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Reality Awareness | I ‘see’ you
Intuitive Healer for Celebrities, helping you to awaken your inherent spiritual and psychic gifts to contribute to birthing the New Earth.
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I ‘see’ you

I ‘see’ you

I ‘see’ straight through you… I ‘see’ straight through to the truth. It has been very close to 10 years now, that I have been honing my psychic abilities and almost 3 years now of those, my Clairsentience, my ‘feeling’ has been aptly fine tuning. What I am saying is, I ‘see’ straight through your words, I can ‘feel’ what is beneath your surface words, I ‘hear’ what you are REALLY saying and I ‘feel’ VERY deeply and VERY accurately what you are not even ‘voicing’ to me. Heck, you don’t even need to be in my vicinity, room, let alone the same country for me to pick up what is going on for you, what you are not saying to me, what you are saying about me or what type of person you are! I can pick up things you are not even aware of in yourself, that you have buried deep within your heart, psyche and consciousness.

The other day, someone shared this article on facebook: http://www.elephantjournal.com/2015/05/loving-understanding-an-empath/ and reading it, confirmed again, what is REAL for me and what has been going on for me. You could almost say that I am a bullshit detector and I smell it a mile off. (and way more!). I am an Indigo, I also know that, and I am also starting to learn how to actually use this gift, which so many of us are struggling with on our planet at this time. Yes, we all feel, whether we are in an addiction or not – it just depends how CLEAR we are to discern what the feelings actually are, if they are ours, where they are coming from and what to do with them.

Why am I sharing this? In the past two months, my abilities have skyrocketed even more… why? Because I have taken 6 months to release an addiction – a relationship addiction and my intuition has soared because of it. What do addictions do? They stop us from FEELING clearly. FEELING – that thing we are BORN on this planet to experience. Addictions keep us in our head and out of our Heart – that thing that guides us, that brings us alive and joy and makes us aware of other FEELINGS around us as well as our own.

The factor I am noticing the most, since taking this 6 month hiatus is that I am now realising that my FEELINGS have actually been valid the whole time. Sounds silly I know – but how often do we listen to someone else, over our intuition (gut feeling, knowingness)? The more I move into this 6 months of pure me time, the more I am realising that actually I feel soooo much and it is 100% accurate! I don’t need to doubt myself anymore, that was causing it’s own internal chaos which is a whole story in itself, yet, this time, is helping me to see that my own feelings, my intuition has been 100% spot on the whole time. It was the outside influences that I let deeply impact my own sense of discernment and clouded my judgement due to the advertently way they would cover their own back.

If someone tells you, you are too sensitive – it is time to walk away from them. Let NO ONE tell you, you are too sensitive!!! Your sensitivity is a gift! A HUGE gift! Yeah, yeah, I had heard this for a darn long time too… but I never ‘got’ it until now. We are feeling beings, that is what we have been put on this planet for, to feel, to experience. And if someone tells you, you are too sensitive – walk the damn well away from them! They have reason to tell you this – they have things to hide from you and you are picking up the ultimate truth and even they are quietly gobsmacked at how you damn well know that and so belittle you to keep their truth somewhat hidden and make themselves feel better. Find that door and reclaim yourself.

I have found that, not only are we in a time of very accelerated ascension, but we are also at a point, where we cannot ignore our sensitivities anymore…. we only need to find the gift to heal it. Just take a look at food intolerance’s/allergies these days for example to see the gift is our eating habits/way society chooses to deal with food handling/production that we need, as a community, as a planet, to change what we are doing before we all self-destruct. Food intolerance’s were never like this back when…. What is the gift of food intolerance’s? SO much more awareness to foods and the way production and handling and all that jazz that goes along with that…. times are changing… they HAVE to… It is best to hone our unseen skills that are playing out even when we are not conscious of them and to fine tune them. It is best that as we take care of our physical body, so too, is it time to become consciously and acutely aware of our spiritual body and how that affects our life and planet too.

Everyone can hone these skills. Just like we go to the gym to work our physical muscles so we can get fit, toned and run that marathon perhaps, we too, need to workout/exercise our spiritual muscles – we all have them, just like our stomach, intestines, heart etc. They just need exercise. We need to build a conscious relationship with our Chakras,  heal our wounds that weigh heavily in our aura and block our communication tools. Our Chakras, which house our spiritual organs that are our antenna/radio for the unseen world – these are the special, delicate, sensitive organs that you have that can tell and heal you so much.

Can you imagine, just for a minute if everyone on the planet was consciously aware of all their Chakras? Imagine what that would do for the Planet? For Humanity? We can see it too, when someone is ‘spiritual’ but they are not REAL. They are in their head and not their Heart. Don’t worry, I’ve been there, that is why I can smell it. We can FEEL it – something isn’t quite right, sometimes we can’t quite put our finger on it, but something just isn’t sitting right. Well, I am here to tell you that you don’t need to wait around to find out what that something isn’t quite right thing, don’t wait for the sign to confirm it for you, you just need to trust yourself, your feelings and get on with your life.

Drop into your Heart and out of your mind. Don’t second guess yourself, don’t doubt yourself. You already know. You can feel it. Trust yourself.


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