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Reality Awareness | Rapid Ascension Awakening
Rapid Ascension Awakening Level 1
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Rapid Ascension Awakening Level 1

Level 1 is all about the deep support needed to Ascend Rapidly. It’s all good waking up, but if you don’t have a clear guide as to what and how, you can get lost, stuck, stay in your not good enough feelings and hide your Soul away, which you deeply already know, what that feels like and it ain’t nice!

Here’s how Level 1 is going to flow: 

  • All Level 1 Training is held in the Life Purpose Mentorship Facebook Group via livestream.
  • If you miss a live training, you have access to the replay for as long as you are a member in the Life Purpose Mentorship
  • Some of Level 1 is pre-recorded training for optimum learning immersion
  • PDF worksheets relational to the video trainings and audio meditations that you can download and keep forever
  • Weekly Live Intuitively Personalised Group Mentoring so you can bring all your questions and ask Hannah live or have your questions answered live so you can watch the replay

What is the Investment?

  • Access to the Life Purpose Mentorship, which is where Level 1 is being held, is currently $97/month.
  • This is a Grandfathered price, which means, as long as your membership stays active, any future price increases will not affect you
  • If you leave for any reason and want to come back into the Life Purpose Mentorship, you enter in at the current available offer investment price at that time
  • Once each Level live training is completed, each Level on it’s own will be available for $497. If you choose to join the Life Purpose Mentorship for the live trainings via the current available membership (ie currently $97/month), you get lifetime access to the specific levels you join in on, for the membership investment, even after you leave the membership, should you choose to.

Also Good to Know: 

  • Once Level 1 is complete, it will be available to purchase on it’s own for $497 (without needing to be a member in the Life Purpose Mentorship)
  • Rapid Ascension Awakening will be Practitioner Certified by the end of 2018
  • Practitioner Certification is a separate module to each Level
  • A prerequisite for the Practitioner Certification will be to complete the corresponding Level

Doors Closing:

Level 1 commences on the 14th May AEST, yet there is already so much content including the 12 Divine Steps to Awakening Your Life Purpose, already in the Life Purpose Mentorship awaiting you, jump in a get a head start!

What’s coming up in the Life Purpose Mentorship:

  • 7th May – Automatic Client Booking Systems
  • 9th May – Combating the reactions of other people when you come out with your spirituality and step up in your Lightworking Business
  • 11th May – Next Level Journalling Secrets

Rapid Ascension Awakening Level 1 Schedule Starts:

  • 14th May Intuitive Welcome & Let’s get Detoxing! Introduction to Gentle, Medium & Let’s Fucking Do This! The Symptoms, what to watch out for
  • 16th May Live Intuitive Lightfilled Yoga
  • 16th May Different Foods for Detoxing, how to detox when you still need to feed your family or have a busy lifestyle
  • 16th Intuitively Personalised Live Group Mentoring
  • 18th Live Food Demonstrations, the best ones to eat for staying on track whilst detoxing
  • 21st May Staying on Track with your Detox
  • 23rd Intuitively Personalised Live Group Mentoring
  • 24th Sacred Powerful Morning Activation Rituals, Evening Rituals for Restorative Sleep & Powerful Mindset Shifts for Rapid Acceleration
  • 28th May How to get that Earth Angel Glow and why it’s so important
  • 30th May Live Intuitive Lightfilled Yoga
  • 30th May Intuitively Personalised Live Group Mentoring
  • 1st June Guided Physical Realm Exploration
  • 4th June Finding Your Flow
  • 6th June Live Intuitive Lightfilled Yoga
  • 6th June Combating Fatigue
  • 8th June Clearing Clutter & your keys to Decluttering like a boss
  • 11th June The Sacred Art of Receiving
  • 13th June Live Intuitive Lightfilled Yoga
  • 13th June Intuitively Personalised Live Group Mentoring
  • 15th June Extreme Self Care

Doors Close:

Exactly What We’re Covering: 

  • Guided physical realm exploration
  • Merging spirituality with physical 3D reality
  • Combating fatigue
  • Deep physical body cleansing, healing & activation
  • Detoxing, food exploration, supplements – gentle, medium and let’s fucking do this PLUS how to do detox and stay in shape when you have your family to feed too, we’ll be diving deep into all of the tricks of the trade so you can actually make this happen
  • Loving limits and extreme stretches to shift to next level – where’s that delicate balance? Activations plus!
  • The keys of reducing overwhelm, so you don’t take 1 step forward and 10 step backwards
  • Sacred Powerful Morning Activation Rituals to keep you on track and highly aware
  • The Sacred Art of Receiving – so you can actually keep the powerful activations you need, and actually, let them IN to create sustainable change
  • Powerful Mindset Shifts for Rapid Acceleration
  • Extreme Self Care – all the insider’s tips to care of yourself to shift rapidly without being wiped with tiredness in the process (sabotage)
  • Finding YOUR flow – because you’re Unique, you ain’t like everyone else right? Finding your Unique gifts & talents and knowing how to use them
  • Clearing the Clutter – we delve into physically de-cluttering, including, home, work space, mind, business and more.
  • Plus how your Psychometry gift is your golden key to de-cluttering like a boss
  • Powerful activation to enable your Earth Angel Magic Glow that everyone notices

Doors Closing: