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Reality Awareness | Full Moon Ceremony, Live Online
Full Moon Ceremony, Live Online every month, attend, no matter where in the world you are.
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Full Moon Ceremony

Mmmm, the Magic of the Moon Goddess has arrived, welcome beautiful one!

I feel excited that you are drawn here!

Moon Ceremony, especially the Full Moon Ceremony is a POWERFUL event that can shift your life in dramatic ways.

Currently, we are in the midst of 3 Powerful Super Full Moons – final one is on the 31st January and this is giving us a Blue Moon, as there was another Full Moon at the start of January!

This is also a Lunar Eclipse and this Eclipse gives us the portal and has been clearing generational ties. Have you been feeling it over the past 6 weeks or so? Are you ready to come and clear it all out for good and reset yourself for 2018 and beyond with YOUR life, not your generational lineage and beliefs tying you down?

What a way to welcome in 2018!

Why the Full Moon?

Under the Light of the FULL Moon, you are shown EVERYTHING. Everything is in FULL view.

After being initiated into the Triple Goddess through powerful ceremony in April 2015, I have been called to hold Full Moon Ceremonies Live Online every month.

This Live Online Full Moon Ceremony is for you if:

  • Want to see the big picture on what is going on with a particular issue in your life
  • Are ready to make some big changes and are needing support with that
  • Want Soul level healing and shift core Soul DNA woundings
  • Want to grow your business
  • Want to heal your relationships
  • Are ready to step into the next level of your Soul’s consciousness leading you along the path to align you with your Life Purpose
  • Awaken your Priestess Power and step into your Higher Self
  • Increase your psychic abilities
  • Increase your intuition
  • Attune your cycles to nature
  • Balance your hormones
  • Connect with tribe and people who understand you
  • Fine tune your Healing powers

So how does it work?

  • Full Moon Ceremony is held Live Online monthly in the Moon Ceremony Facebook Group
  • Upon paying and booking you will receive an email that will provide you with the latest details of the upcoming Full Moon Ceremony

What if I’m not in Australia and can’t make the Live Ceremony in my timezone?

You are given 48 hours access to the group so you can watch the replay at your leisure. It is recommended to google Full Moon time in your timezone for example: Full Moon Time December 2017 Brisbane Australia, to find out when the Full Moon is exact and then you can watch the replay at the peak Full Moon time in your timezone. Anytime within 24 hours of the peak Full Moon time plus the 3 days either side of the Full Moon is when the most effects are felt, so this is perfect time for you.

There are two options:

  • Pay once only for 1 Full Moon Ceremony (you will be given 48 hours access to the Moon Ceremony Facebook Group for the Full Moon Ceremony)
  • Join the Monthly Membership (you are given access as long as your membership continues. Whichever price you join with, is grandfathered to you. Which means any price increases over time, you stay with your monthly original sign up price)

What happens in Ceremony?

  • Completely intuitively channeled live
  • Bring a cup of tea with you to the Ceremony Livestream
  • Being intuitively guided, it is different every time, yet, consists of meditation, calling in (whatever comes through ie business clients, soulmate, love, healing, money, more) clearing, shadow work, healing the planet, visioning and more
  • I usually pull cards for everyone that joins the livestream as well
  • Complete Ceremony opening and closing rituals and more
  • Spiritual Healing is imminent in this process, so be gentle with yourself leading up to and after the event. Let alone the Full Moon Energies, coming to ANY ceremony is life changing in positive ways (just think back to high school graduation or any graduation, it created life change yes?). Sometimes we can have emotional stuff surface before Ceremony, just be with it, it is just coming up for clearing, which is why you will be called to such an event, so you can clear the slate and bring into your life what you are asking for.

Would love to see you there if you are called for it and what I intuitively channel through for you on that Full Moon. It is a Soul calling thing after all. Love xxx

Full Moon Ceremony Details:

Full Moon Peak is 31st January at 11:26pm Brisbane AEST. This will be held live, online through the Full Moon Ceremony Facebook Group. If you can’t join us live, it is fully recorded and there for you when you are ready. This will be held outdoors at the beach (as long as it’s not raining) and I am looking forward to holding this at the cliffs at Moffat Beach, Queensland Australia, waiting for you to join live online. This is the 3rd of our Super Moons, a Blue Moon and a Total Lunar Eclipse, which is where the portal opens to clear generational karmic ties. This is going to be powerful!

The Full Moon Ceremony will be held live online at:

  • Wednesday 31st January 6:30pm Brisbane AEST
  • Wednesday 31st January 8:30am London GMT
  • Wednesday 31st January 12:30am Los Angeles PST

Through this Sacred Full Moon Ceremony we will be:

Full Moon Ceremony Details:

  • I am looking forward to holding this at the cliffs at Moffat Beach, Queensland Australia, waiting for you to join live online. This is the 3rd of our Super Moons, a Blue Moon and a Total Lunar Eclipse, this is going to be powerful!
  • Clearing Generational Lines
  • Clearing Limiting Beliefs holding you back from your goals and visions for 2018
  • Receiving your Golden Gift/Key that is your turning point for your dreams to manifest and align in 2018

The Full Moon Ceremony is the Blue Moon and total Lunar Eclipse and will be held live online at:

  • Wednesday 31st January 6:30pm Brisbane AEST
  • Wednesday 31st January 8:30am London GMT
  • Wednesday 31st January 12:30am Los Angeles PST