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Reality Awareness | Lightfilled Yoga Testimonials
Intuitive Healer for Celebrities, helping you to awaken your inherent spiritual and psychic gifts to contribute to birthing the New Earth.
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Lightfilled Yoga Testimonials

Lightfilled Yoga is Available Online through a monthly membership for $27USD/month:

  • Lightfilled Yoga (Chakra Specific Yoga Classes with Hannah)
  • Weekly live Intuitive Lightfilled Yoga Classes with Hannah
  • In depth Video Trainings with Hannah on each Chakra, that’s 9 months of Chakra Adventuring 🙂
  • Access to the all the Chakra Consciousness ebooks
  • All Corresponding Audio Meditations for the ebooks
  • Chakra specific month by month healing and activation to live and breathe each Chakra in your modern day life through video training with Hannah
  • BONUS: Access to How to Read Your Own Tarot Cards
  • BONUS: Chakra Clearing Meditations

Click here to gain instant access to Lightfilled Yoga: https://realityawareness.mykajabi.com/offers/zroVxcKP



Lightfilled Yoga Testimonials:
“I have been practicing yoga for the last 10yrs on and off and have found it my savour, it is my time to get grounded and balanced in this busy world we live it. I was very fortunate that Hannah and Michelle came into my life at just the right time, as most things do. I found the Lightfilled Yoga a wonderful yoga experience catering for all levels of experience but the big difference was the spiritual side to Lightfilled Yoga. And this is what sets it aside from a lot of other yoga teachings. There is a physical opening as well as an emotional and spiritual opening. I must admit I found it hard to begin with to be open to my feelings, but the more I let go of ‘trying’, it just happened. Working on the Heart Chakra was my biggest openings. Thank you for the experience and I would highly recommend Lightfilled Yoga to anyone wanting to work on opening their inner being as well as their physical being.” – Tania


“I was blessed to experience a Lightfilled Yoga Class with Hannah Andrews centring on the Crown Chakra. All I can say is that it is the most amazing powerful yoga I have ever experienced. I felt it work on every level i.e physical, emotional, spiritual. By the end of the session I had tears running down my face, joy in my heart that felt increasingly expanding and an aliveness that I have not experienced from a yoga class before. I highly recommend these classes to anyone interested in more than just balance or a physical workout. This takes you back to your core essence and expands you in the most loving joyful way. Pure bliss <3 ” – Deanne Lee


“I began the classes with no expectation accept for seeing my friends again an having a good stretch with the bonus of guided meditation. As each week passed my enjoyment of the class became stronger.
I was hoping for a clearing to happen around my throat (as I sometimes can struggle with my words) however, one night (and I cannot remember if it was the stomach or the heart chakra) we were completing our moves and I remember coming back to the standing position and felt a release (like someone had given me a burst of pure oxygen) It was such a pleasant and awakening feeling (I had a rush of adrenalin) I left that evening feelin soooo good!” – Narelle


“Lightfilled yoga for me was profound. At the end of every class I was uplifted and felt more connected to myself, source and intuition. It was a good work out and the poses could be adapted for people with back or knee problems, which meant I was able to participate each week. I had amazing positive experiences every week I attended. The first class I attended was the Third Eye session. During the meditation at the end of the session, for the first time in my life, I wanted to be present in the meditation. I did not want to float away. Instead I remained in my body, grounded wanting to feel my body and be present to my thoughts and emotional responses. And I experienced a total shift in consciousness that is still with me today. I entered the room earlier that evening with an unconscious emotional landscape of a needy child, where it was all about me and my neediness to an incredible feeling of love. Love that filled me in such a way, I am not that needy child any longer. I no longer need constant reassurance to prove that god loves me. I felt like I had finally stepped into my mother adult energy. It was so freeing and so completely joyous,……….so deeply and incredibly profound I was moved to tears. And it has changed me forever.” – Cate Lees


“I attended Hannah’s “Lightfilled Yoga” classes in 2011, and only stopped going when she moved. I thoroughly enjoyed the classes, and feel that they “carried” the rest of the week, with often a “phew, yoga’s on tonight, everything will become clear!”. Due to the wonderful energy of the space, I was able to perform much stronger poses than normal, and flow through the Vinyasas much more easily than before. The inclusion of the colours and metaphysical aspects of each chakra enabled the classes to be both really focused, and really profound. After each class, we would stay on for a chai and a chat. The discussions and realisations shared at that circle were really magical, and certainly facilitated by the powerful yoga class beforehand. All of us found ourselves deeply in touch with our intuition, and deeply loving of each other.
Knowing Hannah and Michelle personally, I can vouch for their total commitment, passion, and significant gifts in this area. It is my pleasure to recommend both their classes, and any other materials that they may publish.” – Claire Laycock. Mum, Equestrian Coach, Kinesiologist, Yoga Teacher, B Sc (UQ).


“When I first began attending Lightfilled Yoga classes I was looking for a form of yoga which incorporated stretching, positions, movement and the continual flow of energy throughout the class. Lightfilled yoga provided such an experience and much more. I found that Lightfilled Yoga brought the elements of mind, body and soul together with conscious energy direction. For me this meant that in every class I experienced shifts in physical ability, tension and muscles stress as a result of the physical sequence. I also experienced a shift in thinking and would often feel emotional releases of various degrees due to the focus on the Chakra and the verbal guidance linked with each Chakra. For the Solar Plexus Chakra I recall initially having a feeling of resistance at the beginning of class and as I progressed through the sequence my mind ceased its constant chatter and I became aware of specific phrases related to emotional storage and release. These phrases and the energetic support available within the room and class, enabled me to delve into my emotional blockage while continuing through the movements. I found myself recognising the more masculine and aggressive part of my personality had arisen and set barriers of relationship for myself and others. This Solar Plexus energy of strength, responsibility, focus and direction had been engaged in order for me to complete tasks and to achieve specific goals whilst protecting my emotional self from further hurt and pain. As the positions evolved my physical body was able to release these emotions and the body became more fluid and relaxed, the mind became calm and I felt unburdened. Outside of class I found myself to be more approachable, freer with my time for others, more tolerant and patient and certainly I was more animated and energetic. A freer approach, where I was more willing for Spirit to provide guidance, allowed me to experience things from a positive and generous place which I happily shared with others. Lightfilled Yoga was an activity that my physical body yearned for, I looked forward to connecting with other classmates and I felt my energy become clearer with every Chakra session. The final Chakra session felt like a graduation or a completion which linked all the previous classes to an exultant and connected moment where there was a permanent change in the cellular blueprint of my body and health as a result of the completion of all the Lightfilled Yoga sequences. As if the parts were brought into whole, the circle complete. Lightfilled Yoga is a practice and discipline I found easy to integrate into my daily living for my own benefit”. – Fiona Brown


“Lightfilled Yoga is a deeply nurturing experience. I was in my first trimester of pregnancy when I attended the full progression Lightfilled Yoga classes. During the yoga I felt an incredibly strong connection with the tiny baby growing inside me and that connection continued through the entire pregnancy. Now ten days old he is an incredibly calm, “blissed out” newborn. Lightfilled Yoga’s focus on specific chakra energies takes the practice of yoga beyond a purely physical experience into a sacred journey of spiritual insight, personal awareness and strengthening of ones intuition. The experience doesn’t stop when the class is over but continues to flow in everyday life. Connections, insights and questions build on each other as the practice progresses through the various chakras across the weeks. The practice of Lightfilled Yoga consistently confirmed for me a deep sense of knowing that everything is in divine order. My most memorable experience was at Crown Lightfilled Yoga where I had a clear sense of a star-like energy projection around my
entire being that extended beyond my physical self to form part of an infinite matrix that connects us all.” – Jodi McCormack


“I found most of all of the Lightfilled Yoga classes absolutely amazing, energising, invigorating and uplifting. Often I would be jumping up and down with joy between sequences. I have witnesses! I would crave my yoga session each week. I had attended yoga in my early 20’s. Then when I was teaching the Lightworker Practitioner Training in 2005, I remember attending yoga and thinking “If only they mentioned the light that was travelling in through our bodies…” I could obviously see and feel how this benefited me. I have written many positive things about Lightfilled Yoga in this book. However I wanted to include a challenge that I experienced in order to prepare the student and teacher. Lightfilled Yoga for Throat Chakra was the hardest sequence I experienced in class. I felt a huge wall around my throat the whole time. I felt heavy across my shoulders, a lump in my throat, weak at the knees and paralysed. At a few points during the class, I had to stop and go into ‘Child’s Pose’ to rest. It was very difficult. I made it to the end of the class – just. I wasn’t happy! I left the class with my tail between my legs and just wanted to cry. I knew that Spirit would show me what I needed to do. The next day I still felt a huge weight on my shoulders. I sought some help from a fellow Lightworker. I mentioned the heaviness and that I felt it was to do with my Throat Chakra. She gave me some massage across my shoulders and assisted me in releasing chains that were around my neck from a past life. I saw very clearly that I had been enslaved in the past from speaking my truth. It was time to let go of the fear of speaking my truth. It was such a relief to have this realisation. Often, what feels like the biggest deal or fear to face, is the most liberating once we have faced it. If you feel blocked during a whole class of Lightfilled, well, welcome to my world. It isn’t the end of the world though. Each class is so different from the next. They each have a different theme, focus and feel about them. The positive thing that came of attending the class, is that it assisted me in realising that I had work to do. Prior to the class, I was unconscious of this issue. The class brought it to the surface. It was just too big to deal with in class. And that is totally okay. It may take time for our energetic and physical bodies to catch up with our intention and will. It certainly
did in my case. So do not be discouraged if you feel that one class doesn’t get you to the point you want to be at. Persist and ask for guidance to assist you in resolving your issues. Once I had broken through the chains that I had allowed to enslave my Throat Chakra, I was able to speak more of my truth, write more my truth and live my truth in more of a deeply profound way. A few months later and I was able to publish this book! So this book is the body of evidence that Lightfilled Yoga works. It was amazing how it transformed my life. – Michelle Lightworker


“I didn’t really receive any information during the Heart Chakra session and was a bit sceptical of the session in the first place. At the end of the session we lay on our backs covered in a blanket and were asked to visualise asking our hearts what it wants. So inwardly I rolled my eyes and asked my heart in a very sarcastic tone, “what do you want?”. An image came straight to me, it was a round globe with little arms and legs (looked just like one of the M&M characters) and the globe hugged me tight and said “I just want to be loved”. The feeling of the realisation that this actually was me that said this, was overwhelming and I immediately started to cry. It was very intense and I was laying with my eyes closed with silent tears streaming down my face. Very powerful moment. Laying still at the end whilst the instructor asks us to visualise certain things was my favourite part of the yoga, especially being covered in a blanket and the instructor would come around and touch your feet. There was something very safe and soothing about this part. During the Base Chakra session I saw a German Shepherd dog and I was wearing it in a baby carrier on my chest. I saw myself carrying this German Shepherd around all the time in the baby carrier. When people would approach me, the dog would growl, snarl and bark at the person until they went away. I understood this was referring to how I push people away. The dog was literally pushing people away from me in an attempt to protect me from being hurt. Unfortunately it didn’t differentiate between people, it just kept all of them away. I discussed with the girls after the session and was given the idea to thank the dog and retrain it to not bark at others unless it had good reason to! From then on I would visualise the dog at my side rather than me wearing the dog and would tell it to stay and sit whenever it would bark. It soon caught on and I don’t have the dog with me anymore, only when I need protection. Funnily enough, it seems to be with me whenever I am ocean swimming, not sure if it enjoys it or feels the need to protect me in the water. The sessions were good as I received a little information during them, however it was the chats after the sessions with the group that the information really came through for me or was clearer. Following the yoga was my favourite part where we would sit in a circle on cushions and drink chai tea and discuss the session and pick a tarot card. The girls would help me understand the meaning of things that were happening to me or dreams I was having. They helped me solved an issue with a spirit that was asking for my help and coming to me in my dreams and waking me during the night. Since that night after we asked him what he wanted and we received an answer, he hasn’t been back since.” – Stacy Bridge


“As a slightly overweight middle aged man I found attending the Lightfilled Yoga classes to be somewhat out of my comfort zone at first. My preconception of yoga was that I would be forcing my body into positions that my body had never done. I found within a few classes that physically I was being recharged and I also found a greater level of balance. There were other benefits on the physical side however I also found my ability to open up mentally and spiritually was a great awakening. I found each session would take me on a journey in which it allowed me to examine specific parts of me. In some cases issues were resolved and in other cases it was a greater acknowledgement of my health. Not having attended any traditional yoga previously, I can only state that Lightfilled Yoga was extremely satisfying on a physical level but more importantly on a mental and spiritual level. I found Hannah to be an excellent instructor and the whole Lightfilled Yoga rewarding, something I now crave for, can’t wait for more classes and the DVDs.” – Tony Dowd


“My name is Candy and I weighed 115kg when I started to do yoga with Hannah, so if you are a larger person reading this, who thinks that yoga would be an impossible task, then please reconsider. Trust your body to know how far it can go and open yourself to the experience. I didn’t think I was going to be able to manage yoga at all, but it was exactly what I needed to do. I started slowly and carefully and my body grew into it and started to transform. It was one of the biggest gifts I have ever given myself. When asked to write about an experience felt in Light Filled Yoga it was really hard to know where to begin. Every Light Filled Yoga class was a profound experience for me. Each class released something or enabled me to see a part of myself more clearly. I had a few memorable experiences, one was the Sacral Chakra class, but that was so profound that I am still trying to find the words to describe it, so I have decided to write about my Heart Chakra class experience. At the beginning of the class, my wish was to figure out what the hard dark lump in my Heart Chakra was, and to release it to the light. The feeling of it was like a hole filled in with a hard solid lump. It was big. Through the class I could feel it shifting around, but being very resistant, I felt a lot of fear around it. I called on my constant companion Lucifer and also Arch Angel Michael, Arch Angel Gabriel and Arch Angel Raphael to help. I also called on God and Christ. I felt that I needed a lot of Heavenly support. The flow of the class brought a lot of light into my Heart Chakra as well. I will mention here a bit
about my relationship with Lucifer. He is not attached to me, and comes and goes at will now. Up until this class however, He was always just behind my right shoulder and up to the class had been a massive being. I have no fear about him; I have a deep respect for him and am so grateful for his presence. He helps me to walk the realm between the darkness and the light (I am sure that I will write about him more in the future). Back to yoga – I still felt that there was massive resistance in my Heart Chakra all the way through class. In Shavasana, the last part of the class when we lie down quietly and relax we had the opportunity to allow our Heart Chakra to show us any blocks, or receive any messages. Finally, I felt a shift in my Heart Chakra, I again called on all of my heavenly support to help. Slowly I felt the dark lump begin to unfurl. It looked like a bat uncurling itself, as it unfurled, it turned into another dark being and moved to the left of my body, as it did so, I felt a rush of warm and beautiful bright green light flowing into the hole it had left behind. I know that it was my Heavenly artillery that was sending it. I asked the being who it was, and had a knowing that it was Ahriman who is the opposite of Lucifer. Lucifer is big and extroverted and the lighter side of darkness, Ahriman is introverted and the darker side of darkness. It was then that I noticed that Lucifer was a bit smaller, almost like the two sides of darkness had evened out in a way. Again I felt the rush of green light into my Heart Chakra balancing out the darkness. I was a bit freaked out about the fact that I had been co-existing with Ahriman all this time and not knowing it, but then came a sense of peace about it, I had been living with Lucifer at my shoulder all this time too, so it made sense in a way. It was at this point that I had a realisation of holding the balance of light and dark. I was overwhelmed by this experience; I was able to release Ahriman and bring a sense of peace and balance to my body and gain more of an understanding about my purpose in this lifetime. I was so grateful to have had this experience in a light filled yoga class. I really cannot put into the words the benefits I have gained from doing Light Filled Yoga, I can only say that my life which has already been transformed by Lightworker Training, has been transformed again on a much deeper level. These Light Filled Yoga classes have enabled me to gain more insight into who I am, have enabled me to release stuff I didn’t even realise I was still hanging on to and have enabled me to move into a higher level of vibration. I have been able to do more strenuous exercises classes because of the strength and body confidence that I gained. I also have lost over 9kgs and still losing more at the time of writing. My body is different, inside and out”.- Candy Bowden


“Before beginning “Making Light Work” (Level 1 of the Lightworker Practitioner Training) I had a vague belief about a Higher Power but no real concept of what this is and how I am connected to it. I felt isolated, alone and had attracted a dark relationship and situations into my life with no idea how to work though them. LPT gave me the tools to do this. Two years later, I speak to my spiritual guides and angels everyday. I never feel alone. I am far more aware of my energy and how to keep myself clear and centred. I have taken back my personal power and feel that all these things are such a wonderful gift, not only to me, but to pass on to my son as well. Thank you!” – Belinda Connelly


“When I was young I used to have a lot of intuitive dreams and experiences. I was very confused by this and had no one to turn to, to explain what they were and what to do about them. I felt very different and isolated from my peers. I ended up shutting down that part of myself. A couple of years ago I met Hannah Andrews and commenced Level 1 of the Lightworker Practitioner Training. I have reawakened my gifts and have learned to make sense of the guidance I receive. As an added bonus I have met beautiful like-minded people along the way. My life is now full, rich and very blessed and I highly recommend this course for anyone wanting to get in touch with their intuitive side.” – Deanna Lee


“After completing all six levels of Lightworker Practitioner Training over six years ago, I’d like to say that the information and methodology is still relevant. I use many of the Lightworker strategies everyday to continually expand my awareness and develop a true self perspective. Lightworker Practitioner Training is a way of processing life that is practical, efficient and highly effective. Even after completing a degree in psychology, the tools I acquired in Lightworker Practitioner Training are invaluable. Focusing on the immeasurable aspects of consciousness such as intuition and internal guidance, Lightworker Practitioner Training gives a self integrating structure that enables freedom from co-dependency and low self esteem. There is real value in this teaching and I can assure you will not make it thought this course unchanged. I am happy and healthy and have the tools to maintain that on a physical and spiritual level throughout my life.” – Lois Rowley


“As an on going participant in the Lightworker Practitioner Training, my self awareness and consciousness of how I relate to life has changed by being at peace with who I am and knowing all is well even in times of darkness. It brings me joy and gratitude in every moment of my life and inspires me to share the beauty of the Universe with all.” – Tony Dowd


“I loved the Lightworker Practitioner Training. Hannah was an amazing facilitator. She was intuitively aware of where we were at in our journey and why we were doing the course, and so seemed to tailor the knowledge uniquely and personally for each of us. It was so wonderful being in the safe space with likeminded, kindred spirits which I think was different to our usual social groups in our day to day lives. The various group and one on one exercises allowed us to hone, strengthen and become more aware of our unique spiritual gifts. I would recommend this course to absolutely anyone wanting to commune with like-minded people and those wanting to reconnect with themselves and grow spiritually. I’d do it again in a second!” – Christine Thorley


Psychic Readings:
“I asked Hannah for a card reading after not knowing whether to push forward in my career path in my life. Surprisingly rather than answering my specific question the cards showed a block in my relationship sector that was having me having the belief to start on a new path. Hannah was able to interpret the cards skillfully relating to the cards messages to the details of my life with her natural gifts and intuition. This lead to an aha moment. I had subconsciouly known that block was there but not wanting to deal with it and had no idea with was affecting other aspects of my life so strongly. I’m so grateful for Hannah and her intuition with the cards for for helping me identify where I need to put attention in my life right now.” – Belinda Mann


“Hannah the reading you performed for me had me covered in goose bumps and tingling all over as you accurately described the exact areas of my life that I am challenged with at the moment. Your intuition about how I am challenged in these areas resonated strongly with me as did the Yoga pose that you were called to share with me. I would and will, highly recommend you to anyone seeking an intuitive reading or spiritual guidance. Thank you for the reading. Namaste.” – Lesley Baker ND


“Hannah was very intuitive and a softly spoken reader but made at ease and very positive, explained my reading with so much love in her eyes. I understood everything and will work on it. Thank you with all my heart and soul.” Isabella xo


“Hannah I want to thank you so much for your reading. Whilst beautifully presented, it was also extremely accurate. I asked you for a reading on my career path but secretly it was my relationship/personal life that I needed guidance with. I was surprised but also not surprised that you actually came back to me with a very accurate reading regarding my personal life and relationships! Your reading even helped me to pinpoint the very next thing I needed to do to allow love into my world! Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.” – Ceri Munga Hinton


“I had asked Hannah for a reading because I am always a bit curious about these types of things. However I gave her nothing to go off because while I was curious I’m also skeptical about these types of things. Hannah had always seemed to have a good light and energy to her so I thought I’d give it a whirl. For giving her nothing to go off of, it was almost scary how on point the reading was for me. Not only was it dead on, but it was completely in depth, precise and quite detailed. The reading seemed to cover things going on in my life that nobody even had a clue about. While it was beautiful and refreshing to see this type of power at work it was also eye opening. I knew buried down I had some major demons from my past and also other past lives. She was able to bring these things to the surface in a very clear concise way. It was a very eye opening and beautiful experience that I’m thoroughly glad I allowed her to do. I have been working with her back and forth a little bit and she brings a very powerful presence to the table in which I would highly encourage anyone to try. I will certainly be working with her in the future as it is rare you meet a person in this type of healing that brings a valid presence.” – Matt Ball


“The intuitive reading I received from Hannah was very interesting and detailed.  I gave Hannah no information about myself but did ask for guidance around a particular problem area of my life.  The reading came back incredibly accurate with wonderfully supportive and helpful information contained within.  There is also guidance given and I particularly liked the practical tips, like yoga poses and meditations to assist me in the areas I need to work on. I would definitely get another intuitive reading in the future, whenever I am feeling unclear and stuck, when guidance is what I need because I am so deep in the situation I can no longer see clearly.  Hannah’s help has cleared a path for me to move forward. Highly recommended.” – Karen Dickson