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Reality Awareness | You've never done anything wrong
You've never done anything wrong, not now, not in the past, so let it go
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Do you trust, that everything you do, is correct?

Do you trust, that everything you do, is correct?

Do you trust, that everything you do, is correct?

Do you trust, that every choice you’ve ever made, every decision that has ever been in your past – is right?

You might already shake your head at me, realising something from your past and then you’ve already gone into the story, about how that wasn’t right and you wish you’d made a different choice.

The thing is dear Soul, is that – back then, in that moment, if you were supposed to make a different choice – you would’ve right?

If you think about it, you made that choice in that moment back then, because IN THAT MOMENT that was the right choice for you.

Everything you’ve ever said, everything you’ve ever done – was right for you. No matter what anyone else said about your decisions, as that is just their opinion, their judgement about what is right and wrong in your life.

But no one.

No one, understands your own heart, your own life – like your own self right?

If you are still wishing you’d made a different choice about something, think about where that is coming from? Is that guilt that you weren’t there for someone like you’d wish you had been? Is it obligation? That you’ve stepped into your own world and are disentangling yourself from old relationship dynamics and patterns and it is the tail end of the cord that is left? Let’s release that bit now yes? Drop into your Heart, expand your Heart into the space, be aware of what you are feeling about the entire situation and just be present with it, with and expanded heart space of Love and just be with it until it dissolves, shifts.

The more you can drop into TRUST, the more you create TRUST.

The more you lean into TRUST, the more you align with TRUST.

The more you trust, the more love you have in the space.

Trust that everything you’ve ever done and said, was correct at the time – yes, you may have learnt more/better now, so you’re doing better now right? Again, release that tail end with the process I just mentioned above. Be present with the guilt – with and expanded heart. Be present with the obligation – with an expanded heart.

The more you can be present with the feelings that are – the more present you are.

The more present you are, the more you can be with what is.

The more you can be with what is, no matter what ‘it’ is – the higher your vibration stays.


Because presence is Heart space.

Presence is feeling the air temperature on your skin, feeling your clothes touching your skin, feeling the sensation of the breeze, or the sun on your skin, noticing your surroundings, feeling your chest gently rise and fall as you take a breath in and exhaling out, but presence is also, being very conscious of what you are feeling – and expanding your heart energy into that space.

Yes, it is a practise, yes it is a muscle and muscles need exercise, but the more you can expand your heart energy into whatever is going on, whatever you are feeling, whatever is right in front of you, whatever that person is saying, it allows YOU to drop – out of your head, out the story, out of – wrongness. It drops everything into the heart energy and the heart energy, softens, feels, IS.

Because babe, you’ve never done anything wrong.

You’ve never said anything wrong, your life isn’t wrong, nothing –

Everything you’ve ever done, is correct – because – it is what has always felt right in your heart.

Remember – back then? When you made that decision? It felt right AT THAT TIME.

If – in that moment in time, something else, would’ve felt right – you would’ve made that choice. You didn’t make the wrong choice, because in that moment you thought, ‘Hey, this is the right choice, but I am going to make this choice instead, because this feels wrong.’ – no – you chose what was right, at that moment in time.

Yes, as I said, you may have learnt more now – but – continually going over the past, won’t change it.

But doing something about it now, will.

What will do now?

What will you FEEL now?

What can you bring – to the space?

What energy are you bringing to the space?

And to the space in the past?

You continually going over how ‘wrong’ it is (past) – is still keeping that situation, also stuck there yes?

Yet, if you realise, then you can bring love to the space – expand your heart energy into the space, of what you realise you may or may not have done, and allow yourself to authentically feel what is there, here, in all your heart, with your heart fully expanded here at the same time.

Then, moving forward, allow your heart energy expansion to be your power.

Allow your heart energy expansion muscle – to grow stronger – by practising this every single time.

How do you do this?

You just imagine, you see it, you feel it, maybe your heart energy, even has a sound, or maybe you just know, your heart energy is expanded into the space – btw – that heart energy expansion, can go in all directions of time and space, because ultimately, there is no time – but now.

And when you realise this truth, when you ARE in this truth, that there is only now – everything can be dissolved into this now space with you – and in this now space with you? Is pure, pure LOVE.

Connect to your heart.

Expand your heart.

BE your heart, in all that you do, say, are.

Expand that heart energy into your space, the space into – nowness.

The more you can be here with this expanded heart energy, the more you soften and the more you soften, the more power you have.

For in all fear, is a cry for love and when you can bring love to the space, Love holds it, transforms it and brings it back to Joy.

Brings it back to LOVE.

Choose to expand your heart energy space today and choose to stay here.

Every, single, moment.

Inhale Love.

Exhale Love.

Be Love.

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

P.S. Doors are OPEN dear Soul!!! And this power? This Heart Power? This power, belongs to you and the only time you give it away, is when you let other people’s judgements of you, creep into your mind, energy and allow them to stay there. So shake them off now – literally jump up and down and shake your body (yes, like a little kid – **grin**) When you are feeling stuck in the past, low or just not yourself, you have got someone’s energy not only in your field but in your mind and you are allowing that to guide you and that isn’t going to help you now is it beautiful Soul! Your heart knows the way and sometimes this stuckness doesn’t help anyone, the situation or your own heart from taking that deep breath of YOUR LIFE in – to allow that joy to surface, to smile and be who you really want to be (without those thoughts of what they will think creeping in again!)

You have the power to release your past beautiful one and in Power My Life Upgrade, I have given you the specifics – the details, the exact steps, and then how to make it work in your own life – so you can truly release them from your energetic field and life, so you can be free to be ALL OF YOUR TRUE HEART in all that you ARE – without anything dropping in to stop you.

Make your energy field stronger ❤

Make your heart field stronger ❤

Make who you are ALIVE and live the life you really want, without anyone stopping you❤

Are you ready to live the life – you truly want, without anyone stopping you, including yourself? (yes, I help you with sabotage!)

Power My Life Upgrade is out now beautiful one, all the tools, all the exact steps, the golden keys of making it work for you and releasing what is no longer in alignment, free from guilt and obligation. Click here for all the details and to gain instant access, your heart is calling you to live your life freely – on your terms, is it not? https://realityawareness.mykajabi.com/p/power-my-life-upgrade

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