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Reality Awareness | The Lightfilled Yoga Workshops Have Arrived!!
Intuitive Healer for Celebrities, helping you to awaken your inherent spiritual and psychic gifts to contribute to birthing the New Earth.
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The Lightfilled Yoga Workshops Have Arrived!!

The Lightfilled Yoga Workshops Have Arrived!!

Excitedly, it is time!!
The Lightfilled Yoga Workshops have arrived!!

There are 9 Workshops in total – one on each Chakra. There are 8 Main Chakra’s we work with in this particular Lightfilled Yoga series, yes 8 – we include the very important Ear Chakra’s so we can hear our intuition – our Clairaudience. The 9th Workshop is Integration. When we work through the 9 Chakra Series like this, we call it a ‘Set’.


When you are part of a Set, massive changes occur in your life, as each Chakra has it’s own Consciousness that affects different areas of your life, as you heal your Chakra’s your life also heals. Are you ready to Awaken?

Are you ready for healing_
These profoundly life-changing workshops will be run once a month, commencing with the Crown Chakra on Sunday 26th July 2015. You do not have to attend all of the workshops, although you may want to! And you don’t have to do them in order, although I recommend it! So, it is possible that you can just choose a Chakra you want to heal and attend only that particular one.

Yes, we start at the Crown Chakra and work our way down. Why? Because for eons we have been working from the Base up and reaching ‘up there’. It is time to bring it down to Earth, bring that Spiritual Light IN our body and live IN our body. We no longer need to reach up there anymore and live disconnected cut off from our body lives, times have changed. Just like we don’t need to go and sit on a mountain and meditate and disassociate from society to be spiritual, we also don’t need to live in our heads anymore. It is time we learnt how to relate to one another – consciously. It is time to get grounded in our body and BE the lightworker in everyday life. As Ram Dass so aptly puts it:

“If you think you’re enlightened go spend a week with your family.”

It is time to heal our wounds and stop reacting in ways that disconnect and learn how to stay connected to reconnect with one another. We all need to live on this planet, so let’s find ways to awaken. And this is what Lightfilled Yoga does. Yes, Yoga is powerful at changes one’s brain chemistry and life, yet Lightfilled Yoga takes it one step further. When we consciously awaken and work with our individual and collective consciousness of our Chakras, this awakens realities we haven’t yet explored. We awaken our own unique talents with the world. The reality is that every individual on the planet has their own unique gift and each one is intrinsically tied with everyone else. When everyone has awakened their Chakras, homeostasis is created – not only in their own body/mind/spirit – but with the entire planet. That’s incredible! And it is down right possible!

Working from the Crown down, we learn how to awaken and consciously heal our wounds relating to each Chakra. By doing this, we bring that enlightened, awakened energy IN our body. Once we reach our Base Chakra, we are those enlightened beings, conscious of all aspects of our psyche that allows ourselves to transform ourselves. The ripple effect of that is that we heal the planet at the same time. When we start from the Crown and bring the healed energy INto our body, we can know the truth, see the truth, hear the truth, speak the truth, hold compassion for all life, feel confident of your gifts, nourish in healthy ways and ground your gifts on the planet. When you are conscious of your Chakras, you become conscious of your life, your reason for being here, your understanding of you, and what you have to offer the world, yet, being able to present with what is, in this very moment, and taking each step necessary to fulfill your destiny yet, staying to the now.

With that conscious connection to each of our Chakras, we can bring that awakened energy to the Earth from above, we are here for a reason – lets really BE here now. We no longer need to reach up to the Heavens, we are Heaven, we need to accept it and be present in our body. Until we heal our wounds, it can be tricky to feel safe enough to do that!

In these workshops, you will learn how the energy is flowing specifically through each Chakra and how this is affecting your physical organs, physical body and emotional and spiritual connection. Strengthening your relationship with your Chakras, not only affects and heals your physical organs, but also creates changes throughout your life as each Chakra works with specific issues connected to our Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual reality. As mentioned, each Chakra has it’s own consciousness, so when we are working intimately with these powerful energy centres, we are effectively working on the consciousness of our psyche and this in turn affects our life in very profound ways, in turn healing the world. We uncover hidden gifts and heal fear to help us move forward and step up and out into the world.

Each Workshop will be very different, as each Chakra’s Consciousness is profoundly different and so the course content of each is varied and tailored to facilitate the most effective healing for that particular Chakra. All workshops contribute to your CPD points for Yoga Australia’s Membership Registration and upon request you will be supplied with a certificate of attendance for the workshops you attend.

What to Bring:

  • There are no breaks, so bring snacks to eat throughout the duration
  • Water
  • Yoga Mat (or borrow one from studio) and suitable clothes for a yoga class
  • Journal/Notebook & pens/colours
  • Each workshop may require specific things to bring, please check the workshop listing you are attending.

Where: Bloomin Lotus Yoga, 7/2 Coora Crescent Currimundi, QLD, Australia
Time: 10am-3pm
Investment: $120/workshop (payment plans available upon request)

Crown Chakra: (more information)
When: Sunday 26th July 2015

Third Eye: (more information)
When: Sunday 23rd August 2015

Ear Chakras: (more information)
When: 20th September 2015

Throat Chakra: (more information)
When: 25th October 2015

Heart Chakra: (more information)
When: 22nd November 2015

Solar Plexus: (more information)
When: 7th February 2016

Sacral Chakra: (more information)
When: 6th March 2016

Base Chakra: (more information)
When: 3rd April 2016

Integration: (more information)
When: 1st May 2016

  • Lynne Challis
    Posted at 00:41h, 19 June Reply

    Hi Hannah

    Please can you sign me up for your workshops starting 26th July. I so much look forward to this exciting journey with you.
    Have a beautiful day.

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