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There is only 4 days left to grab your place working with me 1:1. Send me a message if you’re ready to shift the crap and move into your powerful Divine self, with me by your side, holding you, moving you deeper and supporting you to step into the powerful being that you know deep down you are. Life Purpose Awakening, Intuitive Healing, the deep stuff, the hard stuff – isn’t such when you’ve got me by your side deciphering and guiding you through it all. Send me a message for all the details before this closes, with only 4 days left. Love xx

Scroll down to find the number that jumped out at you earlier today and see what message came streaming through from the Angel Therapy Deck for you today.

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen

Card #1: Archangel Michael. “You’re working  very closely with this powerful Archangel, who’s protecting you and guiding you in this situation.”

You know you are a lightworker right? You know you have a higher consciousness than most, you know you are a leader, you know you are sensitive beyond measure, you know you pick up more things than most people do, you resonate with being an empath, a healer, a sensitive being yes? Yes, I can hear/see you nodding from here 😉 And, I am wondering if there has been something you’ve been hesitant on, or not feeling worthy enough on, or are scared to take that leap of faith forward in your next step, next level, next direction in your Life Purpose? Because the message here in choosing number 1 for yourself today – is that Archangel Michael is RIGHT BY YOUR SIDE. And he is guiding you. Archangel Michael is the overseer of Lightworkers and he is dedicated to getting you on your Life Purpose, activating it and then supporting you EVERY STEP OF THE WAY. You can ask him for specific help and mostly? You can ask him to help you release the fear of moving forward in your next step, the next direction you know you feel called to go in. Just say, “Archangel Michael of 100% Light, please guide me in my next steps, please release the fear  and doubt I feel, when I intuitively receive the messages you are sending me and helping me align deep in my heart.” Remember, this guidance will simply CONFIRM what you already know in your heart – because you do. You feel it, you know it, it lights you up – so don’t doubt that babe. Archangel Michael has brought his presence to your awareness today, so that you can truly step forward, because it feels like this next step is huge for you yes? And I am getting the message to let you know that the direction you are heading in, that lights you up, that brings EXCITEMENT to your Soul – is REAL and to trust this 100% right now. So, do whatever it takes to release the fear, get calm, stay centred and TRUST. Deep breathing exercises, eft and other processes that switch the flight or fight off, so you can come from this calm space, and move forward with certainty, trust, strength and calm. Because, you’ve got this – this is so the right path for you. Keep turning up, keep doing the work – because it is having significant effects on your life right now – imagine where you’ll be in 12 months 😉 Trust. You are safe. You are loved. You are deeply, deeply supported with this change you are making. Trust it. Love. xxx There is only 4 more days left to get in to work with me 1:1 before the doors close! That’s having me in your pocket, by your side, answering all your questions, answering all your doubts, showing you where you need to move, giving you psychic insights and helping you deeply trust and connect in with your Soul. Send me a message if this is a deep YES for you, only 4 more days to get in to work this closely with me and shift your life immensely and take you where you want to go – and fast.

Card #2: Parents. “The Divine truth is that your parents eternally love you to the best of their ability. The angels are helping you heal from any pain associated with your mother or father.”

Mmmm, the answer you are looking for? The healing you are seeking? Lies right in front of you beautiful Soul! Your family dynamics growing up – what memory comes to mind as you read this? About your mum – or your dad? This here lies your key. Have you done any work on healing this memory, this aspect of your life before? This is where you will find your gold. The issue you are currently dealing with in your life – it’s core space from where this originally started for you and is where the core shift needs to happen to stop the fly off patterns from it happening all the time – is here at this point. How do you do this?  You can write a letter to your mother or father (or both!), but don’t send it. Ceremoniously and safely burn it, or simply screw it up and throw it in the bin. Then, write a letter to the inner child you, of the age/memory of where you are at and ask them how they are feeling and what they need from you, then you can listen and write down the answer you hear in your mind/heart/body. Then, you can tend to your inner child this way. In this process, you can even have a conversation with your inner child, and mother/father too. (not actually physically real life talking to them, this is all process work). Listen. Compassionately. If any emotions start to flow – let them come out – they’ve been stored in your  body and life for long enough and it is time to let them go – especially if you have pulled number 2 card today and are reading this! #signs. Call in a powerful Archangel or Angel of 100% light to be there in this process and simply hold space and ask them to send healing energy to this situation as well – and notice what colour/symbols is the healing energy as this can yield vital clues and more understanding of the healing that is taking place as well. If you are feeling stuck in receiving what you need in life, or uncomfortable receiving in general, it is more possible mother issues, the Divine Feminine. If you are finding that you are burnt out and tired, it may be some healing to do with father – over responsible or ‘having to hold it all together’ and healing towards the Divine Masculine is needed. Our parents, set the tone and blueprint/imprint for how we view the world. When we work on healing our patterns and how we ‘see our parents’ – our life also starts to change. Time to take out your pen and paper, and start writing babe. Love xxx If you need helping delving into the big stuff, because let’s face it, if you haven’t done anything like this before, it is big, then this is your opportunity to have me by your side, day in day out working with you 1:1, just you and me, to delve into this and release your fear of doing it consistently and when you need it the most, to make it part of who you are, to increase your trust in self, your psychic abilities and gain the confidence you need to do what you’ve always wanted to do – not what your parents told you to do, not what your parents, imprinted on you, that has been holding you back, this entire time. Send me a message for all the details to work 1:1 with me, there are only 4 days left before the doors close to work with me and create massive impact and shifts in your life!

Card #3: Archangel Raphael. The healing angel is with you, supporting your healing work.”

Archangel Raphael has come to you today to give you the faith and confidence that this situation is helping for you. Whether this is a physical issue in your body, or an emotional situation in your life that is causing you heartbreak, Archangel Raphael has come to your side today to make sure you know you are completely supported in this situation even if you don’t think or feel like you are. I am also wondering if you chose 2 cards today, I am getting the sense for you that you are being called upon to expand your sense of service work in the world and that you have 2 powerful Archangels by your side that are helping you with just that! You can trust this next direction that you are feeling called to go in and work in. The messages, thoughts and ideas that you’ve been having are correct. The other message here too, is that Archangel Raphael heals all things, yet I’m also getting the strong message that your physical body needs tending to. If you feel overwhelmed with so much to do you don’t do any of it and feel bad because of this which makes the situation worse, please scroll down my page and watch the short livestream on “The Gratitude Command” so you can shift this and start babe – with 1 thing. And this message here is clear, your physical body needs tending to, so if that’s exercise or a healthier eating plan, tend to this now. Also, when was the last time you had a health check up? Maybe this has been on your mind too. Your physical body is where your Soul is housed and when your physical body is optimised so to, can you house your Life Purpose. Your Life Purpose is you – so if you aren’t feeling you – this is what you need to focus on. Can you? Love xxx if you want me by your side giving you all my insider tips, tricks and so much more about how to stay thin, healthy, energised, powerful and truly live your highest destiny, there are only 4 more days before working with me 1:1 closes. Send me a message for all the details before this closes. Love xx

Card #4: Cancel, Clear, Delete. “Use only positive words and thoughts, as they’re rapidly manifesting into form. Ask the angels to cancel the effects of past negative thinking.”

Delete, delete, delete! Do not despair when you catch yourself thinking negatively – celebrate it! Because you’ve just caught it! THIS is a celebration! And the more you catch it, the more you can choose to think something more positively, the more you can do something about it, the more you can shift and then you will notice that the more you are thinking about something negatively, or thinking about something you don’t want to happen and wonder why your mind even went there. When we work on shifting and growing, with mindset, with personal development tools, our mind goes to places where we fear things. And this? This is showing you what you are scared of. And when you can face this, without turning away from it, burying it and running from it – which only makes for it growing bigger until you see it, face it and most of the time, this is what automatically shifts it – just turning the light on in the dark room yes? So if you are working through some big stuff and find yourself in a pile of negativity that isn’t usually yours, know that this is just another layer of onion, of shifting out the old stuff that is in your energetic vibration – because it isn’t aligned with what you are moving into. So love it – and it will shift faster. A good question to ask yourself is – what is the worst that could happen? And let the scenarios play out. Then ask again, what is the worst that can happen after that? And when you keep asking the question, the worst that ends up happening – is that you die right? And you know what? Then you’ve gone there. Then you’ve faced it. You’ve turned the light on in the dark, looked in there and seen what can happen. You’ve explored it. You’ve heard of what FEAR stands for right? False Evidence Appearing Real. It’s not real. It is something from the mind and keeps you stuck. Whenever I think of something or find myself going to places in my mind and wonder why I ended up there – I – 2 things – I notice that these are my fears and maybe I need to do some shadow work healing or more on this to help me integrate and move forward (same with weird dreams, I work on healing these through shadow work or more), and then also 2 – I see/imagine a big X going through this vision/image. Like, literally imagine myself drawing in front of me a big X – literally crossing it out. No. X. And then I will literally turn my body 45 degrees to the right, and imagine what scenario I want to play out instead. Just as the card says, Cancel, Clear, Delete. Just like you would write on a computer. And then write what you’d want instead. Maybe put reminders on your phone, or post it notes – Cancel, Clear, Delete – now what do I really want? And soak in that bit. How can you apply this to your life right now? Love xx Want to tap into the Sacred and powerful manifesting skills? Over it not working and want a hand up, to make it actually happen? There is only 4 more days to get in to work with me 1:1, to have me in your pocket, with private direct access to me 24/7 plus our deep dive 1:1 power sessions that shift you so that you can truly, create what your heart is calling you to create and shine out into the world. Life Purpose Mentoring, Psychic Guidance, Divinely Guided Life Purpose Awakening, message me now for all the details as the doors are closing in 4 days. Love xx

Card #5: If you get nervous, focus on service. “Put your entire intention on answering the question, ‘How can I make the world a better place?” and the Law of Attraction will automatically take care of your needs.

Have you just taken a huge leap of faith and unlevelled beyond your current space? Have you just jumped into something and wondering now ‘how’ and in between that, scratching your head wondering if you made the right choice? Babe – you have. And this card comes to you as your sign that it felt right and alive and you trusted and did it yes? So continue to trust this. Yet, I am also getting the sign – don’t worry about the ‘how’. Just allow your time and space, every up level will bring new fears and doubts to the surface – every up level yes? And so, this is just one of those. And? This is normal yes? This next stage, this leap of faith that you just jumped into and put your heart’s desire into next level gear – when you think about where you will be in 3-5 months time – this is normal for you to have taken this step – or you wouldn’t have got to where you are going in 3-5 months time right? So, look at yourself in 3-5 months time – step into this space, and look back at yourself in this moment in time and tell yourself all the amazing things that are just about to happen – of what is just around the corner and all this right now in your current reality will seem like a dream and seem soooooo long ago, you’ll kindly smile at yourself and wonder why you even worried in the first place. So take a deep inhale, hold your breath for 3-5 counts, and exhale slowly through your mouth, like you are blowing through a straw, exhaling slowly. Repeat this breath several times. You’ve got this – your future 3-5 month self says so 😉 You know what you are doing, your Soul, is 100% guiding you and  you are getting signs left right and centre, trust in these, these are sent to you, simply because you are on the exact right path, you are exactly where you are supposed to be and everything is lining up perfectly. The only job you must do now, is focus on what you are good at – serving the world honey. So, go do this, knowing that everything is taken care of. Because it is. Love xxx Are you wanting to align deeply to your Soul, so you deeply trust without worrying if you’ve made a mistake? Taken a wrong turn? Need help and support, just someone to bounce ideas off so you can know if it is right or not to make the choices you are confused about? There is only 4 days left to work with me 1:1 please send me a message for all the details if this deeply calls to your Soul, this is having me as your Intuitive Healer and Psychic, right by your side, deeply awakening your Life Purpose, one moment at a time. Send me a message before the doors close in 4 days. Love xx

Card #6: Clear Yourself. “Ask the Angels to release any toxic energies that you may have absorbed.”

This card is pretty self explanatory isn’t it! If you’ve been feeling any doubt, confusion or ‘just not yourself’ or foggy headed or just off in general – honey, you’re carrying someone’s energy. If your self care is low and you’ve been feeling agitated and engaging in behaviours that just aren’t yours – it is time to literally jump up and down and shake of their energy – whose is it? Whoever first came to mind, or that you sensed as you read that – is correct, don’t doubt that. Yet, don’t blame them either. You tend to carry someone’s energy when you feel responsible for them, or you feel guilty about something from the past together – this is when you will carry their energy more so. Where are you holding yourself accountable – when it actually wasn’t/isn’t your responsibility? Let it go babe! This situation isn’t serving you anymore and you carrying their energy isn’t serving them either, they can’t grow when you are holding them tight either. Where do you need to forgive yourself, where do you need to allow the inner work in yourself – authentically feel all of your emotions from the situation from your past about/between you both. Have you done any work on this situation that is coming to mind? Or have you just realised it and then buried it and moved on? Yet, it doesn’t just go away. Time doesn’t heal all wounds. That is why you keep attracting the same type of relationships that leave you with your heart squashed on the ground right? So, honey, it is time to unpack that shit from your past and truly put some forward motion in to this space for you! It is time right? You’re over it! Sick and tired of the same shit, so this card has called you today, it’s time to do the inner work so you don’t feel their shit anymore! If you have already started crying reading this, or maybe you are feeling angry or just void as you think about this situation that is in your mind, or simply don’t know what to do to release it, reach out for help. You can go out on the grass, go for a walk in nature and let it all go, you can scream in your pillow or push on a door frame in your home to get anger out about the situation and then if you start crying – let the tears out! This needs to come out of your body and field so you can move on – because you’re ready aren’t you? What can you do to release this now? Even just be honest about how you really feel about the situation? Love xxx Wanting me to be by your side as you shift this shit out once and for all? Thought you’d dealt with it? Wondering why this is STILL coming up? Want to be free of it once and for all? There is only 4 days left to have me by your side and walking you through this with Divine Intuitive Healing and guidance, having me as your Intuitive Healer, Psychic insight guide and gently, but lovingly kicking you into gear everyday, so you can truly move through this once and for all? Message me for all the details as there is only 4 days left to get in with 1:1 working with me so you don’t have to go through this alone and stop keeping your own self stuck and bogged down – let’s set you FREE! xx Love xx

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    The card has come perfect for me , its just perfect for my current situation.
    thank you very much for helping .
    God bless you.

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