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Reality Awareness | Why does it feel so dark?
There are lots of shifts going on right now, the waves of light, showing what darkness needs to shift and now.
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Cosmic Update – There is a heavy energy sweeping the planet

Cosmic Update – There is a heavy energy sweeping the planet

Cosmic Update – There is a heavy energy sweeping the planet. Or is it Light? And the Light, is reflecting all the heaviness, that isn’t in alignment with the new wave of higher light vibration that is currently being infiltrated by the Light? #ponderings

It is Dark Moon and if you’ve been feeling any of the following:

  • feeling like you’re not good enough
  • wondering what is going on
  • wondering what you’re doing ‘wrong’
  • wondering if it is working
  • feeling unloved
  • feeling isolated
  • feeling alone
  • feeling like you don’t have anybody
  • feeling like you’re not sure why you are on the planet
  • feeling like maybe you don’t want to be here anymore
  • feeling like you are wanting to break out and scream and come out into the world like a roaring Lion!

This? Is a core shift.

This? Is a sensation that you are feeling, that is sweeping through many, many people right now.

This? Don’t action it. Just BE with it.

As darn uncomfortable as it is, just BE with it. Don’t take action on it.

The past few days have been extra heavy and leading up to our Dark Moon phase right now and into the next 28 hours, is a time for

  • stripping away, baring all
  • noticing what isn’t working
  • you may feel shitty about that, especially when you don’t know what to do
  • reassessing, clearing out, re-organising

You may feel like you are losing your mind, like you don’t matter and that even though, there are people around you, you don’t FEEL what they are putting on the table!

You wonder what on earth is actually going on.

And there are big changes on the Earth right now.

There are volcanoes going off, there are shifts and changes with government structures, there are internal and external movements, there are huge influxes and waves of light that are literally shining the light on what isn’t working and if you hang in there, you can start to see a way through.

It may feel like the Earth is shifting is shifting beneath your feet – because it literally IS

We are physically moving into the 5th Dimension – so reality is literally shifting before us.

Almost like computer screens or television screens – the pixels all changing – but in physical reality.

If you’ve seen like melting moments, or pixels appearing, or you’re seeing things in physical reality and brushing it off – don’t.

Moving into 5th Dimension also means that your Psychic Senses are becoming more prominent.

And this isn’t like, ‘Oh, it’s 5D’s fault. Cool, I can just sit here then.’ – NO!

Far from it.

It is a time to get your shit sorted, to clean out, physically, emotionally, spiritually and more.

If you are feeling ‘off’ something is out of alignment.

The shift can be smooth – and if it isn’t for you and you are deeply in these reassessing phases – take note.

Do not deny the messages coming through to you about what needs to change, what needs to shift, what actions you need to take.

Maybe you don’t know the actions you need to take, but know stuff needs to change.

Notice the conversations you over hear, notice the messages streaming through you when you wake up at 1am and lay awake ‘thinking’.

Notice what you are frustrated about. And notice what you keep repeating to yourself, over and over.

The answers are there, you just need to know how to find them. Listen.

If you’ve been feeling any of this, send me a message, there are big shifts going on PLUS it’s Dark Moon. You’re not alone.

Our Earth is feeling it, our bodies are feeling it, our etheric bodies are feeling it.

By Full Moon, ALOT will have shifted, that is in 2 weeks, hang in there, you are being guided from deep within. Do you trust it?

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

P.S. If you want clarity, if you want someone to just talk to about wtf is going on, if you want Psychic, Intuitive Guided help on the steps and actions you need to take, I have opened my 21 Day Shifter Program. This is complete unlimited voice message and text message for 21 Days, to guide you, shift you and yes, this includes Psychic Readings. This is unlimited support during this 21 Days, any question, any issue, even if you just want intuitive guidance each day and to develop your own Psychic Skills in the process, click here for this 21 Day Shifter program, and ask me straight away guidance for what’s on your mind: https://realityawareness.mykajabi.com/p/21-day-shifter-program

P.P.S. Full Moon Ceremony live online in 2 weeks, shining the Light on everything with clarity, activating you to your next level, if this deeply calls you to join us for this powerful space, all the details are here: https://wp.me/P7K5N3-4lm

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