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Awakening Your Life Purpose - by choosing it
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Everything is available to you – the question is, do you choose it?

Everything is available to you – the question is, do you choose it?

Everything is available to you – the question is, do you choose it?

You can have anything you want, you can manifest everything that you can ever imagine, you can have it all.

You can wish for it, visualise it, embody it, live it in your mind, do the work to receive it and make it happen.

Yet, the question is – do you CHOOSE IT?

Might sound a bit funny, or weird, ‘Well, of course I have chosen it Hannah, this is what I want.’

Wanting something and choosing it are different vibrations – they are different frequencies. Can you tune into that and feel that as you take a sec to tune into it now?

Wanting something comes from a lack space, from an emptiness, from – a place where you don’t already have it. From a ‘wishful thinking’ place.

Choosing something – comes from an irrevocable and dedicated space that – of course it is here now, of course it has happened, of course IT IS DONE. Of course, you already have it, are living it, ARE IT.

Choosing it, comes from a space that indeed you know all realities exist at once – but you CHOOSE to live that now, you choose to lean into that space and you not only feel it in your bones – YOU ARE IT.

Choosing it, comes from a powerful internal space that you have shifted into it, because it is it, it is done, it is alive and real and here already, because in truth? In reality? It is!

There is no time and space, there is only now.

There is only the choice to choose it now.

Choosing it, comes into a place of your reality shifting right before your eyes, because of your irrevocable dedication, understanding it just turns up, just like that.

With effortless flow and grace.

Yes, you turn up to it, because you are it.

Everything you do, everything you ARE – makes it your reality.

The question is, do you choose it?

Do you choose to be what you want?

Do you choose to be what you have?

Do you choose to be what you desire?

What are your desires?

What are your needs?

What are your wants?

What is your Heart Speak?

Do you even know?

Are you even clear….. of who you ARE?

Every single thing you can imagine in your mind – already exists – and it is of your choosing that it IS WHO YOU ARE.

And thus, what you experience.

Do you…. CHOOSE it?

Choosing comes from this place of irrevocable power that…. you also CHOOSE.

Do you?

Warmly, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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