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Reality Awareness | Integration – The Final Chapter!
Intuitive Healer for Celebrities, helping you to awaken your inherent spiritual and psychic gifts to contribute to birthing the New Earth.
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Integration – The Final Chapter!

Integration – The Final Chapter!

Oooooooh!!! I am busting with excitement!!! This Sunday is the Final Integration Workshop for this current Chakra Consciousness Series! This has been 10 months of writing and 1 year of planning and I am just a tad excited that I am now 1 year into my 5 and 10 year goal/plan!

Here is an excerpt from the Integration Consciousness Workshop Book:

“Along this journey through writing and teaching the Chakras, I have become acutely aware of living in this current reality. For so long, when I stepped onto this ‘spiritual’ path – or should I say the path of awareness, when I was 21, I jumped from heavy recreational drug use (hitting rock bottom smoking a lot of methamphetamine also known as crack or ice, amongst many other drugs!) to spirituality. It wasn’t until sometime later, about 9 years later, I hit rock bottom in my spirituality, and it was like I woke up again. I had another spiritual awakening. I realised how dogmatic I had become in my spiritual beliefs and how hurtful and isolating it was towards humanity, let alone myself. This was a huge turning point.

I realised that everything and everyone on this planet – is perfect just as they are. I realised that whether you eat meat or not really doesn’t matter (especially if someone else is or not, it’s none of my business!). What matters is what you believe about what you eat. I realised that the drug companies and hospitals and many other things that I was very ‘against’, have their place in this current reality and that everything is needed as it is right now in some form or another, or else it wouldn’t be here. As much as I don’t ‘enjoy’ some things, focusing on them, isn’t going to help the situation. What helps the situation and the planet, is not ‘fighting against’ what I don’t want, but working my ass off, focusing on what my strong intuition is pulling me to do – create a different consciousness. The one I know exists and has previously existed in eons gone by. The matriarchal consciousness is coming back baby – and I am a huge catalyst in making it so!

I realised that the down right nasty and hurtful people are carrying a bucketload of pain and hurt from their past and the hard core drug users – somewhere along their path – something hurt them so bad, they lost their way too. Yet – are they really lost? Or are they on their journey to learning more about themselves? How do I know? How can I judge them on that? Who am I to make a call on what their life is about and their current situation is anything but what it is for them? And what about my judgement of them? My perception and judgement of that person – not only keeps them stuck, but me too. Therefore, nothing changes and the planet stays as it is.

This single most important thing that I have woken up to since my second spiritual awakening in very recent times – is that compassion (love) and only compassion (love) is the single most healing factor on this planet.

I am not saying, that I enjoy hanging around hard core drug users, nor put myself in positions that I am being hurled with very hurtful words and actions (abuse) (anymore!), yet, what I am saying is that can I look past that person’s actions, and see a very hurt little boy or girl inside them, and hold them in a space of compassion because of their past. How does my perception of them – holding them in a space of compassion help them rather than hinder them? Which holds the highest vibration? Compassion for their past or a harsh judgement of their current actions?

As we work through the Chakra’s we have many shifts, lots changes in our lives and we cannot turn a blind eye anymore. If we do, we get sick and nothing feels good. We get good at staying in the flow – because that is where it feels good and anything that doesn’t we become acutely aware of whether it is resistance, sabotage or whether we just really need to close that chapter of our lives.”

The Integration Consciousness Workshop is on this Sunday at Bloomin Lotus Yoga Studio, 7/2 Coora Crescent, Currimundi from 10am-3pm. This is Pay What You Can, minimum $40, recommended $120, yet anywhere in between is fine. This is the last time, Pay What You Can will be available. Please contact me on 0430 563 833 to book your place or email at realityawareness1111@gmail.com and let me know you are coming. Alternatively, you can fill out this form and contact me here >> >>

Here’s to a Peaceful Planet. Namaste.



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