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Reality Awareness | How to tell if you're carrying someone else's energy
The sure-fire ways to tell if you're carrying someone else's energy
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The sure fire ways to tell you are carrying someone’s energy

The sure fire ways to tell you are carrying someone’s energy

The sure-fire ways to tell you are carrying someone’s energy – because the energies are intense right now right? Heightened awareness, deep cleansing and releasing of life patterns, out worn and outdated belief systems – that’s what Easter is all about – clearing away, releasing what no longer serves (old consciousnesses), and rebirthing into what you know in your Heart you need to LIVE by and IN, right now, no more waiting around – time is now. #beit

There are many ways to tell you are carrying someone else’s energy, yet, these powerful techniques can help you straight away decipher whose energy it is and why and then, do something about it.

Do you find yourself carrying someone’s energy more than others? Why is it after certain people, situations or places, you pick up energy but other’s don’t affect you?

Remember, you don’t even need to be in the same country to pick up and carry someone’s energy!

Most common signs:

  • Find yourself engaging in behaviors that you don’t usually engage in
  • Don’t feel yourself
  • Feel angry, frustrated – when not long ago you were doing amazing at life
  • Feel remorseful after behaviours that you don’t usually do or haven’t done for a long time.
  • All of a sudden feel tired or drained
  • Comes out of no where

There are many reasons I find that one can carry someone’s energy. And for an empath, psychic, healer, sensitive being (and yes this includes your children!), we tend to do it more easily than others and it can be frustrating yes? Let alone exhausting.

So why do you do this?

The main factors I have seen are:

  • When there is an emotional investment of some sort in the relationship
  • You feel sorry for them and want to help them
  • You feel responsible for them/the situation (even though it isn’t your responsibility/fault at all)
  • You feel guilty after you’ve said no to something even though you know, the no, is the correct thing to do, but you may be new at this ‘no’ thing and feel guilty about it
  • (so much more, ie if self care is low etc, basic things too of course)

BOOM – this is when you will take on their energy. It is like the empath’s way of trying to help them – when you feel powerless and can’t/don’t want to at your core.

There is specific ways to allow this energy to pass through you/your energy field/your heart – which is holding space for someone – yet, when there is a part of you that feels responsible, guilty or more, this is when you will take on their energy.

What carrying someone’s energy manifests as:

  • Tiredness, exhaustion
  • Excessive stress that seems out of place (especially when not long ago, you were feeling amazing!)
  • Physical pain that doctors can’t find the reason of what’s wrong
  • Behaviours you don’t usually do or haven’t for some time

How do you stop doing this? How do you clear your energy when you realise you’ve taken it on and it simply isn’t yours?

Because reality is – no amount of Chakra Clearing, saging, salt or more or otherwise will clear this energy from you – because there is a part of you that has called it in. This part of you that feels guilty, remorseful or responsible.


Somewhere along the line, usually as a child, you didn’t want your parent/primary caregiver to be hurt, upset or more, so you step into a role to help them feel better.

The thing is, you usually don’t step out of this role.

So how do you?

There are many processes that you can use and I highly recommend the ones that call to you!

At it’s core?

This is Shadow Work baby.

This is integration at the highest level.

This is how you shift patterns – so you don’t do this anymore!

This is how you shift your entire reality – to move in the direction you want to go!

Simply put – speaking to this part of you that feels guilty because you said no.

Speaking to this part of you that feels responsible for the outcome that has come about (even though it isn’t your responsibility!)

Speaking to the part of you that feels sorry for them – even though it isn’t your reality, your journey or otherwise…

When you become deeply aware of the different aspects of yourself (Shadow Work/Throat Chakra) and can decipher the different aspects of you speaking/acting out and more – you have emotional intelligence that is beyond recognition. It is a depth of being that drops your mind/ego, through your Throat and into your Heart.

It gives your Heart a voice, it keeps you staying authentic to your feelings, to your BEING and allows you to have compassion for other people – without taking on their stuff.

And when you realise, that you’ve stepped into a part of you that feels responsible, guilty or more about a situation with that person – it enables you to do the inner work, shift the energy and integrate what you needed to become aware of in your life.

Sabotaging behaviours are viewed differently when you come into this Heart space awareness, that is beyond words.

It enables you to hold space without taking their stuff on.

It enables you to stay true and clear in your Life Purpose and what steps you need to take, without being influenced by those around you.

It enables you to stay clear in your energy, giving you more energy, aliveness and a higher vibrational being that isn’t affected by little things – or big things.

It enables you to BE YOU and allowing yourself the strength, willingness and alignment needed to fulfill your Life’s Mission, without being influenced by anything other than your Divine Heart’s Calling.

Of course, the depth of Shadow Work and what lies underneath Shadow Work, is a just a tad more than 1 blog post can convey to you… okay, maybe a bit more than a tad! 😉 That IS why Trust Your Intuition provides you will ALL the tools you need to be able to do this, with Group Mentoring from me, every fortnight plus so much more.

There is only hours away before the doors to Trust Your Intuition closes, click here to gain these life changing tools that give you the gift of aligning and fulfilling your Life’s Purpose, without being influenced by anyone or anything but your own Divine Heart: https://realityawareness.lpages.co/trustyourintuition

If you want deeper insight right now to how this works and more information on Carrying Someone Else’s Energy – here is a taste, this is an exact video training out of Trust Your Intuition and a snippet of what you can expect on all the topics you need and providing you with life tools, so you can Trust Yourself For the rest of your life: https://youtu.be/Kc5Hnyq9ufY

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen

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