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Reality Awareness | Flickering realities, timeline jumping, ‘not really here’ and controlling behaviours…
Intuitive Healer for Celebrities, helping you to awaken your inherent spiritual and psychic gifts to contribute to birthing the New Earth.
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Flickering realities, timeline jumping, ‘not really here’ and controlling behaviours…

Flickering realities, timeline jumping, ‘not really here’ and controlling behaviours…

Flickering realities, timeline jumping, ‘not really here’ and controlling behaviours…


Stepping into the depths of Third Eye week, when you work with your Third Eye, you not only see the truth of what is going on in the right now, but the truth of the past and of the future… you are able to see different realities, different dimensions, different relationship dynamics, different options, a higher point of view, the truth of the situation, what’s going on out there in relationships and what is going on ‘in here’ in relationships too…

When you are moving into a different reality and doing the work to change your situation in some way shape or form, the shift that occurs, when you aren’t in your old reality, but aren’t yet in the new reality, can feel quite weird. You may in your new reality in your mind, yet the physical hasn’t quite caught up yet and the ‘in between’ space is quite phenomenal to experience. You aren’t quite there yet, yet you aren’t in the old you… you are getting signs everywhere that it is here, even when it is not physical 100% yet… this glimmering stances, need to be acknowledged and ‘brought down to Earth’ – so keep up with your manifestation techniques because they are very real, very applicable and are very happening beautiful one!

Timeline jumping happens when realities shift and collective timeline jumps happen more so than not! Like the already in 2017 recent timeline jump and there was another deeply noticeable one back in March this year too. You shift out of your current reality, things are easily let go of, you move on and create what you want as it has already happened. The timeline jumping that has occurred, stepping into 2017, had created a big shift in consciousness around what is real for you, what isn’t, what you need to let go of, what you need to create, what you need to work on and what you need to continue working on to make it all happen. If you need help with this, to let go of 2016 and this last 9 years that 2016 sees the end of a cycle in, Get Your Shit Sorted for 2017 will help you plan, structure, delegate and getyourshitsorted PLUS energetically let go of 2016 and the last 9 years with a process that will see you stepping into Christmas and 2017 with lightness, joy and FREEDOM from the past. Check it here before 2016 disappears on you! http://realityawareness.com/getyourshitsortedfor2017

It wouldn’t surprise me if in a few hours, we will be feeling a very different energy, as the US election draws near… although, it doesn’t surprise me that Trump is currently winning – everyone has just been so focused on him, whether they want him or not – and we all know what focusing on something does – increases it in our energy/life, brings it into being, no matter whether positive or negative. Remember – I said last Saturday that this separating, negative, hurtful, better than less than energy – is in our collective STRONGLY right now, so if you have personal stuff going on – fights, disagreements, better than, less than, blaming, projecting energy – know that this is bringing people’s stuff up and is being reflected within and without…. controlling behaviours are rampant right now…  do what you need to do to take care of yourself right now and DO NOT TAKE ANYTHING ANYONE SAYS PERSONALLY. You may get ‘knocked’ by it yes, but, ultimately what anyone says about you is more a reflection of themselves, than directly about you. Easier said than done yes, yet I am giving you advice here – the collective is strongly separating and fightful right now. Be mindful, breathe deep into your Heart… deeper into you Heart again… inhale… and exhale…

With this happening, I can sense a shift and it will feel like you will have direction again, clarity and somewhat disbelief in some things that are unfolding before our eyes without us even seeing any of it coming. If this is happening to you, breathe deeply… realities are shifting, Third Eye’s are opening and we are seeing deeper than we have ever before. You can’t ‘turn a blind eye’ anymore. You can’t not ignore the signs anymore. The more you try to, the more your inner turmoil drives you deeper into your Soul that is screaming to wake up and it cannot not happen anymore. What are you doing in your life that you need to embrace the truth of? It feels like the mat is being pulled out from under your feet… so that truth can not be swept under the mat anymore… If you are in this space, it feels like you are fighting the inevitable changes that are occuring in your life from your Soul stirring from deep sleep.

Vibrations are shifting and when you’re vibration rises, when you become more conscious, everyone around you feels this. It is like a switch turns on and shines the light in the dark room of other peoples Soul’s. It is like they hold their arms up to their body and face going – woah – turn that off it’s too bright – and they will flicker with their feelings, like your eyes adjust to suddenly the sun coming out from behind a dark cloud, or the light being turned on when you are waking from sleep…. this stirs emotions and then it settles – after a time.

When you are in the midst of realities shifting, it can feel like you are ‘not quite here’ and ultimately you aren’t…as a collective we are moving into a 5D dimension and this flickering from and into and out of 3D, 4D and 5D dimensions, shit changes, stuff doesn’t feel the same and it is also an energetic and vibrationally, let alone physical catch up, shift, realign and change… When you are shifting into a reality you have been working on creating, it can feel like nothing else matters too and this is GOOD – because ulimately in the reality you are working your ass off to create – your worries are not there – that is why you are creating it… so enjoy this feeling, know that you are right on track for the full manifestation of your dreams… and sometimes, that means leaving some people behind, even if only for a time…

Let me know how you are feeling today? Email me, message me, comment below – I want to know!

P.S. Getting Your Shit Sorted – now happening – don’t miss out – 2016 is nearly at it’s end! http://realityawareness.com/getyourshitsortedfor2017

P.P.S Trust Your Intuition is reopening it’s doors in December! x

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