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READING RESULTS ARE IN!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤️🔮❤️

READING RESULTS ARE IN!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤️🔮❤️

READING RESULTS ARE IN!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤🔮❤

Scroll down to find the number that you chose earlier today and see what messages streamed through from the Goddesses today, from the Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards.

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Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

Card #1: Artemis. Guardian. “You and your loved ones are safe and spiritually protected.”

Hmmm, 2 meanings for this card I am getting and the first one is where are you needing to put stronger boundaries in place? It feels that people have been tugging at your energy and it is draining you, tiring you, making you confused and feeling all over the place, scattered even. By placing stronger boundaries in place you are able to ‘seal up’ your energy so to speak, so you are clearer and can be there for yourself, and THEN be there for others. What do stronger boundaries look like? There is many that I could list, but some that intuitively come to mind that may resonate with you are: having a clear cut time that you log in and out of social media and emails ie, no answering emails, messages or social media after 6pm and bed by 9:30pm and up at 5am for morning ritual and then first tending to other people on Social media, emails or other work related issues at 9am or such. Allow YOU time, so you can get clear on who you are, so you can not only be there for others in a greater capacity, but so you can know who’s energy is who, you know what you are feeling, or if it is someone else, or intuition or otherwise. You will be clearer in your mind, body, heart and soul by placing these boundaries in place. It may also be that you need to say no to somebody, even just energetically and have no more physical contact with them – or, is it that you’ve just done this? As this card, Artemis has come to you today, to let you know that this course of action IS the best course of action for you to take right now, even if it is tricky, hard or still more grieving to do around the situation at hand, know that this is the correct path for you to take right now. Get support if you need support – this is vitally important right now for you too. I am also getting the message around something to do with your children too – do they need some form of protection? Have you taught them about the Sacred Angels of 100% Light, that can protect them when they are needing support when you aren’t there? Have you taught them about energy and clearing their own energy with the Angels help, so that when they are feeling off, sick or not themselves or needing to feel safe and secure again, they can call upon the Angels of 100% Light when you are not there, to be able to support them. This is vitally important, so they are not taking on other’s energy and trying to process it, which is not their responsibility to process at all, yet, as children do, they don’t want to see people upset, so they take it on. I am also getting the message for you something around fire – is there something to do with Fire for you? A Sacred Cleansing Fire ritual perhaps? Even, stepping into an energetic fire of purification during this Full Moon light? You can have your Angels right by your side, as you notice what colour the Sacred Fire is in front of you and step into it, purifying you of anything that is no longer needed so you can walk forward, refreshed revitalised and more? Noticing what colour the fire is that you sense, can give you clues about what part of your life you are cleaning in particular when you are aware of the Chakras and colour therapy to help you gain understanding about clearing your life on a deeper level. Artemis is right by your side, the choices you’ve made and are about to make – are right for you – so trust them with your full Heart, knowing you are protected every single step of the way. You are safe. Trust. Love xxx If you are needing 1:1 support during intense times of change, if you are wanting to move forward and needing someone who totally gets you, can clear the confusion away, can see straight into your heart’s desires and supports you 100% of the way, with personalised psychic intuitive guidance as you go through these times of change, my 21 Day Shifter Program is 21 Days of unlimited voice messaging and text messaging 1:1 with me to guide your Heart’s desires out of the confusion and into complete clarity and freedom. Click here for all the details, you can send me a message right away and gain the support you need instantly: https://realityawareness.mykajabi.com/p/21-day-shifter-program

Card #2: MAAT. Fairness. “This situation will be handled in a fair and just manner.”

I am getting the strong message, this is involved in a court situation? Is a court/legal matter on your mind? I am getting the message first of all, to remember to call upon your Spiritual Support Team for backup, support, guidance and to be there through this process. Just say, “Angels of 100% Light, please support me through this entire process and remind me to keep asking you for help!” (or something along those lines). Don’t tell them how to help you, just ask them, as they know the fastest and clearest way forward, that you can’t see at this moment in time. Ask, and walk forward in trust. I am also getting the message to ask them to clear the energy of the court houses that you attend, the solicitors offices and more, so that energy is clear in all places. You can do this several times a day/week through this process. I am also getting the message to ask 1000 Angels of 100% light to fill the court room and process as you go through this space right now. The more you do these that the messages have come through to you today here, the more you are handing the situation over to God, the Universe, Angels, what ever label you put on it and the more that everything is working out for the highest good of all. At the end of the day, you don’t have control anyway, so by taking only aligned action that feels right in your heart and soul and then continually calling on and handing the situation over to your Spiritual Support Team, you are walking in your divine aligned purpose – because this? These steps that you are currently going through? What you are going through right now, might not feel very nice, at all, but ‘why’ this is all happening, is because your higher purpose is calling you, your Life Purpose is awakening, you are awakening more to your inherent power and doing something about it and even though it might feel mucky right now, you ARE moving THROUGH it and that, my dear Soul, means that you are going to come out the other side, think phew! So glad THAT is out of the way and now you can truly align to your Hearts desires. So when you get inklings of things you want to do, wish you were doing already or see others doing that you want to do – write them down in your journal, your dream diary and know that this, is showing you snippets of your Life Purpose path and these are not to be discounted nor feel disappointed that ‘it isn’t happening yet’ – because honey, you know what? It so is – you are awakening to it, awakening from your deep slumber and you have already put wheels in motion for what you are going through BECAUSE of your Life Purpose path – so trust this entire process and know that what you are going through is EXACTLY on path right now, you know the saying, with hidden blessings for all involved. Imagine where you will b3 in 5-10 years time BECAUSE you’ve taken action steps right now to totally free yourself from any unnatural restraints so you CAN live your Life Purpose. Know this is truth and know that everything is working out – because MAAT has come to your side today – to let you know, exactly this! Love xxx If you want 1:1 emotional, mental and spiritual support as you go through this heavy space and cloud of confusion through court and separation issues, and just need someone to speak to who has gone through this entire process and knows exactly what is waiting for you on the other side of this, my 21 Day Shifter Program, helps you to see the truth, drop into the clarity of your Heart with precision pin point and accurate intuition and psychic insight completely personalised and tailored to your situation for 21 Days of unlimited voice messaging and text messaging to get you free and on track, alignment and in complete fulfilment of your Life Purpose, click here for all the details and to book now, to send me a message and get the support you need right away: https://realityawareness.mykajabi.com/p/21-day-shifter-program

Card #3: Start Delegating. “Ask others (including me) to help you, instead of trying to do everything by yourself.”

Hmmm, it feels like you’ve been getting this message for a while now, but you haven’t done anything about handing over some work? Have you STILL been doing everything instead of asking for help and/or saying no to requests that you say yes and then wish you’d said no? I am also getting the strong message that this is about something around your home? What needs changing in or around your home? Or is this confirmation that you have been receiving more help with your home situation? Green Tara comes to you today, to remind you that there are no medals for doing everything on your own, (except burnout probably! 😉 ) yet, you and this situation will benefit you more, for asking for help. I am also getting the message, that this involves someone close to you in your home/life to ask them for help? What is it, that you’ve been doing on your own, perhaps, even, getting resentful about that you simply need to ask for help for? Also, asking your Spiritual Team for support/ideas in ‘how’ you can receive this support? Or what even, are your next steps? It feels like you have come upon a bit of a block even, and are not sure what your next step is, simply because you have exhausted everything. The thing about trying to do everything yourself is that there is an air of control in the space, and distrust – about trusting someone else to do the job just as good as you and make sure they do it right. So, in this space, it comes into – do you trust, them? Do you trust, Life? To support you? Do you trust – yourself – to be able to give concise directions and instructions, to allow that help in? If it is in a personal relationship, have you even asked for your needs to be met – are you even clear on what you are needing? A lot of the time, people don’t even know what they need, they just sit in resentment, because their needs are not being met, but not even realising it or what their needs even are – or = that you are even worthy of having your needs met! Do you feel worthy of support? Of trust and love? Of help? Do you feel worthy to receive full stop? If you are feeling blocked – what are you blocking in your life? Are you willing to release that block? If yes, are you willing to let in help? To let in trust, love and support? And then, if you say, yes, but – any but after it, comes into a space of a limiting belief you are holding – so let’s release that now, by releasing the but, releasing that thought, that belief that but _____. Remember, you don’t need to ask how, you just need to ask – and the support will come in – if you let it. Notice where you say no, instead of yes, notice where you are blocking your own answers to your own prayers. The question comes in, do you feel safe, to let in support? To allow yourself to be supported? To let go, and fall gently into that support? That pillar of support that is so readily available to you? Do you, feel safe to open? Love xxx Wanting to move through your own blocks that are stopping your own desires of your heart? The longing to feel supported in all areas of your life, to let in love, support, freedom, financial help and more? If you are needing 1:1 support, are feeling blocked and don’t even know where to start to ask for help or even how to delegate what tasks when you are holding it together all so well, but know things need to change, my 21 Day Shifter Program can give you instant clarity and then daily guided steps, deeply personalised and intuitively supported to your individual needs. Psychic guidance, intuitive healing and deep pin point accurate awareness to what is really going on for you, so you can solve it at the core issue and not repeat patterns in your business, home life or personal relationships, click here to book your 21 Day Shifter Program, and start working with me 1:1 right away: https://realityawareness.mykajabi.com/p/21-day-shifter-program

Card #4: Sige. Quiet Time. “Take some time alone, to rest, meditate and contemplate.”

Mmmm, feels like you are craving alone time, away from everything and everyone and all the ‘noise’. You might be feeling increasingly sensitive and just wish the world would go away for a minute! I am getting the message that you CAN create this quiet barrier in your bedroom and/or house. Energetically use your Internal Compass and put the energetic boundaries in place, to keep out energetic noise and other people’s energy so you can indeed have some time and space to recenter yourself. It feels like you have been through some MASSIVE changes recently, that shifted you/saw you changing/moving around March and these changes are starting to taper off now for you, but the reviving and rejuvenating yourself from these changes hasn’t quite occurred yet, hence feeling like you want alone time right now. Trust these callings of needing space, as they are deeply aligning and centring you, recalibrating you if you may. And this, is aligning you to the callings of your heart. It feels like what you’ve been through recently was deeply out of alignment, hence the changes and now you’ve come into more alignment than ever, but it is also a space of needing to find your centre and just allow the changes you’ve recently endured to, integrate and find your new you. I am also getting the message to be super gentle with yourself right now, as it feels you are also questioning everything you’ve ever done at times, yet, Sige comes to quieten your racefull mind and drop into your heart. Of course, what you have done in the past is correct. If you were meant to make a different choice back then, you would’ve. So let that go. Be in your heart and feel all the feelings, painful and joyful of all the choices you’ve ever made and know – that all those times – you were only doing what felt right in your heart, in that moment. I am also getting the message this isn’t the time to be making any major decisions right now. If you get ideas about things you want to do, just write them down, yet, this is a time for integration, stillness, self care, self love and just being 100% present with yourself, away from all the ‘noise’ and yes, that includes your racefull mind. We love you mind…. just expand your heart energy into your mind, that is all. Breathe. Allow. Be. Of course, if you are getting the call to move home, to travel to a quieter location or take time away from those involved – trust this 100%, even 1 night away will help revive your Soul. It feels like you’ve been pushing yourself for quite some time, now is a time for integration, breathing and being. Allow. Trust. You will get the intuition on when to take action, but that, isn’t right now. So trust this space of integration and being with yourself and your heart, feelings and all. Breathe. Love xxx If you would like help in creating deep energetic space for creating space for you energetically, plus clearing out what is not yours, knowing how to do this for yourself and finding how you can even have space for you in your crazy fast paced world that you just want to disappear from right now, my 21 Day Shifter Program is a deep holding space place, where you can be deeply held in my energetic field of Divine and Pure Love, Support and pin point precision accuracy of what is going on, what needs to change, how you can support yourself and your life moving forward now and allow this space you are so deeply craving for 21 Days of unlimited voice message and text message support do exactly this. Click here for all the details and be held in the divine love and purity of energetic space to set your life back into complete alignment and purity that you are craving, just to be held and protected, the world can wait: https://realityawareness.mykajabi.com/p/21-day-shifter-program

Card #5: Kuan Yin. Compassion. “Release judgements about yourself and others and focus on the love and light that is within everyone.”

Mmmm, I am getting the strong message you have been using force and pushing to make this happen! What is that? What are you trying to make happen? I am getting the sense you need to let go beautiful one, you need gentleness, softness and just a darn break right? It feels like this space of Compassion – can you feel it seeping through your energetic field as you read this? This deep Compassion, this softness, this gentleness, piercing your hard barrier, to LET IN the love you are so deeply craving in this space right now. Nothing get’s solved with force and pushing. Sure, maybe you can get alot done, but it is stressful at times right? If you have pulled this card today, Kaun Yin, has come to you today to just remind you to drop into the softness, drop into your Heart space, drop into the exhale and completely allow yourself to let go and TRUST that this is all working out. What have you been worried about? It feels like you’ve been trying to force something to happen, but you’ve recently let go too, but are still, hmmm, energetically holding on? How can you totally let this situation go and drop into complete trust? Where can you give to yourself? Where is your self care at? Where are you not letting in help, support and love? Where can you be…. free of the harsh judgements that you are holding within yourself and your mind that you can set your energetic self free of the grudges you are constantly beating up against in your energetic self? Are you aware of the way you talk to yourself? Think about yourself? Do you notice this? Are you aware? If you, spoke to your friend – how you speak to yourself, how do you feel they would feel? Do you remember that you need to be kind to yourself? To speak to yourself with the same kindness you would a friend, or a puppy dog? Mmmm, there it is, that divine softness, that gentleness, that COMPASSION about this entire situation. Where can you bring more softness into the space, where can you bring more gentleness to the space? I am getting the message too, if things were going really well and then that’s changed, it’s not that you’ve done anything wrong, or all the work you’ve done has gone out the window, it is more that you are moving through the stuff that no longer is in alignment for you and it is time to shift it out. So bring gentleness to this situation, not harshness and remember – see everything as a puppy dog, including yourself, who just needs some gentleness and love to thrive on the other side of this situation for yourself. Do you, trust? Love xxx If you are stuck and worried about the outcome, wondering what will really happen and just need someone to bounce these ideas off, plus guide you through the gentleness and how you even do that for yourself in such a situation that you are in, for 21 Days I can support you with deep love, compassion and so much care, to guide you gently but strongly support and hold you through this space, so that you may indeed, thrive on the other side of this. Are you ready to be supported in such a depth of warmth, understanding, love and care? Click here for all the details of my 21 Day Shifter Program, let yourself be held right away: https://realityawareness.mykajabi.com/p/21-day-shifter-program

Card #6: Eireen. Peace. “There is no need to worry, as everything is working out beautifully.”

Mmmm, I am getting the sense that if, even only the past few hours, that deep sense of Peace has come streaming back into your Life and being right? Things may have become rocky recently with these turbulent changes that you kind of didn’t see coming so quickly and it was a bit uncertain for a bit there, but now, something has shifted, just recently, this past few hours and that deep seated, sense of Peace that you had been feeling for quite some time is back – YAY!!! I am getting the message too, that towards the end of the week, something else may pop up, but it is no way what has been and like another little clearing to really embody that Peace deeper than you’ve ever felt in your entire life before. It feels like all the work you’ve been doing recently (because you’ve been very committed to it right?) is about to pay off in a way that you haven’t seen coming (in a good way!) and all your dreams are right there for you. Just walk through the energetic veil and let them in. This is what you’ve been doing all you have been for quite some time. I am also getting the message, that something – do you have a business? Something is going to positively change the way you do business and this is going to be a great help for you and shift you faster than what you thought you could ever grow in your business. If you don’t have a business, something in your work life or personal life is going to shift rapidly and with a great amount of joy (are you expecting? 😉 ) Everything is going to be just 100% fine and Eireen has come to you – to confirm what you already know deep, deep in your heart, with no mind distractions – that everything, is totally amazing and going to be just 100% fine. I am getting the message to, that ‘hold on for the ride’ I just heard and I am getting the sense that this next few weeks is going to bring great blessings, welcomed divinely guided changes and a lot of JOY. Are you ready to let in that joy? Oh yes, you sure are 🙂 Enjoy it beautiful and spread it through every message you share, every smile you capture – allow the pure essence of your being to SHINE dear one, it’s time. Love xxx If you are wanting pure divine guidance personalised for your business, personal life and career to sparkle your way to the top and own your divine essence through the purity of your business, life and who you are, for 21 Days you can receive direct from the Source, pure personalised intuitive guidance and psychic insight to complete use this energy to align wit your Life Purpose and manifest it through pure light into your physical realm, to attract every good thing, person and opportunity, just like you’ve been wanting. Click here for all the details and to commence right away to direct this incredible energy in the highest way possible: https://realityawareness.mykajabi.com/p/21-day-shifter-program

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