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Reality Awareness | New Moon in Aries
New beginnings, new way of thinking and creating our New Earth all in the process.
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Dark Moon, New Moon

Dark Moon, New Moon

Dark Moon, New Moon in Aries – New beginnings, new way of thinking and creating our New Earth all in the process.

I have noticed a real shift around Dark Moon time, which is now. New Moon peak is tomorrow at 11:57am Brisbane AEST. Yet, this is also peak Dark Moon time – there isn’t any sliver of Light yet… and this Dark Moon is the letting go phase.

Yet, what I have also found most recently, that the Dark Moon phase has also been a time of restructuring, of clearing the slate, so the new can come in on the new cycle.

Whatever projects need tending to, finishing off, cleaning up, preparing, clearing – this is the perfect time.

What are you getting ready for?

What are you creating to set in motion for this new cycle?

The 2 weeks from tomorrow, leading up to our Full Moon, are the time when energy increases and things move forward again.

Yes, we’ve just come out of Mercury Retrograde and goodness doesn’t that feel good!

This New Moon tomorrow, is also the beginning of Aries, which is the first of the Astrological signs, this signals the herald of ‘another new year’ – so if you’re truly looking for a sign for the time is right and it’s new beginning – it’s now babe.

What can you organise/restructure/clean out to signify the beginning of a new cycle, a new chapter for yourself?

Aries is connected to the top of our head, our Crown – so new ideas, new thoughts, new mindset are in call – have you been stepping it up with how you think about yourself?

Can you shift, are you shifting out of one life to another?

Or still stuck in the old?

Tried all the ins and outs of so many different things and are frustrated with how everyone else can do it, but you?

Keep an eye out at the end of the week, for my mindset training that is next level and is your ‘why’ to why it hasn’t worked before for you, until now…

This time in our evolution of Humanity and the dawn of our New Moon in Aries tomorrow and the energy upswing of this new cycle for the rest of the weeks, marks a significant moment in time for history as we know it.

The way we heal is changing.

The way we think is changing.

We don’t need to sit in our misery or wallow in our pain anymore.

The shifts are real, fast and of course, by choice.

And that is the key – for the shifts that we are experiencing are the fact that we are supreme manifestors and whatever we think about comes about.

Or, should I say, what we feel about, comes about.

Or, one step further, what we ARE, comes about.

I’m getting sidetracked.

What I am saying is, that tomorrow is the truly the dawn of a new era, Astrologically, and internally.

Listen within, notice where needs cleaning out, shifting changing – whether with the way you think about yourself, the way you care for yourself and your home or more.

The power is in the choices you make right now.

And the choice you have right now, is to choose a kinder thought about yourself.

And this, is what will change everything.

Comment below and let me know 4 things:

  1. what changes you’re making in your life,
  2. what shifts you are experiencing,
  3. what you are committing to and
  4. what has brought you a smile today?

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen

P.S. 2 weeks until our Full Moon Ceremony Live Online – these are powerful portals in time, and attending ceremony is your first step to connecting your cycles with the Moon, which enhance your life to work with Mother Nature and the powerful forces that She IS.

Using these amazing cycles, helps you to release stress, come together as community and of course, find your tribe, other like minded Souls, who – totally get it!

Link here for all the details on how to join us in 2 weeks: http://realityawareness.com/full-moon-ceremony/

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