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Reality Awareness | Food
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What you put in your body makes a big difference to your entire life.

Yes, reaching a place of enlightenment like Buddha, shows us that at that level, things don’t affect you.

However, how many of us are at that level? Are you?

Here I share my easy food recipes. Simple. Intuitive. Clean eating.

I just make stuff up… ❤️🌱🌻🌱❤️

~ Sliced mushrooms 🍄 (if I see something pre-sliced or big mixes of raw veggies for stir fries for example I buy them cause then simple to mix some sort of sauce through it)
~ Tomatoes 🍅
~ Cucumber 🥒
~ Avocado 🥑
~ Sauerkraut

Sauce: apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, olive oil, nurtritonal yeast (to taste, I just add bits to taste)

**Nutritional Yeast is full of B vitamins which is vey helpful not eating meat!
**Apple Cider Vinegar helps to make stomach acid stronger which is our first line of defence for our body killing bugs that we ingest (so best not to drink alkaline water because it lowers stomach acid)
**I always eat sauerkraut with every meal I possibly can to get probiotics in (which is essential as doing enemas everyday with start of this detox, plus supplementing probiotics)
**I always make sure some kind of healthy fat with each meal to make me full otherwise would be just starving all the time!
**I make big batches of whatever up then can just put in bowl and eat as I am I hungry
**I only eat when I’m hungry


I don’t enjoy taking this at all…. but it’s where vegans get their protein – from greens…. and this is the highest source. I take (will work up to 2 tsps) 1 tsp 3 x a day with water and then put a piece of fruit in my mouth straight after 😂🍎

I remembered this recipe when I saw the half sweet potato left in bottom of fridge because Adaya won’t eat cooked sweet potato (or raw!)… I realised too I have been eating hummus this week, which hasn’t been ‘raw’ but I’ve allowed myself to eat it. This recipe simple:

~ Sweet potato 🍠
~ Garlic
~ Parsley

Put in food processor to chop small (have seen it where sweet potato is grated but this is way easier and quicker). Add hummus and stir through. Make into patties. Put in dehydrator overnight (or around 8-10 hours).

I served this on lettuce with the left over sauce from the other day, Braggs soy sauce, peanut butter & honey.


~ PawPaw (seeds as well they are good for parasites)
~ Banana 🍌
~ Lemon Juice 🍋
~ Chlorella with water


I always keep kelp noodles in the cupboard as they are a quick raw food that I can add any sort of sauce too for an easy meal.

This vegan Thai pesto is also good to keep in the fridge for I can mix that into any meal easily for #rawfood too 😍

~ kelp noodles
~ vegan pesto
~ sauerkraut
~ avocado 🥑
~ lemon 🍋
~ cucumber 🥒

I always find it fascinating when going raw, what foods I find myself craving to what is parts of my body are calling it and healing the particular parts of my body ❤️ I can’t seem to get enough cucumber at the moment 🥒

So I’m very aware that I have up and down days anyway, but on raw, it is more noticeable… that is when cravings kick in for yes, certain raw foods to help my body…. but of course, when first starting the cravings for my favourite comfort cooked foods definitely come in waves.

And by waves, I mean that there seems to be a 2-3 day pattern and that when I crave my comfort foods, and obviously can’t have them, a pile of emotions come up instead (well they would be there anyway just I have to face them now 😉) and I’ve been releasing heaps because of this….

Lots of ‘space’ is being created…..

2 days ago I was deeply cravings some kind of crackers and dips…. so I made a substitute ‘cracker’…. I have been craving onions… I know they help the Heart… and also are good for killing parasites… and it ‘filled my cracker gap’….

~ sliced onions (mandolin is amazing for ease of slicing!)
~ chopped cashews (ground in food processors for ease)
~ nutritional yeast
~ garlic
~ apple cider vinegar

Mix the ground cashews and nutritional yeast together. Add to sliced onions and mix with hands to coat. Add minced garlic and tiny amount of apple cider vinegar. Put in dehydrator overnight.

Yum ❤️🌱🌻🌱❤️

So simple but so yummy….

~ sliced cherry tomatoes 🍅
~ red onion
~ coriander
~ watercress
~ apple cider vinegar


Raw Curry

Not sure it’s 100% raw, as I used curry paste that was in my fridge…

And again, those pre cut up veggies packets! #gold

~ stir fry veggie packet
~ curry paste
~ tin coconut cream/milk (again not entirely ‘raw’)

Pretty simple, mix curry paste with coconut milk, mix in veggies and put in dehydrator with cover on top (so you don’t dry them out!)

Warming food this way in dehydrator takes more time and preparation time yes, but is good in winter (we just had cold rainy day in between our warmth of spring!)

I left it in the dehydrator overnight. And then a bit longer 🙈 and tasted slightly fermented! (Was bubbly). But I still ate it. And will probably just leave it in for 10 hours next time… not nearly 18 lol 😂


#makingitup #intuitiverecipes

Simple & Quick – the way I like it and need it with my lifestyle 🌱

~ Cucumber 🥒
~ Vegan Thai Pesto Sauce
~ Nutritional Yeast
~ Dulse flakes

Cut up cucumber 🥒 Mix in pesto sauce, nutritional yeast and dukes flakes and eat 👅


My favourite recipe for Kale Chips is:

~ Lemon Juice 🍋
~ Braggs Soy Sauce
~ Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar
~ Tahini
~ Crushed Garlic
~ Olive Oil

Mix in a bowl, add ripped up kale leaves, coat, place on dehydrator and dehydrate overnight or until crunchy.


Rosemary, Liquorice Root, Pine Needles for a pot of Tea…. too many benefits to list, so I’ll leave that to Markus to tell you, it is where I learnt it from after all 😍 https://youtu.be/E-rxEG6xJOA


I share alot of these recipes and other amazing FREE information to help you become more aware of your reality in all aspects in my FREE support group on facebook – come join us there?  https://www.facebook.com/groups/realityawareness1111/