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Reality Awareness | April Psychic Tarot Forecast
April Psychic Tarot Forecast Out Now
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​The April Psychic Tarot Forecast has arrived!

​The April Psychic Tarot Forecast has arrived!

The April Psychic Tarot Forecast has arrived!

“What if, I just TRUSTED?” – is such a strong theme for this month! 

What if, I just TRUSTED – totally changes your energy, just by repeating the words right? 

And this is exactly the space to be in this month. 

With Easter Weekend feeling like it is the end of an Era, let alone a month, of course the reborn, rebirthing energies are strong, but it feels older, deeper, more powerful this weekend. 

With huge changes in cosmic activity, a second blue moon this year already and many planets doing their thing – it is just a ‘this is normal now’. Yet, the big changes through collective consciousness and powerful Earth changes, changing the structures of the systems that are currently run on the Earth, are all changing. All for the better. 

People are standing up for what isn’t right and what needs to change more than ever. Young adults are making a stand and changes must be made. 

This is just the tidbit edge of what is to come. Our powerful children are growing up and with that, the systems are changing. 

This month’s theme – “What if I just TRUSTED?” takes you out of fear and into trust and aligns you with your Higher Purpose. If you are going to worrying about anything or feel stressed about ANYTHING – “What if I just TRUSTED?” over and over in your mind. 

TRUST this will align you to your Heart’s calling – Trust in the flow. Trust in your choices. 

Every single one of them. 

Just, Trust. 

Love xxx 

Welcome to Hannah’s Tarot Forecast for April. “What if, I just TRUSTED?”

Week 1 – Listen to Your Intuitive Feelings. “Your body is receiving accurate messages from the Divine.”

Is there something you’ve been ignoring? What changes have been gently tapping you on the shoulder that you’ve been ignoring? What is a  bit ‘off’ but you have been letting it slide?

This week, is a strong – no more – week.

If something is out of alignment, it is out of alignment.

Just that 1% off alignment and if you keep travelling that 1% off alignment, it is going to take you more degrees away the further you get.

Those sensations running through your body, those ‘alarm bells’ – they are messages that something is off – are you listening?

It could be diet and lifestyle related, it could be relationship related, it could be career related.

What feels good – long term feels good – trust that.

Quick fixes don’t and won’t last… yet those overlying tones that are that deep, strong solid feeling of YES… follow those.

I am getting the message that on Wednesday, you are going to receive a message/sensation that is going to guide you to your next step – notice them, be aware and listen. You are very in tune, accurate and on point, trust the intuition you are receiving babe – if you are reading this, it is your sign that you are correct, so look no further. Trust yourself.


Week 2 – Earth Angel. “You are a Lightworker who has come to Earth to teach about Love.”

You know you are an Earth Angel right? Sensitive Soul? Empath? Healer? Intuitive? Psychic?

You sense things, you know who is messaging you before you answer your phone, or check the text message. You were just thinking about them right?

This week – you are being asked to step up in your abilities babe. Enough hiding. Time to come out.

It feels like you’ve been getting the inner nudges (is that what week one was about for you?  😉 ) to put your skills into action – what is it you’ve been putting off again?  😉

If ever there was a time to put into action your intuitive abilities, this week is it. It feels like there is a big shift cosmically this week and you are being propelled forward into your Lightworking role. Have you been thinking about expanding your business or even starting one in the direction of your healing capabilities?

I am also getting the message that for this week, boundaries. It feels like your boundaries will be tested. Did you just recently say something to yourself that you’d never do again or more?

You might want to help everyone, but you can’t help everyone at the same time. If you’ve set some strong clear boundaries recently in yourself, this week you will be tested dear Earth Angel.

Know you are worthy enough to say NO and that the Universe is listening to your new found sense of self, purpose and drive to heal the world in a bigger and more powerful way – and that does come with saying no to what is no longer in alignment with where you are going and what your Soul is guiding you to do.

Powerful Earth Angel, be clear in your values and what is important to you, as this will help you engage in your strong boundaries – because you are worth it after all.  ❤️


Week 3 – Singing and Dancing/ “Express yourself and awaken your psychic senses through the magical power of music and movement.”

OMG FUN FUN FUN is what screams through this week! Have you been planning something even if only in your mind for quite some time? 

THIS WEEK BABE! This is your week! 

I know that in Australia, school would be heading back right about this week, so maybe the parents are dancing and singing at the relief and break of children being cared for again….  😉

Yet, I am getting the sense that this week – celebration time. Something you have been working toward for quite some time, truly comes into fruition in this week and it is a big celebration week.

Yes, of course dancing and singing has HUGE power in increasing your manifesting abilities as does exercise – movement creates movement  😉 So any of those definitely contribute this week, but yes, the deeper message and sense I am picking up here is that this is a very positive week of forward movement in your life for you  😍 YAY!! Celebrating this with you  😍

What are you celebrating? xx


Week 4 – Vegetarian. “Fresh organic fruits and vegetables give you a boost of high life-force energy, which elevates your spiritual frequency.” 

Okay, that nudge to change your diet? Time to implement it here! 

No more excuses, this week is a prominent message for exactly that. It doesn’t mean you have to go extreme – what is your intuition saying to you? What is your body telling you that doesn’t sit right when you eat it? Meat? Dairy? Wheat? Something else? 

Detoxes are amazing. 

Yet, in our modern day society, I always share it is best to do one thing at a time. 

If you are finding that Wheat doesn’t agree with you, then just start there. 

Then later on you can cut something else out. 

If you go all out and aren’t totally prepared for it, you will just go back to old habits and patterns and then feel worse in yourself because you ‘couldn’t do it’. 

Yet, if you just cut, for example Wheat out for a month, and then the next month, focus on something else, then you will find it more manageable to make possible. 

What is the one thing about your diet that has been on your mind lately? This week babe, is the time to action it. 

If you aren’t sure where to start or what to do, ask your body. And listen. Ask your intuition. And listen. 

You do have the answers, just depends, whether you action them – because you already hear them.  ❤️ It is safe for you to make changes babe, the Universe has your back. Trust.


Overlying Card for the Month of April 2018: Mediumship “You have the natural ability to connect with departed loved ones.”

Mediumship Card for this overlying message this month – has there a loved one you have lost recently? They are by your side through this time – they are guiding you along a higher path. They have always been there for you haven’t they? They were a significant part of your life? 

I am sensing that they are wanting you to know it is safe to let them go, that they are still near you right now, but you are going to be just fine without them too. You already know this though, don’t you? Yet, know that right now, you are just adjusting to a new type/level of relationship with them. They are just not in physical form anymore, their Spirit/Soul is still very much alive, as is the relationship you have with their Soul. Know this. 

I am also getting that they are a guide of some sort to you now too. They will be with you for some time. Yet, always remember to check in with your own intuition, even though they are a guide on the other side now too, they are still the person they were on this Earth Plane too. 

If you’ve lost someone quite some time ago – they’ve been in your mind recently? Smelling certain smells, that remind you of them. hearing their name, or the wind blowing a certain way past you – this is them, they are wanting you to know they are close to at this time. Trust the senses you are picking up about them at this time! They are making their presence known…

Have you been going through alot of things recently? Or, you’ve just shifted to a new level/space in your life? It feels like they are proud of you and showing their presence to let you know how proud of you they are!

This Mediumship card overlying April 2018, is a strong message for you to TRUST YOUR SENSES! Whether it is a Soul you recognise that has passed over, or if it is a Soul you are not sure who it is, exercise your skills this month, you are very aware, tuned in, sensitive and the feelings, thoughts, visions and more that you are receiving – are real – trust them babe! 

Your Spirit Guides, Angels, and your departed deceased Loved Ones are around and supporting you this month, feel their loving presence and trust the messages you are receiving from them. 

“What if, I just TRUSTED?”

Love, Hannah xxx
The Life Purpose Queen


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