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Reality Awareness | There is enough, for you and for me.
Do you believe it? Experience it?
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And there it was, just like that…

And there it was, just like that…

And there it was, just like that…

It was there all the time, I just couldn’t tap into it…

I couldn’t – FEEL it.

And then, just like that, there it was.

It was there. The entire time.

You’ve seen me go through some transformational changes recently.

And keep an eye out.. there’s more coming baby…

This morning, frolicking in the ocean waves this morning, with the sun glistening on the big strong waves, that felt gentle in their bigness, with the drop off of that strong powerful groundswell quickly disappearing as fast as it came… like waves of thunder, now, that gentle mist of rain, that stillness after the storm.

Yes, I was frolicking…

There it was.

The entire time.

And it led me to frolicking in the waves.

And I questioned why, how, where this feeling came from…

And the answer was strong and clear – “It’s been here the entire time.”

My mind wandered to the fact that I have my appointment next week booked in to get this IUD removed and the final strings being cut, pun intended, to the days of my past… If you saw my stories on snap chat, instagram and fb yesterday, you would’ve seen part of the process that I’ve been going through.

Deep inner work.

Consistent deep inner work.

Pushing me WAY out of my comfort zone deep inner work.

To have made the decision last month, to have this IUD removed and the appointment not being able to be sooner than next week, led me to alot of processing time!

9 months of 3 week bleeds and excruciating random bouts of pain in between, I think I have given it enough chance to settle… enough… work….

This morning frolicking in the waves, that I found myself leaping for joy as the waves gently pulsated through me, some much stronger than others, but not that feeling of that groundswell, caused for such a feeling of being held, in the nature of the abundance that is here for us all.

Not just me.

Not just you.

But for everyone.

And it is readily available to us all.

“It’s been here the entire time.”

Awaiting me to return to it, awaiting me, to accept it, awaiting me, to give myself the own god damn permission to receive it. And now. Rapidly manifesting faster than I can blink my eyes.

Because, its been here the entire time.

I just had put up some barriers that began in my mind…

I just had put up shields, that I thought would protect my heart…

I just had put in some blocks – into my womb space.

And frolicking in the waves this morning I realised it felt like it had already gone… because energetically it has.

Cords cut, shadows integrated, levels UPPED.

And it’s been here the entire time.

The level of love I let myself receive, has been a direct reflection, to how much I thought I deserved.

The level of money I let myself receive, has been a direct reflection, to how much hard work I thought I needed to do to receive that.

The level of freedom I let myself receive, has been a direct reflection to what I expected from myself.

The level of JOY I let myself receive, depended on if I had done enough hard work to relax and enjoy it.

And those?

That’s me – in the past…

And the past?

Now transformed.

By the deep inner work.

That hugely confronting deep inner work I have done in the past week let alone the past 48 hours.

Intensely confronting.

Intensely transforming.

You see, I had to go back there, to rewire and shift… and then choose, where I am now.

Energetic dimensions in time, frequencies shifted to a whole new level, by diving into that dark abyss and turning the god damn light on!


Soooo much YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And here, the JOY has already returned… the Bees are here and the flowers are open.

The depth of womb healing and shadow integration with the deepest aspects of humanity that I thought I already ‘had gone there’ with – woah. Hello humbleness.

And that… is what the Ocean taught me this morning.

The ABUNDANCE is there – it always has been

The LOVE is there – it always has been

The HEALTH is there – it always has been

The FUN is there – it always has been

And there is enough, for you, and for me.

The question is – are you THERE with it?

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen

P.S. Midnight tonight the investment increases to work 1:1 with me, 6 weeks – so you can claim your abundance and set your heart (and your womb 😉 Yes, Men have a womb too, it’s called your Sacral Chakra) FREE to claim all of your abundance, not only in your mind, but in your life. Send me a personal message to join us, before this increases at midnight tonight.

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