring back at that space and holding yourself in wrongness of your past, what are you doing?

Focusing on ‘wrongness’ and making yourself feel guilty for something that cannot be changed is only….. creating more situation to show you more of that!

What can be changed, is the way you view yourself i.e. you’ve never done anything wrong you’ve only made choices and what you can do right now is shake off that wrongness and choose to not do that again and do something different NOW so it doesn’t happen again right?

It’s all well and good to let shit go, but if you want a different outcome and are still doing the same things expecting that, then how exactly is shit supposed to change?

Are you doing the work everyday to make things different?



✨openness to different solutions

✨courage to voice your truth


✨ability to make changes daily

✨complete care of self

✨willingness to action it daily

✨entirety of being integrated consistently

It isn’t something you do once and expect change.

If it has taken you 30,40,50 years to get where you are now and you don’t like it, is a day or even a couple of months or even 6 months consistent work of undoing 50 years going to be enough?

Probably not.

If you’re complaining it’s not working, 1. Ask yourself how long you’ve been doing it and 2. Get super honest with how consistent you are with it 3. Not just 10 minutes then the rest of your day is back to normal because I ask you – what ‘normal’ are you creating?

You must BE it, before reality catches up.

So are you?

And no, this is not about wrongness. This is about moving past the wrongness into seeing the truth that in fact everything is in perfect divine order and there is a delicate balance of actioning and receiving, yet one must be making this so – every single day.

If you think about it – feeling like you’ve made a wrong choice in your past – this stems from – someone telling you you’re wrong and making you second guess yourself. Until that moment before they said something – it felt right to you, right?

So, why are you doubting that?

Why are you trusting them over YOURSELF?

Why are you letting yourself get entangled and confused and in a great mess, because you believed them over your own choice that came from your own Heart?

Trusting Yourself is about:

✨having the awareness of what wrongness actually is

✨seeing the dynamics of why someone would say that to you in the first place and where they’re actually coming from

✨hearing the truth about the words

✨the skills to see straight through the facade of anything that isn’t truth resonance

✨the heart space strength and depth of openness of love to hold space for anything that isn’t love (being covered by fear and that projected onto you, because everything is love at its core)

✨the courage and confidence to stand up for yourself and to it

✨the depth of care of self to protect yourself like a parent instinctively protects their child

✨the willingness to take action on what you need to do without questioning, second guessing or doubting yourself one moment more, no matter how much outside influences go against what you know is right in your heart. (Walking the talk, not just talking about it)

Because it is enough isn’t it?

Enough being bullied….

Enough being put down…..

Enough having that in your life….

Enough of the shit!

So, what are you doing on a DAILY basis and then holding that in your vibration for 99%-100% of you daily day activities and routines?

THIS is where is starts. All of this.

So are you?

Love, Hannah 💕

The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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