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Reality Awareness | Reading Results are IN! 
Intuitive Healer for Celebrities, helping you to awaken your inherent spiritual and psychic gifts to contribute to birthing the New Earth.
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Reading Results are IN! 

Reading Results are IN! 

READING RESULTS ARE IN!!! If you need help interpreting further your message today, please send me a message. Lots of Powerful Archangel Love ❤️ 

Card #1: Archangel Haniel, Passion

Hmmmm, feels like a deep rhythm and flow is starting to occur in your life and I am hearing it is a big pat on the back for the conscious work you have been doing on yourself. Archangel Haniel is deeply connected to the moon cycles, and it feels like you have been more aware of these recently and connecting deeply into that part of yourself which is deeply starting to stir a long lost part of yourself that thrives on following your passion. ‘But what is my passion’ I hear you ask, it feels like this deep calling is become louder and harder to ignore right now. It feels like shedding has been happening for a few months now and it is becoming more obvious, yet it feels like there are still unanswered questions going on for you… I am hearing ‘wait’ when I type this and feeling that your time is coming, be patient and all is being revealed with every moon cycle you are fine tuning, aligning and becoming more and more in tune with yourself, the natural rhythms of the Earth and the sense I am getting here is don’t worry, what you are doing is working out. You are moving more and more into alignment each day, it is like it cannot not happen now, so stay your path – you are right on it. You don’t need to know all the details right now, they are being revealed as you go. One step at a time, one breath at a time. So breathe easy, breathe deeper, and know that you’re 100% on par, even if it doesn’t feel like at times. Breathe – deeper, knowing how in alignment you truly are ❤️ 
Card #2: Archangel Raziel, Spiritual Understanding 

Ah, this card feels yummy!! Archangel Raziel is like THE spiritual teacher when it comes to understanding everything spiritual. He is here waving his hand saying he is right by your side guiding you every step of the way as you seek your quest of understanding more about the spiritual side of life. He helps you to understand cryptic code when navigating this realm of spirituality and I am getting the sense that he is guiding you to the right places to find the information you are seeking. It is as though he is speaking to you through other people right now making sure you are getting the information that will unlock your souls desires and illuminate the path ahead with the longings of your heart. It feels deeply nourishing for you to receive this card today, like a breath of fresh air almost to hear this message that you are getting or about to get the spiritual understanding you have been wondering about. What is it that comes to mind that you need to take action on to support this in the physical world? What choice do you need to make that entails you action steps to help you do this today? If you are unsure, keep asking those questions rather than closing off with ‘I don’t know’, those questions are your mantra and will keep you open to seeing your path ahead. ✨ 
Card #3: Archangel Chamuel, Peace

Hmmm, this card, whilst represents an underlying peace, I am getting the sense that there is a situation that hasn’t been so peaceful and the first thing that I got when I saw this card for you is about letting go. Let go of what you know isn’t working, honey, right now it isn’t going to change and what has been going on has been affecting your physical health… it is time to let it go and move on. If it is meant to be it will come back to you, if not, it was never meant to be. I am hearing right now, and feel that this is your sign – your urgent sign that it is darn time babe, no more, this is enough. If you want to feel the peace you are so longing to know is possible for you, you need to take action now and stop delaying what you know you need to do. This is just it now. I am hearing ‘do or die’, yes it could mean literally, but I am getting the message of soul dying. Staying in your present situation is going to create this soul dying, yet making the changes you know you need to, no matter how hard, is going to bring you the freedom, peace and aliveness that you know is possible. Who do you need to contact that can help you through this time? What else do you need to do now? Do it babe. 💜 
Card #4: Archangel Jeremiel, Life Review

Oooooh! I love this card 😊 Archangel Jeremiel is the one that is waiting for us on the other side when we pass over to show us our life review. Yet, when this card shows up, it means that we don’t have to wait until we are dead and gone to make the changes we want to make NOW. You have the power in this moment to determine your future – any choices you make now, create your future, not what someone told you, not what you are ‘doomed’ for, but YOU! YOU have the power to determine your destiny. It feels like there is a part of you that feels deeply helpless with your present situation, yet Archangel Jeremiel has turned up for you today to remind you that you do indeed have a choice in this matter and it is time to reclaim your power, take a serious life overview and make a plan. Whether that is to reach out to someone who can see a bigger point of view for you, calling a removalist company or solicitor or making healthy lifestyle changes. You have a choice in your destiny babe, know this at your core and take action today. 🍎 
Card #5: Archangel Azrael, Hello from Heaven 

Archangel Azrael is the Archangel that oversees helping people who are dying and passing over to the Spirit world. This is a strong message for your today that the loved one you know that has recently passed over is saying hello form Heaven, looking down upon you and making sure you get the message that you know they are okay. I am hearing ‘stop worrying’ as the strong message for you today, to help with the letting go process. It feels like there is a lot of unanswered questions with the ‘how’ and ‘why’ and ‘what now’ and ‘but what about this’ and ‘what about that’ and it feels like that this message coming through from your loved one today is that they are saying jay this is no longer needed. Whilst this questioning is part of the grieving process, what they are saying is that what you are worrying about cannot be changed anymore. What is done is done. So focus now on what can be down with the choices you make today and know that they are right by your side letting you know that this is in perfect order and the choices you make now are the right ones supporting you to move forward. With Love. 💛
Card #6: Archangel Ariel, Courage 

Oh wow babe. This card has such depth to it. Funnily enough, the other 5 cards I channeled at 38,000ft yet I had to write this Archangel Ariel message to you when ‘grounded’. It feels deeply supportive in where you are at, exactly that, it feels like you’re feet are planted In a sense of being able to ground into the Earth your career, passions, interests and I’m also getting relationships through here for you too. Feels like all the knowledge you have is now being put into practise and whether you are channeling that into your career or personal life, it feels like it isn’t in your head anymore, you are living it babe. You feel different because of this too. The other thing that is coming through right now too for you is having the courage to voice your truth, like something, you are wanting to say something and Archangel Ariel is backing you 100% in speaking your truth and not holding yourself back anymore. It feels like you speaking your truth is a springboard for keeping you aligned in your heart and path. Archangel Ariel is also the abundance Archangel and feeling that by standing in your truth, feeling empowered to speak it gently and loudly when needed, that you are supported 100% of the way. Go forth now, speak it, live it, be it 🌟

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