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Reality Awareness | Intuition never makes logical sense.
How to trust your intuition...
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Intuition never makes logical sense… that’s why so many people don’t trust their intuition!

Intuition never makes logical sense… that’s why so many people don’t trust their intuition!

Intuition never makes logical sense… that’s why so many people don’t trust their intuition!

How many times have you had a gut feeling about something, not listened to it and then said, ‘Damn, I wish I listened to my gut again!’

How many times did an amazing opportunity come along and out of fear, you said no, instead of feeling the fear and doing it anyway? And wished you’d just trusted yourself enough to do it, instead of asking other people’s opinions and because they are not like you, don’t think like you or see how it is possible, tell you such and you listen to them, instead of your own heart and intuition of – what is right for YOU?

How do you tell the difference between a good fear and a bad fear?

How do you tell when it is in your intuition and when it is something that just isn’t right for you?

How do you tell when your intuition is speaking to you – you know it is there, you sense it, hear it, know it, feel it – yet – you just ignore it.


So much of society is trained to live in their head.

So much of society is told to make good, bad, right and wrong – normal!

This is different from having healthy boundaries and saying no to something that isn’t right for YOU.

And there is the KEY.

Your Intuition is UNIQUE for you.

The thing about society is that we are trained to live in a certain way and anything outside of that isn’t normal.

Many are placed into fear of being rejected and so many live, squelched and squashed because they don’t want to be rejected, so they keep their crazy ideas quiet or shut them down a long time ago because someone told them it wasn’t acceptable and we wonder why society is so depressed!

Intuition is subtle, gentle and persistent.

It is that something you just know you need to do, that no matter how much you try and quelch it with addictions (food, alcohol, constant partying, keeping busy – anything can become an addiction and addictions are just avoidance mechanisms of covering up something you know you need to do!) or, try and block it out – or fill it with something that you never feel satisfied or content, something is just a bit empty or unsettled – your Intuition is guiding you to a path of ultimate fulfilment…

Contentment beyond your wildest dreams.

Doesn’t mean you aren’t on fire to create and bloom what is within you – most creatives are never content, or satisfied or finished or DONE…

Yet, it is a different sensation – it is a fulfillment, a purposeful contentment – a long-lasting satiating fulfillment. You create because you WANT to create because it is something you can’t not do.

Your Intuition also guides you in the fasted route to get there!

The other reason not many people trust their intuition – because in the start?

Usually, we are needing to get out of situations or let things go that – you don’t want to!

Let alone all the mind/ego/fear stuff – of needing to know the plan and the road ahead and the map – otherwise, if it can’t see it, why should I!

This is where the trust part comes in 😉

When you see other people living a life you know that you want or admire, or there is something about them – it is important to note that this is a signal for you.

No you don’t have to BE them, but there is some aspect, that you admire, or quality that you hold within you and it is your key to your door that unlocks your purpose… and there are many keys – just depends if you are picking up the road map on the way. ie – what you are seeing in them and the way they are living their life is also how you can live your life.

The question is, do you believe it is possible – FOR YOU?

The question is, do you trust you will be shown the way if you just take the first step?

And no, you don’t have to be sitting in lotus, meditating in a forest to receive your intuition!

You are receiving your intuition all the time, every moment – just depends if you are paying attention to it, listening to it and acting on it!

When somebody asks you ‘What do you feel like for dinner?’

You take a moment, feel into it – and then respond – and then you put into action whatever you need to do to make that for dinner, whether going to the shop to get the ingredients, or someone cooks it for you, or you pick it up from your local takeaway – you have received intuition via your Soul and bodies responses and you acted on it (the most important part of manifesting your dreams – did you just see/understand that? – Ask, receive, act).

Everybody has intuition – it just depends whether they trust it. Because it is even guiding your food choices right now. Are you listening?

Are you… acting?

Anyone can do anything they train themselves to do something in. And when you want to learn something? You do anything you need to do make that happen.

Do you… Trust Your Intuition?

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen

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