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Reality Awareness | Life Purpose Mentorship, Life Purpose Group Coaching, Lightfilled Yoga, Psychic Development, Divinely Guided Business Strategies
A divinely guided space for you to Awaken Your Life Purpose - it's time for you babe, are you coming?
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Life Purpose Mentorship

Awaken Your Life Purpose

Life Purpose Group Coaching, Lightfilled Yoga, Psychic Development and Divinely Guided Life Purpose Business Strategies

All in one divine place to support you to Awaken Your Life Purpose.

“What if I don’t know what my Life Purpose is?” Is one of the most common question I get asked.

My response is always the same, if you know that deep down and have experienced any of these before:

~ You have this deep desire to change the world (that seems crazy to others!)

~ Feel like you’ve never fit in

~ Always felt like you were born for more

~ Know you are here for BIG things, but not sure what exactly

~ Are mis-understood by almost everyone you know

~ Feel alone on this path because of it

~ Feel uncomfortable in ‘normal’ jobs

~ Feel lost and confused at what on Earth you are here for

~ Have had a very dark past

~ Resonate with being an empath, sensitive soul, psychic, lightworker and more

Honey, if you said a quiet yes, (or maybe very loud yes 😉 ) to reading any of those, you are already 100% on track for your Life Purpose!

Why? Because you wouldn’t be here, reading this if you weren’t. 

I believe that everyone has a divine unique Life Purpose, yet, Awakening Your Life Purpose, isn’t something that everyone has the COURAGE to follow and make happen in their life.

Yet, if you have found yourself here, reading this? Then YOU DO have the courage!

And you ALREADY ARE? Aren’t you?! I know 😉

The ones with the biggest Life Purpose’s have had the darkest pasts – is this you?

I bet it is!

Perhaps you are deep in the darkness right now and needing SOMETHING that is going to show you your next step….

Perhaps you are clear and on path, but something is still kind of missing in some way, on some level, whether spiritual, emotional, physical, mental, financial or business technical aspects and you are wondering what that thing is…

Life Purpose Mentorship is a Private Membership that offers:

~ Group Life Purpose Mentoring guided by Hannah

~ Awakening Your Life Purpose

~ Get clear on what your Life Purpose even is

~ Bring it into reality

~ Build your psychic development

~ Hone your intuition

~ Trusting your psychic gifts

~ Take your passion and turn it into profit

~ Divinely guided business strategies for your Unique Life Purpose

~ Guiding your children with their highly sensitivities and psychic awareness, keeping them connected to their innate knowing of their Life Purpose and much more on this topic

~ Chakra Consciousness Healing

~ Chakra topics

~ Spiritual Organ repair, clearing, awakening and more (that’s where you receive your intuition)

~ Lightfilled Yoga Classes

~ Lightfilled Yoga specifics

~ Meditation techniques

~ How to approach people to ‘sell’ your divinely guided business (psst, you don’t! I’ll show you how to attract your tribe effortlessly)

~ Psychic awareness, healing from psychic attack, dark spirits, mediumship and much more

How does it work?

~ Bi Weekly Life Purpose Group Coaching Calls (livestreams in the facebook group)

~ 1 x weekly Live Intuitive Lightfilled Yoga class, (livestream in the facebook group)

~ Access to the specific Lightfilled Yoga Class Series

~ Access to the Complete Chakra Consciousness eBooks and Audio Meditations (9 x Chakra eBooks and over 30 audio meditations)

~ Access to all video trainings, live and pre-recorded specific chakra consciousness trainings and guided audio healing meditations and more

~ Bonuses I haven’t even spoken about!

~ ***Squeel!!*** Just released: 12 Divine Steps to Awaken Your Life Purpose! 12 Divine Trainings, fully recorded and is priced at $297, completely free for Life Purpose Mentorship Members – starting on the 21st March 2018



If you’re wanting all the resources in one place, from life, to love, to business, to more, this is where it is at beautiful one, let’s Awaken Your Life Purpose!

Currently, we are up to filming Lightfilled Yoga for the Heart Chakra. The professionally filmed Lightfilled Yoga Classes that are currently available are:

~ Crown Chakra
~ Third Eye Chakra
~ Ears Chakra
~ Throat Chakra

The ones still to professionally film are:

~ Heart Chakra
~ Solar Plexus Chakra
~ Sacral Chakra
~ Base Chakra
~ Integration (all chakras in one)

Due to this increasing Life Purpose Development to support you, Life Purpose Mentorship is $97/month, grandfathered at this price.

The pure magic about this?

Is that this is a grandfathered price. This means, that the entry price that you come in on, as long as your membership is active, you will continue to pay this price forever!

So for example, when the price increases to $147/month, for as long as your membership is active, this price increase will not affect you!

If you leave, for whatever reason and come back, you will enter on the current price that the Life Purpose Mentorship Membership is being offered at.

This monthly membership price is $97/month (USD) – Currently NOW

There is no lock in contracts for how long or little you have to stay. To cancel your membership at anytime, just email hannah@realityawareness.com with ‘CANCEL MEMBERSHIP’ in the headline, with 7 days notice and let me know you want to leave and I will cancel your monthly subscription for you.


12 Divine Steps to Awaken Your Life Purpose

  • Commencing on the 21st March
  • Live fully recorded trainings in the Life Purpose Mentorship
  • Priced at $297 – but free for Life Purpose Mentorship Members
  • OMG Divinely Guided – I am so excited to hold this space of Awakening for you!

Want to know more about what Lightfilled Yoga is and how it contributes to your Life Purpose? 

You can watch my Youtube series here to help you:

Got questions? Email me babe, hannah@realityawareness.com

PLUS BONUS Access to How To Read Your Own Tarot Cards (priced at $97) when you subscribe to Life Purpose Mentorship (Plus so many other bonuses not even mentioned here!)

~ Read your own cards like a pro! You’ll never have to book a psychic reading again!
~ Increase your intuition
~ Know which card deck is the best for you to purchase
~ What is best, oracle or tarot cards?
~ Tips that only Psychic’s know that you will now know too to receive the messages you need to know, pronto!


Upcoming Live Trainings (all fully recorded so you can watch at your leisure): 

  • Upcoming dates will be added very soon! Watch this space 🙂

Previous Trainings (that you have access to in the Mentorship): 

  • Tips for your Facebook Business Page. How to get more engagement on your business page, grow your page to more followers and more
  •  Intuitive Lightfilled Yoga
  • How to set up your email system (Convert Kit) and basic tips for using it and how to connect it to other platforms, including what is the API key that you need and what that all means
  • 1Legal Jargon and Terms – what you need for your business
  • 12 Divine Steps To Awaken Your Life Purpose Course
  • Awakening to Your Life Purpose
  • Let Yourself Receive Without Guilt
  • Aligned Action – what is it? How? Why? And mapping out YOUR Daily Aligned Strategy
  • Sabotage & Your Life Purpose
  • Healing from the Witch Hunts
  • Intuitive Lightfilled Yoga
  • Breaking the Myths of Your Life Purpose so you can be clear in YOUR Unique Life Purpose
  • Journalling Secrets. I give you the goss on ‘how to do it right’ and how to make it actually work for you. Psst, it is more than just writing things down!
  • What if my Life Purpose is not an online business? What do I do with my Life Purpose and how do I implement these practises I keep seeing everyone talk about?” I will answer all these for you and more.
  • Instant Manifestation. Yes it is possible! I will show you how to attract ANYTHING you want and how simple it really can be. That ease and flow everyone talks about 😉
  • Attraction Marketing. How to receive your dream customers, clients and more – without cold calling!! This is a secret that everyone should know! Hence, why Life Purpose Souls DO this and how you can too
  • How to put your business online. Key factors you need and the ones you don’t. Facebook? Email lists? Websites? Which ones? And how?
  • Website Training. Hosting. Domain Names/sites. How to work this out!

Plus sooo much more that hasn’t even been mentioned here!