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Reality Awareness | Spiritual Egotistical Bullshit on Emotions
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Spiritual Egotistical Bullshit on Emotions

Spiritual Egotistical Bullshit on Emotions

To think that feeling pain is something that we need to be better than, that pain is a perceived illusion is utter bullshit. There is no greater sense of oneness than to be able to feel pain. Than being able to feel ALL emotions on the spectrum. If we think about oneness, unity and wholeness, how is pain not in that?

This spiritual ego sense of needing to transcend such is ultimately what will keep you stuck on the search for the next greatest thing that will be able to fix you, make you meditate deeper, grow your consciousness this way or that, ultimately you already have all the fucking tools. You were born with it and everyone has it.

When you avoid feeling pain, sadness, heartbreak, hurt, despair, or any other ‘perceived’ negative emotion, and you tell yourself you need to sit still and mediate and transcend it because it is an illusion, you are in effect standing too strong in your masculine energy and completely shutting down your feminine energy.

Your feminine is flowing, moving, feeling, your masculine is directive and still and when in an empowered masculine energy, you can hold the space of the flowing divine feminine without threats, without trying to fix, without trying to change it. You can just be there for it, be there for yourself, feeling safe, protected, loved, held, accepted. All of you.

Our current spiritual consciousness scene is full of masculine dominated threads. Although we think we are being feminine and meditating and whilst AT TIMES strict meditating is good for you, to choose meditating over a good fucking cry because your soul is craving it is like a father (masculine) yelling at child and telling them to stop crying or they’ll give them something to cry about. And the child’s voice completely disappears. (Feminine shutdown)

Or, like the male telling the female she is too emotional and needs to stop or he’ll leave, so she too, buckles up her throat and steps into a people pleasing role in fear of not being accepted.

As a baby all you did was feel. You couldn’t talk and the way you communicated was through crying, gooing and gahing (that the adults perceived about us anyway). You were (and still are!) also able to communicate through feeling, and a sensitive adult would’ve tended to those feelings.

You are a sponge – still to this day – you absorb everything and everyone around you and you don’t even realise it. Well, some of you do and realise how you fucking feel so much of everything around you!

The point of coming into human form is to experience this feeling – pain and all…

Do we sit around and complain about how joyous and happy we feel when we are because “Oh, I shouldn’t be feeling this way, I need to transcend it, it’s ego and he’s attaching to it so I need to change it?” Um. No. You tend to fucking embrace happiness so what is stopping you embrace the pain as well?

Because it’s fucking scary.

Because we’ve been told that we have to be good girls and stop crying or we are given something to cry about about.

We have to put on a brace face because no one wants to hear us cry and it is not acceptable to be upset and even have these feelings because you just took my toy away from me.

Or my girlfriend left me.

Seriously? What is the difference between happiness and sadness? Ultimately, think about it – they are just on the scale of emotions… They are just on each end of the spectrum. Yet, why do we sit there and judge ourselves for feeling shit when we feel shit and are so focused on changing it, yet we embrace happiness and don’t even think twice about our ego when we are happy?

Yes there is the follow your happiness/follow your heart/follow your aliveness/need to stay high vibration etc etc thread stuff here, yet, stay with me whilst I answer those questions later…

So, each end of the scale, there is no difference… really, ultimately…


We are taught as meditators to become detached form your thoughts, to become the observer of your thoughts, that you cannot stop thought, yes with certain techniques we can slow thought processes and change dynamics of thoughts etc, yet, ultimately you cannot stop thought or completely forget about it, and, I ask how is this any different to your emotions?

Now, sounds a bit contradictory I know, as I am definitely not saying detach from your emotions, in a sense of don’t feel your emotions…. Quite the opposite…

We as conscious human beings, are taught that you can feel your emotions, without attaching to them, without allowing that crazy so highly tuned in inspirational mind to jump on every single feeling and attach a story to every single one of them. Phew. No wonder you exhaust yourself! How much do you feel in a day again?! That sponge of yours?!

Yes, with certain techniques you can clear the emotional baggage so that you are not so highly charged about the cellular memory that is associated with particular feelings, that when you feel it, whether from inside you or picked up energetically from someone you walked past in the shops this afternoon, your monkey mind attaches this story to it that keeps us in your head, rather than just staying present in your feeling body and feeling it for exactly what it is, right here, right now and so there it passes right through you…. 

When you are in your joyus feelings, do you cling to them and make them change because, “I shouldn’t be feeling them because it is an illusion and it is just a perceived joy?”

Well, ultimately, there is a deep truth in that… Yet, your EGO doesn’t want you to notice that joy and happiness are also illusions!

The whole detachment thing… The whole drink poison and not be affected thing, comes from being able to see EVERYTHING as transient, ever changing and flowing, so those joyful feelings, well they also eb and flow… Just like the sad ones…

Whilst yes joy peace etc are underlying threads that hold this place together, the fluctuating feelings that are the WHOLE spectrum of the scale – what part of you, is avoiding feeling pain because you need to transcend it – but you’ll happily sit in joy and happiness without questioning it?

What would happen if you allowed yourself that same sense of detachment that allows you to reach joyful states of happiness, also allow you to reach in and feel those painful feelings?

“Well what the fuck would I want to do that for? I need to stay high vibration and meditate and transcend this human reality thing.”

Transcend human reality.

Is that what you cane here for?

Or did you come here to feel, and experience everything for exactly what it is?

When you step back and observe ALL – the happiness and the sadness and every single emotion in between and all the way past each end of that spectrum, you come to a place of peace and detachment that allows you to really be born.

It isn’t about not feeling, quite the opposite, it is about riding that wave instead of trying to run away from it – you dive through it and you come out on the other side with the glistening sun and the stillness until the next wave arrives.

Feel baby. All of it. Feel. 

Love you – ALL of you xx

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