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Reality Awareness | PAY ATTENTION or you will miss the signs ✨
PAY ATTENTION or you will miss the signs ✨
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PAY ATTENTION or you will miss the signs ✨

PAY ATTENTION or you will miss the signs ✨

PAY ATTENTION or you will miss the signs ✨

There are loud signs – and there are very, very subtle signs.

However, the one thing you can count on about signs?

Is that they won’t go away until you’ve taken action on the message they are trying to tell you.

You may feel like you are missing the point, or that you are blocked, or that you – ‘aren’t receiving the information’.

And today, the message coming through for you – is that the sign, is right there in front of you.

It could be a body ache or pain.

It could be the words you constantly keep overhearing someone talk about – why are they all these different people talking about the same thing?

It could be what you keep seeing something coming up on social media or television.

Or that you see around town.

Or that, you keep thinking about, that thing that you know you need to do, but keep putting it off, but you feel the weight of it hanging over you (like sorting out paperwork, or cleaning up something in your home, office, business)

These signs, are right there.

You may notice them and ignore them.

You may look to everyone else for the answers but you already know the answer and just don’t want to do the thing. And when you do ask others, they give you the same sort of answer.

You may not even notice the signs, or see it right there in front of you – but it is blatantly obvious for others looking in on your situation.

Why does that happen?

Why does it get to that point, when you don’t see it yourself, but others see it so clearly?

It happens, because you ignored it in the first place.

Maybe it was something you were scared to take action on, and so you ignored it.

Then your situation got worse (which usually happens, when you don’t listen to your intuition).

And then you started turning to other people for advice.

They said the same sort of things, and some of it was totally conflicting for what you originally wanted to do, and you may have listened to them, been totally confused and this made you move even further away from your original intuition about the thing!

The pain of moving away from your intuition?


What does most of society do with pain?

Cover it up.

Food, alcohol, drugs, relationships – any addiction. Any avoidance mechanism will do actually.

And this covering up of our pain, takes us further away from our original intuition.

So, already there is 3 layers here:

  1. ignoring intuition
  2. asking others resulting in confusion and painful feelings (because you already know what you need to do, you just don’t trust your intuition)
  3. avoidance mechanisms kick in

Can you imagine, how fast you would get to where you want to go if you just acted on your intuition in the first place?

Can you imagine, how much happier you would be with all the pain you would avoid?

Yet, it is a bit tricky right?

When all these layers have been there for so long and you don’t really know where to start?

Maybe you hear it for some things and you completely trust it, yet when it comes to acting on the intuition that you are uncomfortable about making such big changes (yet, are usually ALWAYS the answers to our prayers for ‘help get me out of this situation’ right?!)

So what is with that?!

There are many reasons, many layers.

Yet, here are some keys to start you:

  1. Notice where you are in the layers
  2. Notice what is the major big thing you know you need to do that you have been ignoring
  3. Start asking yourself why you fear it so much
  4. Start asking yourself what making the change would give you
  5. Start asking yourself – what is it costing me, by continuing to avoid making this change that is weighing over me?

When you ask those questions to yourself and you can ask them over and over again for different situations in your life – you will probably see that your fears are usually not warranted, compared to the benefits making the change would be!

What is it, that comes to mind for you, as you read this?

What changes do you need to make?

Where are you in the layers?

What if, you just TRUSTED?

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

P.S. Do you have a support person you can bounce ideas off, increase your intuition and psychic awareness of the situation going on for you, release any burdens or layers that are literally blocking you from your awakening more of your Life Purpose, understand what you are here for, even what your next step is quite simply – all with deep support, tender care and deep, deep understanding of the layers that sees straight into what is going on for you? Do you want this kind of support, so you can stop going around in circles and actually move forward without taking steps back again? My 21 Day Shifter Program is open and the price is increasing very soon. To have my acutely aware psychic insight to help you shift the layers rapidly in 21 days, get clear on what is holding you back, shift it and align with your higher purpose, all whilst increasing your intuition so that you become acutely aware of your own insight and… trust it! Price increasing very soon beautiful one, click here for all the details and to book to have me as your Personal Psychic Guide for 21 days: https://realityawareness.mykajabi.com/p/21-day-shifter-program

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