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The most intuitive Psychic Reader you will ever find xx
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Psychic Readings

Psychic Readings

Hey beautiful Soul.

***At the end of March, I will stopping doing Psychic Readings for a time. I have received strong Intuition about this today, and until I get the intuition to do it again (if that happens! Lots of amazing things coming up that my focus is on, so no wonder I received this intuition today! 20/3) Due to this, you will only be able to book a Psychic Reading with me until the 31st March 2018. This will be the last day of bookings (31st March 2018) that I will take so if you want a reading, you will need to book before the end of March. Until I get the intuition to offer Psychic Readings again, to work with me, you can book in for 1:1 Mentoring which you can book by clicking here.

Here’s all the information about Psychic Readings with me.

There are many different types of Psychic Readings I can do for you, Love, Life Purpose, Mediumship and many more. If you don’t know what sort of reading you want, but you just want some answers, a General Psychic Reading is the one to go for.

When you click on the link to book and pay, you will receive email confirmation and you can let me know if you have specific questions or topics that you need help with, or you can just let me know if you want me to see what messages I get for you.

Psychic Readings are Audio Recorded and emailed to you, so you can listen to them over and over again as needed. I also send through a photo of the cards I pull for you and any Audio Meditations that I recommend that will help with the healing for you.

You see, my Psychic Readings are a bit different to most readers. They are more healings than readings, but of course, you receive the information you need. PLUS the healing tools and steps to really help shift your situation.

This isn’t just ‘tell your future and good luck with it’. This is about seeing what is happening for you and giving you the tools to empower yourself to make the changes you need to. You are the creator of your reality and you have the power to change and create your destiny after all beautiful Soul and I am here to guide you to do so.

I also check in with you via email after your Psychic Reading too and feel free to email me regarding your Psychic Reading.

Audio Psychic Readings, emailed to you are $97 and can be booked by clicking here.

If you want a Phone/Skype Psychic Reading, this is a 30 Minute Psychic Reading and is $297. You can book that here by clicking here.

If you need an Urgent Psychic Reading, this option is available to you and your Audio Recorded Psychic Reading will be emailed to you within 24 hours. The Urgent Psychic Reading is $297 and can be booked by clicking here

Psychic Reading Options:

  • If you don’t know what reading to get, this is the one to get
  • If you just want to see what messages come through for you, this is the one for you
  • If you have something specific you want to ask, but you don’t see it on the list here, this is the reading to get
  • Get clear on your unique Life Purpose
  • Know the steps to take to make it happen
  • Understand why your life has been the way it has until this point in time
  • Find out more of why you’ve been put on this Earth, you’re worth being here babe! The Earth needs you 🙂
  • Love Compatability
  • Find out when you will meet ‘the one’
  • What you need to do to prepare to meet ‘the one’
  • Will your ex-lover come back to you?
  • You don’t want to move on, you still love them, but they don’t love you – what do you do now?
  • Rough time in your current relationship – do you leave or do you stay, or how do you get through this?
  • Unanswered questions can be answered
  • Contact a deceased loved one
  • Heal the relationship. Soul’s never die, it is just their physical body that has
  • Get confirmation of their presence with information on you would know
  • Find closure. Which doesn’t mean you forget them, it just helps your heart heal of the devastating grief you feel
  • Let both of you be free. Sometimes you holding onto them, is keeping their Soul from completing important work
  • If you want to ‘see my skills and accuracy in action’ for Mediumship, please watch this youtube/livestream by clicking here
  • Find out your Animal Spirit Guide that is guiding you right now and has a message for you regarding your current situation
  • Connect with your Animal Spirit Totem – your guide for life
  • What Animal are you and how does that affect your life and business?
  • Get clear on the messages the Animals in the physical world are showing you
  • Get clear on what foods you need to cut out
  •  Get clear on what foods/herbs your body is needing right now
  •  Get information on what organ in your body is needing the most support right now and what you need to do to heal it
  •  Simple Food – get clear on what YOU need to suit your lifestyle, this is about keeping it real and knowing how to make changes and support yourself in your modern day busy lifestyle
  •  Clear out your most ingrained money block
  •  Get aligned to money so you can start receiving more now
  •  Start attracting the financial success you know you are capable of earning but haven’t yet
  •  Watch the magic happen and keep it happening so you can tap into your financial wealth now and forever more
  • Cellular activation of wealth consciousness – step out of the poverty trap for good
  • Find out when you will receive your money
  • Increase net worth

Highly intuitive and accurate, Hannah is your Intuitive Healer and Life Purpose Mentor for Celebrities, New Thought Leaders and Top Entrepreneurs.

Delivering messages to the point, yet with gentleness and compassion, you will feel yourself feeling more empowered than ever before.

Listening to your Psychic Tarot Reading you will feel energized, focused and happy again, ready to tackle the world, aligning to your Highest Life Path, your Life Purpose, more than ever before.