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Reality Awareness | Parenting issues - how to stop my child tantruming
So embarrassing when this happens right? Here is an instant magic pill - no joke xx
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From power struggles and tantrums to instant calm – want to experience this with your kids?

From power struggles and tantrums to instant calm – want to experience this with your kids?

From power struggles and tantrums to instant calm – want to experience this with your kids?

Tried everything and it hasn’t worked? Want a Magic Pill? Keep reading, because this is it babe! 💞

This one very powerful technique brings INSTANT shifts with my daughter and I, and I’ve been doing it since she was in my stomach.

I noticed this morning when she woke, after a couple of texts to her friend back and forth her mood changed instantly.

She didn’t want anything on the variety of menu that I offered her for breakfast.

Her tone of voice was shitty and me and off.

She was getting more angry the more I asked what was making her upset.

She wouldn’t let me read the messages that she had been texting back and forth to her friend (and I respect this).

She started hiding under the quilt and kicking me through the cover if I tried to touch her.

Instead of cracking the shits at her and telling her to snapout of her mood.

Instead of taking it personally or demanding I knew what the texts were and it wasn’t on of what is being said to make her this way first thing in the morning.

Instead of punishing her…

I softened.

I leaned in, not physically, but energetically.

And I listened in energetically.

I felt what was going on.

And then I realised, I hadn’t told her.

I hadn’t told Adaya the energetic shit that is actually going on between the parent and I.

I hadn’t told Adaya of my plans of what I am currently working on and why the energetic shit has being stirred, shifted and transformed and removed from my/our energetic field and life. Also known as relationship dynamics deeply changing as I shift rapidly in the direction I’ve always dreamed and is inevitable of going.

The number one thing that shifts Adaya instantly?

It is like a magic pill (even though there aren’t such ones right!?)

But this one?

It sooooo is a magic pill!

Well, not one you actually give them.

But it is what you do.

And actually – it is how you ARE with them.

It is what you BE with them.

When I realised that Adaya’s behaviour, which was out of the norm for her to wake like such, I leaned in. I tuned in. I sat there.

And then it dawned on me.

This parent and I, the relationship dynamics and deeply, deeply changing and I can feel so much through this process. The shift is real and huge.

And Adaya?

She’s just picking that up!

Adaya, our kids, are way more sensitive than we realise.

And the thing is with them and how much they sense, is that they don’t understand it, don’t know what it is, and take it personally, take it on – and act it out.

ESPECIALLY when you are closely connected to the people involved.

When I realised this, and realised I hadn’t actually told Adaya what I had been processing and the relationship dynamic shift because of this, it was so what it was that was going on.

I explained it all to her, in child’s terms:

  • of the shifts and the relationship shifts and stuff I am processing in myself about it
  • what I am doing about it
  • why I am doing it
  • how the other person is feeling it
  • how the other person is affected by it
  • and how also the other person is not happy about it

I explained this to her and said, so if you are feeling any stuff, then this is probably what you are feeling? And it isn’t your stuff, it isn’t between you and (her friend), this is between me and the parent.

And that?

INSTANTLY she changed.

INSTANTLY she was Adaya again.

The Adaya that I know.

INSTANTLY she chose her breakfast out of the menu list that I was offering before that I didn’t think she was hearing.

And she got up and we walked into the kitchen together to have breakfast, as normal, calm state of being.

I am so clear that when she is anything but that, that calm state of being, the first thing I do is lean in, sense, what she is sensing.

Check in, what is going on for me – with that person or more.

What else is she picking up?

I know and get quicker and better at knowing when she is carrying someone’s energy, picking energetic stuff up – of what is going on between me and another person energetically, especially when she is connected to that person too.

Our children feel EVERYTHING.

And they will act it out in behaviours that we don’t like and aren’t comfortable with – until we can make sense of it for them, explain it in child’s terms and also let them know, what we are doing about it to change it – so we are modelling how to ‘fix’ things and change what isn’t working in our life, instead of just complaining about life or the other person. (owning your shit, making changes, living the life you actually want and showing your children how to have what their heart wants too)

I still haven’t checked her phone.

I feel like I don’t need to.

It wasn’t even about her or her friend.

Adaya did say to me, once I told her that the texts from her friend weren’t unkind, and I pointed out, that she was just feeling the energy of what is going on between the parent and I, that the relationship dynamics are deeply and rapidly changing and the rejection that Adaya was feeling and more, wasn’t even about her, or her stuff.

So, I say this to you.

Be still.


Energetically lean in.

Energetically lean in on yourself and discover what the energetic dynamics of the relationship is going on between you and who they are connected to – because if your child is acting out and acting up and just won’t calm the fuck down ESPECIALLY in public, then I guarantee – they are feeling the shit between you and the person.

They are simply reflecting what is internally going on between you and this person.

Be open and honest with your child.

Speak in childs terms.

Explain you have shit going on between you and such and such.

Explain what you are doing about it.

Explain to your child, that it is your stuff, not theirs and they don’t need to carry it for you.

Ask Archangel Michael of 100% Light to clear their energy and teach your child how to do this too, so they have life skills so they can be free of other people’s shit and not have to heal from their childhood like you are.

Clear the energy in both your auras, home and more.

Do the inner work to shift whatever dynamics are playing out, so you can set everyone free.

Own it, clear it, integrate it.

Or else it will just keep happening and repeating.

Where do you need to own, process and integrate the energetic stuff going on between you and someone that is affecting your children?

Where do you need to speak to your child in child’s terms and teach them life skills so they don’t carry your stuff, nor anyone elses?

THIS is the magic pill.

Because we are all energetic vibrating atoms – this includes your children.

If you’re not aware of it, shifting it and doing the work DAILY – they’re carrying it.

Lean in. Listen. Shift.

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

Pssst, if you are wanting help with how to do this with your child and more awareness of what is going on for you and your kids, I will be teaching training on Magically Powerful Parenting that includes everything I do with Adaya, how I unschool her and build my business, how to keep your child calm, how to protect them in domestic violence situations, or when you send them to the other parents house and are deeply worried about them and much, much more.

This has been calling me for sometime and I look forward to putting this training together for you.

If you would like to be notified first as soon as this is available and have questions about parenting issues or concerns that are going on for you click here to be notified as soon as it is available and you can let me know what you need help with and I will be sure to include it in this powerful training for you: https://realityawareness.lpages.co/magically-powerful-parenting/

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