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Beautiful New Moon Blessings for you. Big transformational shifts that have exponential effects when grounded deep in your Soul and connected to the Divine in your Physical Body. This is a time for deep cleansing, core level cleaning out, all the work you’ve been doing is now coming into physical reality. Ready to see the results from all your work? Ready to implement new structures built from a solid foundation that you’ve been working on for some time? Taurus New Moon, is exactly the perfect energy for this – get ready to fly dear one!

Want to work 1:1 with me for 21 Days? If you’ve wanted a Psychic Reading or just wanted to pick my brains about your personal life, your psychic development or your spiritual business, this 21 Day Shifter Program is unlimited voice message and text message to get all your questions answered, your emotional state clear, centred and balanced and your physical life sorted out PLUS be able to trust your intuition to keep you clear and move forward in your life with confidence and actually make happen, what you know in your heart is possible, you’ve just felt a bit confused, or blocked lately, wondering what on Earth has been happening. Price is increasing soon, click here for all the details and to gain access straight away, come and talk to me: https://realityawareness.mykajabi.com/p/21-day-shifter-program

Scroll down to see which number jumped out at you earlier today and see what message came streaming through from the Ascended Masters Oracle Cards for you today.

Love Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 

Card #1: ‘Power of Joy’ Maitraya

It feels like with this card for you, that you have actually been feeling quite a lot of joy recently. It’s almost like you’ve been wondering, well, why isn’t everyone else feeling this right now? I am also getting the message to not shy away from your Joy. That, when you see others in a not so good way, you don’t need to dim your light because they aren’t where you are. In fact, your Joy vibration that you are feeling elevates them in their life and helps them to shift, without you even saying a word – you do realise this power you have? The magic touch almost. You make people feel better, just by them being around you. I am also getting the message too, that you’ve been feeling quite content lately, but are/have been getting itchy feet and wondering if you should move or stay where you are. I am wondering if this is relational to your career? I am not getting so much it is about your home, but more career-related Have you been thinking about changing career, or adding something to your current skill set? I am getting the message that this will be very beneficial for you, and have a positive outcome so if you’ve been thinking about it, take this as your sign that yes – what you are feeling and thinking about is correct. But you already knew that didn’t you? 🙂 I am also getting the sense that overall, things are very positive and content, steady, for you right now, this has been and is a very fortunate time for you. You’ve done a lot of work to date and it is showing for you. I am also getting the message around the Rainbow Maitraya is holding in his hands – to be more mindful of the power of your hands. I feel you already know this, but forget at times, and to use the power of the Rainbow colour to super charge and energise what you are working on, whether a project, food preparation or healing your body. Anything you touch, turns to gold right now, keep focusing on the powerful Joy vibration and continue to rise dear one. You’re doing amazing. Love xxx Would you like someone to help guide you in answering your intuition? Needing help to decipher the bits that seem confusing or conflicting information? Wanting clarity on the career steps you want to take, rather than what you think you should be doing? Would you like me to help you for 21 Days, so you can rapidly shift, get clear and action what you know you need to, but are slightly holding back for some reason and want that gone? My 21 Day Shifter Program is designed to do just that. 21 Days of unlimited text and voice messaging, so that you can get back on track, clear and taking the action your heart wants to take. Price increasing soon, all the details and to jump right in and ask me right away, click here to do so now: https://realityawareness.mykajabi.com/p/21-day-shifter-program


Card #2: ‘Detach from Drama’ Pallas Athena

Ah, I am getting such a strong sense that you are so caught up in your head beautiful one and you know it too and it is driving you insane right?? It feels like you know you shouldn’t be in this space and you’ve tried everything to shift it and it hasn’t worked. I am also getting the sense, that you were actually going along pretty well not too long ago right? With Pallas turning up for you today, I am getting the message that you are so embroiled in the situation that you can’t see clearly out, that yes, this stuck in your head business is strong, and what is making it worse, is that you can’t seem to shift it yes? Usually the tools you use, help you, shift you, make you better and move forward? I am also getting the sense that someone you are deeply involved in, or have some sort of connection/relationship with, is a big part of this ‘drama’ right now, when also, this was also going well not too long ago and you’re wondering what happened. I am getting the message to first of all breathe! I know that might make you more angry and frustrated reading that, yet, the message I am getting, is that anything you are doing right now, is not supporting forward movement, solution based situations to occur. I am wondering if you have received outside help/support with your situation that is going on? It can be tricky to navigate on your own and when all your resources you usually use to help you, aren’t working anymore, it is time to reach out and ask for help. Now, I am also getting the message, that you aren’t overly used to asking for help are you? You’re strong, independent and have actually done quite well on your own for sometime now right? See those strong, tall pillars/columns in the picture on Pallas’s card, holding up that massive building? Those pillars/columns fall straight to the ground, when the Earth has shifted beneath them yes? I am getting the message that you, whatever has gone on for you recently, it is like that – that the Earth has shifted beneath you. The way you’ve been living your life for many, many years – you’ve been open to changing, doing great inner work even and, with all this – foundations change, what was once stable, isn’t stable anymore – as you shift and change, the foundations of what you’ve ever known, changes to adjust to this new way. Without help and a team of builders to repair the foundations – to lay the new ones – with the construction team to hold the pillars up whilst the foundation gets relaid, the entire thing comes crumbling down yes? I know this is a bit of a metaphorical reading here, yet, this is the message coming through for your right now from Pallas, that you must reach out for help right now (see how she is reaching too?) If you keep pushing right now without reaching out, asking and most importantly saying YES to help when it is offered, even if that is someone who offers to cook a meal for you, even when it isn’t the food you usually eat, then those pillars will crumble and there will be a bigger restructure that occurs. So, in light of this – where do you need to just stop everything right now? Even just for 1 hour or 24? Where can you reach out for help? Step back, as pushing forward in this ‘mess’ especially when you are up in your head, isn’t going anywhere constructive right now. Like the Bull pushing against a solid wall – it is New Moon in Taurus today, Taurus, represented by the Bull. It may feel like everything is falling apart right now, but I am also getting the strong message for you that no, it isn’t as what it seems right now, it is actually being restructured, reshaped and repaired, to be something even grander, something that, you’ve actually really been wanting. And that can’t occur when the old structures are standing there in the way. So take a deep breath out and tell your body to relax, seek some help to let those painful emotions out of your heart, so you can drop back into that space, your heart and allow yourself to be the strong, centred, calm and very, very powerful you that you are. Love xxx Do you have someone you can let all your emotions out to, who won’t judge you, who won’t leave you, who won’t tell you to stop and tell you you’re being too emotional, or to just sort it out and leave you to your own devices? Do you have someone who can hold space for you, see who you really are and empower you back to your strong powerful you that you are, especially when all your usual tools just haven’t been working and you’re wondering what is actually going on? If you don’t have that person beautiful Soul, that is exactly what my 21 Day Shifter Program is for, to help you release what you can’t on your own and to get your flying back as your powerful grounded self that you usually are. Price increasing soon, click here for all the details, to book and talk to me right away: https://realityawareness.mykajabi.com/p/21-day-shifter-program


Card #3: ‘Artistic Expression’ Paul the Venetian

Hmmm, well this card has it’s obvious meaning for you – get more creative! Yet, when I tuned into what the meaning and message for you here today is, the pinkish flowers around his neck jumped out at me, and those pink flowers, deeply sound like your Ear Chakras. Your Ear Chakras, are magenta pink and is where you RECEIVE your creative expression, or ideas, or the information. Your Ear Chakras are your Clairaudience and if you’ve been feeling blocked lately, your Ear Chakra’s are closed. I am wondering, what messages have you not been paying attention too? Ear Chakras, are super sensitive – in a sense that – you are highly sensitive, yet the message I am getting, is that you haven’t been honouring your sensitivity lately and you’ve not really been, so, loving towards yourself lately? That maybe, you’ve put yourself last, you have said, ‘Oh, I will do self care tomorrow, or book that self care appointment next week’ – and of course, that doesn’t come around does it? Your Ear Chakras, like the sensitive flower they are – can you imagine, if you were talking to the delicate flower – like you have been to yourself lately? Does that make you cringe thinking about that? Can you imagine how the flower would react if you had been talking to that flower like you have been yourself? It’s probably not going to be in the best of health? Maybe very wilted, closed and even died by now? No wonder your creativity, ideas or even your income has been blocked? Until – now – yes? As soon as you start softening, being more gentle, taking care of yourself, like you would tend to that flower that gives you such beauty and you give it gratitude in return, you open. Your Ear Chakra’s open. You hear more. You sense more. You are OPEN to RECEIVING. Your Ear Chakra’s are the epitome of receiving and if you are blocked in any way shape or form, frustrated, wondering why something isn’t working, then stop, check in with how you’ve been treating yourself, speaking to yourself, being with yourself. This is your first port of call. If you’ve been pushing and pushing and pushing this is your sign, your wake up call to just simply stop. ‘But I can’t just stop Hannah, too much to do’ – hmmm, and how has that been working until now? Are you listening yet? Are your Ear’s open yet? When you open, you receive, when you soften, you open. You drop into your Feminine, the softness, the caring, the openness. The receiving. And of course, creativity can flow through again. But it must have a way in, and that, is in your stopping, opening, listening, gentleness. Just like a caring Mother is to her newborn – gentle, open, and fiercely protective – of anything that is but that. Gentle, quiet, listening, open, loving. Tender. Love. Care. What care can you offer yourself today? Not others – you. Not tomorrow – today. Now. What can you do today, and from this moment forward to be gentle, kind, loving – to yourself? Love xxx Are you at a loss of how to actually stop? Not sure what to actually do or even how when you are in your position of taking care of yourself? You are not sure how things got so far out of control and thought something would’ve shifted by now? That the ‘push’ and ‘hustle’ is all you know how and see everyone else doing but why isn’t it working for you? Wondering how on Earth you even open your Ear Chakras? Through my 21 Day Shifter Program, this is exactly what this is for – to speak to me as much as you want over voice message and text message to get clear on what on Earth is going on, to shift it and to finally understand what it is you are really meant to be doing – to open not only your Ears, but your floodgates of abundance in all areas that you so know is how it is supposed to be and that is why you’ve been doing all this anyway! Price is increasing soon, click here for all the details, to book and speak to me right away: https://realityawareness.mykajabi.com/p/21-day-shifter-program


Card #4: ‘Purification’ White Tara

Well, this card is very self explanatory! I am also getting the strong message here, that not only does your physical body need a detox, and I am getting the message that you are already deeply aware of this – but I am getting the strong message you are carrying someone’s energy. This isn’t about blame and ‘okay I don’t need to do anything, its’ not mine anyway’ – no, far from it. I am getting the message that this, what is going on for you right now? Is old, very old ‘stuff’ that is rising to the surface for you to look at, shift and move out of your vibration, because whatever you have been doing recently, has been shifting you deeply and your vibration is higher than it has ever been – have you been feeling uncomfortable lately? Like, emotionally and even in your physical body – wanting to get out? To scream even? You are shifting beautiful one, shifting ALOT right now, emotionally, physically too (have you been wanting to move house, to get out of where you are right now?). I am curious, how good your self care level has been recently too? It is easier to take on another’s energy, when your self care is low. Yet, this old, old stuff here – this is coming up and out – so your self care is more than ever important. You are being born again almost – you are releasing out of your vibration and physical body, what is no longer required anymore, what is no longer needed and a physical detox helps this process, especially if you’ve been feeling ‘overloaded’ of sorts. It is also mindful to note, if you have been going through huge emotional change and turmoil, doing a physical detox can put more pressure and stress on you, so just be mindful if you are beating up on yourself, because you aren’t doing it right – one thing at a time yes? If you need to sort out your physical home, sort out your emotional state because of situations going on around you and with relationships you are connected to – sort them out first. Yes, physical foods can have certain affects, yet, I am just getting the message to be mindful of ‘how much you’re doing’ at this moment in time. So, which one is it? Are you clear? Have you been doing detox even, and then all this emotional stuff has come up? Because that does happen too! And if that is what is happening – make sure you are receiving support and/or working through this stuff that is coming up for you emotionally, as you are shifting big, core pattern stuff here – because you have been shifting your life dramatically with mindset and other transformational processes recently yes? So, just be gentle, but know which action to take. And if you’re confused – what is the one thing that you need to be doing? What comes to mind as you read that? Just one thing – do that. Just that. Love xxx If you are stuck and needing support and wondering where to receive that when everything just seems so far out of reach right now, my 21 Day Shifter Program is open and is exactly this – 1:1 support, unlimited voice message and text message support for 21 Days to shift you out of the heavy stuff and back into the light. You are not alone beautiful Soul! There are big shifts on the planet and cosmos, let alone what is going on in your own life and having someone to decipher what is yours, what isn’t, what you need to do and clear in your life when you’re just a bit of a blank as to what step to take next, that is what my 1:1 21 Day Shifter Program is for. Price is increasing soon, click here for all the details and to book and start talking to me right away: https://realityawareness.mykajabi.com/p/21-day-shifter-program


Card #5: ‘Work Your Magic’ Saint Germain

Saint Germain, they have wondered if he is THE Merlin! The magician who turns base metal into gold – which as you know – is pure manifestation in action! I am getting the sense, that you have just had a big shift recently, like within hours ago even and I am getting the sense that you still feel fragile, but relieved even and it is like a sense of understanding now, the pressure has been released slightly. You are still aware there is still work to do, but it is like you can finally exhale without feeling angry anymore. There is a calm to you again and you are like, “Phew, that was huge.” There is a sense of clarity, but you can also sense, there is still something more to be unravelled, but the biggest part feels over. I am also getting the message, you are feeling the softness and the magic again and you are now realising how powerful the work you’ve been doing has actually been for you yes? I am also getting the message to literally ground in the Light into your body – whether that is through a visualisation movement practise – the message here, is now more than ever to ground in your Soul, your Light into your physical body. You know you are a being of Light and whatever you’ve been working through recently has been shifting out of your physical body what has been int he way of this complete integration for you. Huge yes? It is like you have known it for quite some time, but only now are truly comprehending the depth of the feeling of BEING it more than you’ve ever felt before. I am getting the message to be super gentle with yourself at this time, you have just shifted ten fold to where you have been sitting for quite some time. There is a sense of peace about you again, and I am also getting the message to rest as much as you can through this integration process. Is there ‘space’ in your schedule that you can do this? What can you let go of – just for this week – to allow ‘space’ to integrate right now? I am getting the message that this is super important for you to honour, acknowledge and truly allow this deep healing to take place right now. I am also getting the message that you are receiving lots of information right now, in the clarity now starting to flood in for you from what’s just shifted, like the big rocks that were in the way, aren’t there any more and you can see clearly again. Allow these ideas to come in, write them down if you may, but allow them to sit in your vibration, so you can elevate to them. For now, rest, recuperate and be. Let them all come in. And allow the Light to hold you, in every cell of your Being. Allow. Activate and BE it. Love xxx Are you wanting support to just understand what is coming through? To make sense of ‘why’ and what to do next and when? For 21 Days, you can ask me as many questions as you want through voice message and text message where you have unlimited access to me to understand what your next steps are now this hugest thing ever has shifted out and you are still comprehending what just happened. I got you. Price is increasing soon, click here for all the details and to start talking to me right away: https://realityawareness.mykajabi.com/p/21-day-shifter-program


Card #6: ‘Energy Healing’ Merlin

Hmmmm, did you pull two cards today? Saint Germain also came up in todays readings and Saint Germain is considered by some – to actually be Merlin! With Merlin coming with the Energy Healing – you are in need of some time out and inner workings of your Soul Healing. I am getting the message for you – that this is deep, old Soul healing work that is being required of you right now. Energetically, you are ready for repair, for Soul DNA repair, for Soul retrieval from Past Life’s that you have left parts of you behind. Have you ever done any work of this nature before? If you have pulled this card and you haven’t done any – this is your time to definitely do so! Find a Healer that you resonate with and get to work right away. If you have done bits of this kind of work before, I am getting the strong sense that there is a particular past life coming up for you – that is calling for deep healing. The molecular structure of your body is in deep need of shifting and this Past Life has a connection and answers for you. Have you been drawn to a certain type of movie, television series or era? Even a ‘future life’ show? Book even? Notice what you are drawn to and in the coming days, as this will reveal valuable information for you right now I am getting the message for you, relating to the issue you are currently healing. I am getting the message too, that your physical body is in need of healing right now. Yes, the spiritual and past life effects on your spiritual body, yet, with those ‘wounds’ there is a connection to what is going on at a physical level too for you. The Spiritual Body/Your Soul and your physical body are connected, yet, when there is trauma in the body, the Soul can’t connect to that part properly, and so illness appears to wake us up. Have you been feeling physically off, or feeling that something needs to change in your environment? Your physical is being brought to the attention here right now, yes it has Spiritual origins, yet, both need to be tended to in balance right now, so that you can truly heal at the highest capacity that is available to you, integrate your physical being and spiritual bodies and accelerate your growth in all levels of your life right now. Are you aware of the signs you’ve been getting recently? Take notice beautiful Soul, they are deeply speaking to you. Love xxx If you need help deciphering what is going on for you and need a distance spiritual/physical repair right now, through the 21 Day Shifter Program, we can delve straight into the core of it and guide your next steps of action and healing so that you can shift your vibration to embody higher levels of Light. Are you ready to be supported etherically, physically, spiritually and embody that in a higher vibration? Price increasing soon for the 1:1 21 Day Shifter Program of Support, Intuitive Coaching and Psychic Healing & Readings to take you to your next vibrational level of Embodying Light, click here for all the details, and to gain instant access right away: https://realityawareness.mykajabi.com/p/21-day-shifter-program

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