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Reality Awareness | It is felt, at your core, not intellectualised at your head...
It is the Heart, but deeper than that.. it is your core...
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The answers to your prayers, are right there… can you see them?

The answers to your prayers, are right there… can you see them?

The answers to your prayers, are right there… can you see them?

It isn’t intellectualised…

It isn’t spoken…

But felt with your core.

Sometimes you ask for something.

And it turns up.

And sometimes, when it is there, you shy away, you say no, because it isn’t the way you ‘thought’, the way you’ve been in your head about it.

Yet, your dreams, your prayers, are there beyond your scope of intellectualising – because that isn’t where it comes from, or happens. Not the true integration, not the mind state.

Do not fear the space.

Do not fear the quiet…

For it is in this space = that the Universe is rearranging to bring you your highest desires, your highest destiny

Your alignment of what is, beyond what the mind and your mind state thinks and visions for you.

There is an inflow and and outflow, into each of your chakras into your being.

The inner work, creates change in the outer world and in that, is sent out – is tapping you into a different field, a different reality to what that is now.

And that, is the quiet that you feel – that almost, scares you.

But it is here, that the Universe is answering your prayers.

It is here, that you mustn’t fear the quiet – but it is here, that you drop into a space of complete and utter trust – do you?

Or do you run, do you freak out and think you have to DO…

Or do you realise, that this quietness, this quiet power – is where it all began?

Is where it all IS?

And do you come from this space, or do you get sucked back into reality pulling at you every which way, shape and form….

And forget who you really are, the powerful being that you are?

Do you think you need to do things?

Do you frantically rush around?

Or does your pace walk differently?

Does your pace walk firmly grounded on the Earth?

With the truth of your Heart, grounded in your Base?

Grounded, centred, calm, even in the eye of the hurricane and the storm = where are you in here? Swept up with the fear and the chaos of the media and gossip and more?

Or are you deeply centred and rooted in the truth of your Soul?

Do you write, do you create, from the fly off of other people’s words, media and lives?

Or do you write, do you create, from the depths of your Soul and the true alignment of your core?

Triggers, reactions and more, are signals, signs and bells, that something is out of alignment of your core.

Not out of alignment of your life… but your core…

Your Soul…

For each ‘out there’ thing that brings these triggers, reactions and more (‘out there’ writing, creating, reacting from something you’ve seen ‘out there’ through people, through media, through more) – is the Hurricane – and you’re swept up in it.

Your feet have left the ground and your Heart, with it…

The depth’s of one’s core, can only be felt, when the hole in the Heart is no more.

I hear you declaring there is no hole in your Heart… I hold you here…

When your Soul is grounded and rooted in destiny, when your Soul is housed down THROUGH your core, only then, is true power felt, experienced… not just intellectualised and cut off from ones core…

The answers to your prayers, are right in front of you.

The separation, alienation and brutal force, is the only thing, stopping ones Heart from pulsating with the rhythms of the Earth…

It isn’t intellectualised…

It isn’t spoken…

But felt with your core.

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen

P.S. Send me a message only if this resonates with you, well of course it does, or you wouldn’t be reading this far 😉

To being in the field of the realms of the realities that can only bring you your highest destiny, are felt, not intellectualised.

Of awakening your Life Purpose with grace and ease of being the fulfilment that your Soul seeks and desires in this lifetime, now – not next.

To fulfil your destiny at the highest level – because that is all there is.

If you want the freedom of attachment, the freedom of worry, to truly choose your reality, not with pain, but pure unadulterated joy.

To reclaim your power, but your core – beyond your Soul.

Destiny alignment, Soul fulfilment, Life Purpose and Being, I have 4 places left for 1:1, send me a message for all the details. Your destiny, awaits you, beyond what you’ve thought it was before.

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