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Reality Awareness | World Peace
If everyone stopped judging everyone, we would have world peace
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There is huge energies right now…

There is huge energies right now…

There is huge energies right now… big influxes of all sorts of energies – are you feeling them?

“If everyone stopped judging everyone – we would have World Peace.” #simple

Epitome of Easter Weekend! It is intense energies right now yes? Tiredness, extra emotional, just wanting to sleep for a week, yet, so much to get done? Yet, there has been a bit of a shift as well – have you felt it? A… let go even?

It is our Super Blue Moon in less that 48 hours, so we’ve already stepped into the 3 day either side window where we feel the Fullness of Her power sweeping us up under Her wing (Goddess Moon Power – yes it is a thang! – Do you use it to your advantage?)

There are planets retrograde… there is ALOT going on cosmically…

It is also Easter weekend, where the portals and veils are thin to the other side – Jesus Christ Consciousness, the epitome of Forgiveness is paramount right now – where do you need to Forgive?

PLUS ‘The Event’ is supposed to be happening like – NOWISH ie this weekend – the End of March…. there are huge waves of light being pulsed into the Earth’s atmosphere, it is affecting technology, energy levels in human bodies (tired much?!) plus so much more I could write a book on this 😉 – The Aurora Borealis being seen in places on the Earth it usually isn’t visible – these shifts are real and happening – yes, even science can prove this – the Aurora Borealis…

PLUS at the start of the year, I kept saying, ‘By the end of March, something significant is going to happen, there is going to be a big shift,’ = we are days away from that…. and we are all feeling it yes?

Our Full Moon Ceremony in 2 days time is going to be SUPER powerful…. 2 Blue Moons already this year? It is only March for goodness sake!

This weekend it is also about – where do you need to have a little more FAITH that everything is going to work out just fine? ESPECIALLY when you are turning up and doing the work? If you are not, then, you are probably feeling guilty because you know you need to be doing something that you are not… what is that? Just go do it 😉

About two weeks ago I had Jehovah’s Witnesses come to my door… and under their structure of teaching, it took them a bit to hear what I was saying… and I kept repeating – “I teach about Jesus Christ – I teach about Peace – If everyone stopped judging everyone else – we would have World Peace. It is the epitome of Jesus Christ.” They were a bit taken aback when they finally snapped out of their structured way of speaking to someone who actually took a moment to speak back to them at the door.

I continued to ask what she was needing from me, as I clearly stated I wouldn’t attend their services, for I run this online and teach this here… I am teaching World Peace – one person at a time.

Love thy neighbour was something she brought up alot – and I was like – yes – and? Isn’t that just our shadow? Love thy shadow – which also herein lies World Peace?

We only stop judging other’s when we stop harshly judging ourselves…

And the reason we judge ourselves so harshly?

Is usually because we feel we have done something wrong….

Usually for voicing our HEART and what has felt right to us in the world….

And the judgment thing? Well, that has come from when you voiced your Heart along the way – and then BAM someone judged you (their opinion) and said – no that is wrong, you are wrong – and so you shut that part of you down, shut down your heart, what felt right to you, plus stepped into right and wrong world and goodbye acceptance of people’s opinions – simply because you took that person’s opinion as gospel PLUS then as you are carrying that in your energy field and just want to be accepted by them – anyone else who you see doing that thing wrong, is also wrong!


These are all just judgements…..

And judgements are just somebody’s opinion…

And somebody’s opinion was formed from somebody else’s’ opinion…

and somebody else’s opinion was formed from something they learned in school or on the internet or in a book = which – WHERE DID THEY ORIGINALLY COME FROM????


“Build it and they will come,” they said. 😉

What exactly are you –

Listening to?

Whose opinions are you listening to?

Whose opinions are you CARRYING IN YOUR MIND AS YOUR OWN?

Yes they may resonate with you and have created your life YAY!!!

Are you happy? GREAT! Keep doing your thang babe!

If you aren’t happy though – these are the sort of questions you need to start asking yourself!

This is EXACTLY the things I teach you in Trust Your Intuition – because everything in this world is made up of somebody’s ideas and opinions – and it is up to you to TRUST YOURSELF to find out what is right for YOU!


Yet, I teach you how to zoom into YOUR INTUITION – but then I also take it a step further/deeper and teach you how to listen beyond that too 😉 (told you I cover everything 😉)

The point here, is that it is heavy energies, intense energies right now, there is ALOT going on cosmically – in the macrocosm and the microcosm…

You are not alone in the feelings…

Yet – do you know how to ride them?

Do you know what is going on ALL THE TIME through your Intuition guiding you through such?

Or do you just fall down in a heap when someone passes judgement on you and then curl up and wonder why you don’t want to do anything in the world and feel disheartened most of the time because you are afraid of rocking the boat… or simply just don’t know HOW and this frustrates you to no end?

Its a huge energetic time this weekend


HUGE changes are here and it is up to you – to self care and FOCUS

Because there WILL be lots of distractions (ie negative things that could pull you down) – yet – nothing affects you – unless you let it.

You do realise your power?

You do realise this is true for you?

Are you ready to choose this lifestyle of Trusting Yourself and being part of a tribe who not only get it, but ride the wave with you?

To create magic through open portal times, like this weekend and fly high creating magic? AND JOY?

Are you ready?

To choose that this weekend?

Drop into your Heart – and stay there.


The energies may be strong – so use them to create your power and magic – and don’t give anything but this your attention.


Choose it.

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen

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